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Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Brace

1. Diagonal Braces are described by the horizontal rung and the rise on all Standard is 2M(6’7″).

2. Made of high tensile structural steel with Hot dip galvanized finishing.

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The Ringlock scaffolding Diagonal Brace is manufactured as the Ringlock Ledger in the same way, except that the ends are welded with a diagonal plug.

The Ringlock diagonal Braces are connected to adjacent Standard round rossette on different horizontal lines to form a triangle with the Vertical and the Ledger, using the triangular stability principle ensure that the Ringlock Scaffolding System is more stable.


  • Material: Q235 carbon steel tube
  • Tube Size:48.3X2.5mm.
  • Length: 732X2000mm, 1088X2000mm, 1400X2000mm, 1572X2000mm, 2072X2000mm, 2572X2000mm, 3072X2000mm.
  • Surface Treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized or Electro-glacanized.