Scaffolding Accessories

  • Scaffolding accessories refer to the various components used in the production of scaffolding or setting up scaffolding. These can be divided into Ringlock scaffolding accessories, Cuplock scaffolding accessories, Kwikstage scaffolding accessories, and Frame scaffolding accessories.

  • Ringlock Scaffolding Accessories include small parts Round Ring Rosette, Ledger End, Brace End , Connecting Coupling Pins. Big steel parts Steel Planks, Jack Bases, Steel stairs and so on.

  • Cuplock Scaffolding Accessories include Forged Top Cup, Pressed Bottom Cup, Cuplock Ledger Blade, Inner Joint Pins, U jack base, Steel Walking boards, Steel Ladders, Jack bases etc.

  • Kwikstage Scaffolding Accessories include Tie Bars, Ladder Access Transom, Internal Corner Frame, Loading Bay Transom, Toe board bracket, Wedge, V angle steels, etc.

  • Frame Scaffolding Accessories include kinds of Locking pins, Coupling Pins, Caster Rubber Wheel, Screw Jack and Base Plate, Cross Brace.

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   Many of our scaffolding accessories supplied for well-known scaffolding company, just like Ringlock Round Rosette for Layher.

Main Feature of Scaffolding Accessories

Multiple Scaffolding Accessories for Your Choose

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Item No.Product NameSizeWeight (kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-2001AHollow Screw Jack Base32X4mmX6002.96Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-2001BPipe Screw Jack Base38X4mmx6003.54Q235Hot-dip Galvanized
DA-2001CSolid Screw Jack Base32mmX6004.65Q235
DA-2001DU-head Screw Jack Base32mmX6004.75Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-2008Round Ring128x8mm0.48Q345Original Color
DA-2010ACast Steel Ledger End0.5Cast SteelOriginal Color
DA-2010BDiagonal Brace End0.65Cast Steel
DA-2010C0.65Cast Steel
DA-2011AForged Top Cup0.4545# ForgedOriginal Color
DA-2011BDuctile Iron Top Cup0.45Ductile Iron
DA-2012Bottom Cup0.24Q235
DA-2013Ledger Blade0.24Q235
DA-2014ACoupling PinØ32x2x178mm0.3Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-2014BCoupling PinØ36x2x225mm0.4Q235
DA-2014DDouble Coupling pin0.5Q235Painting
DA-2014FBase plate with Pin0.9Q235Electro-galvanized
DA-2014GPressed Inner Joint Pin0.8Q235
DA-2014HForged Inner Joint Pin1.4Q235
DA-2015AForged Screw Jack NutØ35/Ø38mm0.8Q235
DA-2015BDuctile Iron Jack NutØ35/38mm0.7Ductile Iron
DA-2015CDuctile Iron Jack NutØ35/38mm0.7Ductile Iron
DA-2015DDuctile Iron Jack NutØ35/38mm0.4Ductile Iron
DA-2016Frame Pin48.3mm0.05Electro-galvanized
DA-2017Gravity Pin
DA-2018Caster Wheel6”/8”
DA-2019Base Plate0.85
DA-2020Scaffolding Step LadderPre-galvanized
DA-2021Scaffolding Pipe1-6m22.31Pre-galvanized

Scaffolding Accessories Construction Applications

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