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As a professional Construction Scaffolding manufacturer especially project solution provider, DURA MACHINERY CO. LTD can supply clients a range of scaffolding systems which are able to fit for your industries and applications.

No matter tubular, modular or formwork systems, these are all can be integrated with DURA scaffolding systems to supply you.

More than 15 years in scaffolding area
Exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world
200+ scaffolding solutions can be served.
600,00 m2 production lines in 2 factories.

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Full Range Of Scaffolding System For Your Choosing

Scaffolding, also called staging or scaffold, is a variety of temporary supports aims to help workers operate and materials move above the ground. It is mainly used for construction workers to go up and down to install components at high altitude. The large platform has ample space for workers and their tools.

There are many types of scaffolding, which can be divided into Ringlock Scaffolding System, Cuplock Scaffolding System, Kwikstage Scaffolding System, Frame Scaffolding System, and Pipe & Couplers Scaffolding system according to the connection method of scaffold Vertical Pole and Horizontal Ledgers.

As one of the biggest scaffolding manufacturer in China, our company DURA can supply you One-Stop Scaffolding System Solution from Project Information Tracing and analysis, Project Solution Providing, Market development Help, bidding and Quoting, Contract Signing, Project Management((arrange Production, Quality Inspection, Products Transportation(Door to Door Services), Scaffolding Erection Guide. According to customer requirements, product design, development and product applications of technical guidance.

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Customer Reviews

As a local scaffolding distributor in Dubai, the quality and price is the most important for me, and DURA SCAFFOLD is in full compliance with my requirements. I met Monica of DURA at the 2013 BIG5 show in Dubai, at that time I was troubled by the bad quality of other supplier and useless for complaint. So the first thing I said to Monica was “high quality, competitive price”, then monica showed me the DURA Prop shoring load capacity test report and gave the exhibition samples to me for testing. I was invited to visit their factory in China. After one month I flied to China to visit DURA scaffolding factory, it is deeply impressed on me, fully automated welding, closed dust-free painting workshop and strictly quality control. All what I saw letting me know this trip was worthwhile, and I placed the order on the spot, of course DURA gave me a very good price. And now DURA is my first and the best supplier.

Hamezh From Dubai, Distributor.

I have a scaffolding rental company in Korea, but my company only serves a few small construction sites around. On 2013, I plan to import some small scaffolding accessories from China, including the jack base, scaffolding inner pins and casters. I found several Chinese suppliers for inquiry on the Internet, but they asked me to increase the quantities or gave me a very high price because my small quantities only 3 tons, and not patience for my Customs clearance and transportation questions , only DURA  SCAFFOLD gave me a reasonable price and helped me with the questions. DURA’s service is very good, they provided me with door-to-door transportation for the first cooperation so that I was not worry about it. They never looked down on me as I’m a small customer. Instead, they gave me a lot of help. Even I can receive a New Year’s gift from DURA every year.


Joonman from Korea, Boss

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