Tubular scaffolding fittings and Pipes

Tubular scaffolding fittings
  • Tubular scaffolding fittings and Pipes refers to scaffolding and support frames that are built for construction and are loaded by fasteners and steel pipes, collectively referred to as scaffolding. The fasteners are bolted fastening connectors, named Scaffolding Couplers.

  • Scaffolding steel pipe usually use the international standard Φ48.3×3.25steel pipe, Q235 material The weight of each steel pipe should be 22kg.

  • The scaffolding couplers is the connecting parts between the steel pipes. There are four common couplers types. Right angle couplers, Swivel couplers, Sleeve Couplers, Putlog Couplers. Right-angle Couplers: used for the connection of two perpendicular intersecting steel pipes, which relies on the friction between the couplers and the steel pipe to transfer and take on the loading pressure. Swivel Couplers: for the connection of two steel pipes intersecting at any angle Sleeve fasteners: used to connect two steel pipes to the long connection. Putlog Couplers: also use to connect two perpendicular intersecting steel pipes.

  • There are also many other scaffolding couplers that used to connect the scaffolding pipes and scaffolding wood boards. Just like the Scaffolding Girder Couplers, Scaffolding Retaining Board Couplers.

Forged, Pressed and Ductile Iron Couplers are available, especially EN74 & BS1139 standard Forged Couplers

Five Forged production lines and EN74 standard let us be the reliable supplier of one of the biggest scaffolding couplers company PRESCO.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight (KG)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-3001ABritish Type Forged Double Clamp48.3mm1Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-3002ABritish Type Forged Swivel Clamp48.3mm1.1Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-3003German Forged Double Coupler48.3mm1.25Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-3004German Forged Swivel Coupler48.3mm1.35Q235
DA-3005Italian Forged Double Coupler48.3mm1.3Q235
DA-3006Italian Forged Swivel Coupler48.3mm1.45Q235
DA-3007Italian Pressed Double Coupler48.3mm1.35Q235
DA-3008American Forged Double Coupler48.3mm1.45Q235
DA-3009American Forged Swivel Coupler48.3mm1.7Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-3010American Forged Double Coupler48.3mm1.5Q235
DA-3011American Forged Swivel Coupler48.3mm1.75Q235
DA-3012Girder Coupler48.3mm1.5Q235
DA-3013Girder Swivel Coupler48.3mm1.6Q235
DA-3014Double Coupler60X48.3mm1.45Q235
DA-3015Swivel Coupler60X48.3mm1.55Q235
DA-3016Forged Sleeve Coupler48.3mm1.66Q235
DA-3017Forged Connecting Pin Coupler48.3mm1.6Q235
DA-3018Wedge Head Half Coupler48.3mm0.6Q235
DA-3019ASleeve Coupler48.3mm1.2Q235
DA-3019BSleeve Coupler48.3mm1Q235
DA-3020APressed BRC48.3mm0.6Q235
DA-3020BForged BRC48.3mm0.63Q235
DA-3021AForged Putlog Coupler48.3mm0.61Q235
DA-3021BPressed Putlog coupler48.3mm0.6Q235
DA-3021CForged Putlog Coupler48.3mm0.63Q235
DA-3022Fence coupler48.3mm0.38Q235
DA-3023British Pressed Double Clamp48.3mm0.81Q235
DA-3024British Pressed Swivel Clamp48.3mm1Q235
DA-3025APressed Half Coupler48.3mm0.45Q235
DA-3025BForged Half Coupler48.3mm0.51Q235
DA-3026Japan Pressed Double Clamp48.6mm0.62Q235
DA-3027Japan Pressed  Swivel Clamp48.6mm0.62Q235
DA-3028Korea Pressed Double Clamp48.6mm0.58Q235
DA-3029Korea Pressed Swivel Clamp48.6mm0.58Q235
DA-3030Netherlands Double Coupler48.3mm1.3Q235Hot-dip galvanized
DA-3031Netherlands Swivel Coupler48.3mm1.5Q235
DA-3032Netherlands Half Coupler48.3mm0.75Q235
DA-3033Brazil Double Coupler48.3mmQ235Electro-galvanized
DA-3034Brazil Swivel Coupler48.3mmQ235
DA-3036Ladder Clamp0.51Q235
DA-3037Toe Board Clip0.36Q235
DA-3038Coupler with Welded L Rod48.3mm1Q235
DA-3039Forged Half Coupler48.3mm0.78Q235
DA-3040Ductile Iron Double Coupler48.3mm0.85Ductile IronPainting
DA-3041Ductile Iron Swivel Coupler48.3mm0.85

Introduction & Application

DURA Steel Tubular Scaffolding fittings and pipes system / Tubular scaffolding couplers and pipes system is the most widely used and extremely large amount of scaffolding in construction, bridge, and water conservancy projects. It’s convenient loading and unloading, flexible erection can adapt to changes in the building plane and height; large bearing capacity, high erection height, sturdy and durable, many turnovers; simple processing, easy maintenance, low amortization cost, and economical.

DURA Steel Tubular Scaffolding Pipes/scaffolding tubes

Generally, DURA steel scaffolding pipes are international standard welded steel pipes or seamless steel pipes with a diameter of 48.3mm and a wall thickness of 3.25mm, or welded steel pipes with a diameter of 60mm and a wall thickness of 4mm can also be used. According to the position and function of the steel pipes in the tubular scaffold system, the steel pipes can be divided into scaffold vertical poles, scaffold vertical horizontal bars, scaffold horizontal bars, wall bars, scissors braces, horizontal stays, vertical horizontal sweeping bars, and horizontal sweeping bars.
Available in Hot dip Galvanized or Original Color for DURA Steel scaffolding tubes/pipes.

What kinds of tubular scaffolding fittings/scaffold couplers can be supplied?

As one of the biggest scaffolding couplers and scaffolding clamps manufacturer in China, our factory DURA’s scaffolding fittings and meet the EN74 and BS1139 scaffolding coupler Standard, with accessories high tensile steel T-Bolt heat treatment 8.8 grade, and British standard washer plate. All scaffolding couplers and clamps we can produce are the following:

1.Drop Forged Scaffolding Fittings Couplers Including British forged couplers, German type forging couplers, American type forging couplers, Italian type forged couplers and other forged couplers just like forged putlog coupler, forged girder coupler, forged Retaining Board couplers)

2.Steel Pressed Scaffolding Clamps Including British Type pressed scaffold couplers, Japanese type scaffolding clamps, Korea type pressed clamps and other type pressed couplers just like galvanized steel pressed sleeve couplers, Pressed Board Clamps, Pressed putlog clamps, pressed fence clamps and so on.

3.Casting Iron scaffolding fittings Including all kinds of casting iron scaffold couplers, Fixed scaffold couplers, swivel scaffold couplers, Inner Joint scaffold couplers

4.Netherland/Holland scaffold Rod Fittings, including Rod Right angle Fittingscouplers, Holland scaffold Rod Swivel Couplers, and Rod Half couplers.

5.Brazil type fixed double couplers and brazil type swivel couplers.

6.All kinds of other scaffold fittings just like Ladder clamp, Toe Board Clip, Coupler with Welded L Road, Wedge head half couplers can be supplied.

All kinds of scaffolding fittings couplers

What’s the Standard for DURA scaffolding pipes and couplers?

1. All scaffolding tubes and pipes are produced by DURA comply with the international standard EN39 and BS1139
2. All DURA scaffolding fittings especially forged scaffolding couplers and pressed scaffolding clamps are tested as the EN74 and BS1139 standard by the SGS.

Main Feature of Tubular scaffolding fittings and Pipes

Tubular scaffolding fittings and Pipes Construction Applications

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