Ringlock Scaffolding System

ringlock scaffolding system

Ringlock Scaffolding System is a direct plug-in pipe scaffolding system with self-lock function, it is the most popular scaffolding tools of the current construction market, it is also called Layher scaffolding (because of the basic theory of this scaffolding is invented by LAYHER company from Germany ), this scaffolding use Φ48*3.25mm、Q345B high tensile steel pipe as the main structure, the node points rosette plate is Φ122mm and 10mm thickness round plate with 8 holes pressed, then connected by 4 ledgers and 4 diagonal braces. Besides, it can be assembled with steel planks, transoms to form a fully functional Ringlock Scaffolding system.

Multiple Ringlock Scaffolding System for Your Choose

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  • Ringlock scaffolding the most widely used construction scaffolding system, also known as compachrysanthemum scaffolding, invented by LAYHER DE, mainly used for construction sites, large concert lighting frames and background stage frames.

  • The socket of this scaffold is a round ring with a diameter of 122mm and thickness of 10mm.

  • There are 8 holes on the round socket. The round sockets are welded on a certain length of steel pipe every 0.5m called vertical, connecting with Ledger and Diagonal brace, bottom supported by Base Jack to set up a system

  • The main components are made of φ48.3*3.25mm size and Q345, Q235 international standard steel tubes, blades welded at the both ends of tubes.

  • The Ringlock scaffoldings are included by Standard, Horizontal Ledger, Diagonal Brace, Jack Base, Steel Planks, Bracket and so on. Hot-dip galvanized or Electro-galvanized surface treatment are available as your requested.

Advanced Ringlock AUTO production, High tensile structural steel material, AS/NZS 1576 Standard.

Engineering design, Customized sizes & Competitive price save your cost and time.

Ringlock Scaffolding System Introduction & Application


Ringlock Scaffolding are mainly used in high formwork, big span, cantilever structure, heavy support, deep foundation pit safety ladder projects and so on, like bridge project, tunnel project, factory, high water tower, power plant, processing plant, shipyard, and special factory support design, also can be used for concert stage, background stand, viewing stand, stairs system, concert stage construction, and contest audience area.


Ringlock Scaffolding can form different sizes, shapes and different load-bearing capacities can be single/double scaffolding, support structure or support pole according to the construction instruments.

High Efficiency

Simple structure, easy to set up and demolish, avoid loss of screws work and small clamps, the speed to form connections is 5 times faster than normal scaffoldings, and a worker can finish all the assembling by a hammer, also it can be lifted as a whole structure to save time and shorten the schedule.

Heavy load-bearing capacities

The connection between vertical pipes is in the same axes center, the connection is within the same square, the connection is anti-bending, shear resistance and torque resistance, the material is Q345, stable structure, and heavy load capacities.

Safety and reliable

The design of connection considered the Gravity of its own, it makes the connection can be self-locked, the load will be transferred to vertical pipe through the clamp and the clamp is with high shear resistance(up to 199KN).

The practice shows that the beam span within 15m and height within 12m, no matter single beam or multi continuous beam and formwork structure house support system, the Ringlock Scaffolding safety and stability is better than Cuplock Scaffolding and Mason frame scaffolding.


Lightweight, less amount, low maintenance, low cost, easy to erect and demolish, easy to deliver and stock.

High Quality

The Ringlock Scaffolding is automatically welded by machine, full-body by hot-dip galvanized, long life span.

Main Feature of Ringlock Scaffolding System

Components’ Size & Weight of DURA Ringlock System

Ringlock Scaffolding System includes the basic structural parts Ringlock Standards/Verticals, Ringlock Ledgers, Diagonal Braces, Ringlock Truss Ledgers, Side Brackets, Base Collar, Intermediate Transoms, Lattice Girder, Jack Bases, Steel Planks, Steel Stairs and Wood Toe board, etc.

Ringlock Standards/Verticals

The Ringlock scaffolding Vertical is the key connection point for all other components of the Ringlock system, also is the most important part of the Ringlock scaffolding.

Supported on the Base Jack or ground and the top end is connected to the upper Vertical by the inner joint, all linked with one another. It can be set up to the required height according to engineering requirements. Therefore, the Vertical’s material requires high hardness to guarantee the safety usually uses Q345 steel.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight(kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001ARing Lock Vertical
Q345330mm2.29Hot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledgers

The Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger is a component of the horizontal connection of the Ringlock scaffolding system. It is made of a steel pipe welded two ledger plugs at both ends with pins inserted into the Standard round rosette to erect the basis of the Ringlock scaffolding system. The ledger plug is produced by cast-steel using the wax mold.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight(kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001BRing Lock Ledger
Q235390mm2.23Hot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Ringlock Diagonal Braces

The Ringlock scaffolding Diagonal Brace is manufactured as the Ringlock Ledger in the same way, except that the ends are welded with a diagonal plug. The Ringlock diagonal Braces are connected to adjacent Standard round rosette on different horizontal lines to form a triangle with the Vertical and the Ledger, using the triangular stability principle to ensure that the Ringlock Scaffolding System is more stable.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight(kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001CRing Lock Diagonal braces
Q2351400x2000mm8.22Hot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Side Brackets

The Ringlock Side Bracket is an extension of the Ringlock scaffolding system. Built at the end of the scaffold to extend or widen the reach with steel planks put on it. It can be used as a platform for storing building accessories.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight(kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001DRing Lock Bracket
Q235360mm4.3Hot-dip galvanized/ Electro-galvanized

Truss Ledgers

The Truss Ledger has been designed to enable higher service loads to be applied to the scaffold than could be applied to regular ledgers. The reinforcing tube and stiffener plates support the top tube and provide strength while maintaining lightness.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight(kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001ERing Lock Truss Ledgers
Q2352130mm2.29Hot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Base Collar

The base collar is designed to “base out” the DURA Ringlok scaffold system sitting on top of the screw jack creating a lower node point, Available in hot dip galvanized with high strength structural steel tube 48.3X3.0mm.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight(kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001FRing Lock Base Collar
Q235290mm2.29Hot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Steel Stairs

The Ringlock scaffolding steel stairs is placed in the scaffold for workers to walk upwards, and each pedal is pressed out of the small hole for anti-slip to ensure the safety of workers.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeSurface Treatment
DA-R1001GSteel StairsQ2352072X2000mmHot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Ringlock Scaffolding Planks

The Ringlock steel plank is a very important component of the DURA ringlock scaffolding system. It is fixed on the ringlock ledger for workers to walk on. Four hooks are welded at the both ends two or three beams are welded under the pedal, and the plank is pressed out of the raised holes for slip resistance,

Available in Hot dip Galvanized finishing.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeSurface Treatment
DA-R1001HRing Lock Scaffold PlanksQ235732mmHot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Ringlock Intermediate Transoms

These items are designed to create a transom at the deck level anywhere inside of the bay by straddling the outer ledgers/transoms of the bay. Available in hot-dip galvanized with high strength structural steel tube 48.3X3.0mm.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight (kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001IIntermediate TransomsQ235565mm3.83Hot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Ringlock Lattice Girder

Available in hot-dip galvanized with high strength structural steel tube 48.3X3.0mm.

Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeWeight (kg)Surface Treatment
DA-R1001JRinglock Lattice GirderQ2354260mm68Hot-dip galvanized/Electro-galvanized

Ringlock Scaffolding System Construction Applications

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