Formwork Steel Shoring Props

  • In the construction project, the formwork support structure used for concrete cast-in-place construction, generally adopts steel shoring props to build scaffolding to form bracket support, and cooperate with steel formwork for concrete construction.

  • The DURA’s shoring props is a full-steel support that is adjustable and reusable, it is widely used in the pouring of various concretes under different landforms and geological conditions. It can be divided into

    • Heavy duty adjustable steel shoring props (Ductile Iron Prop Nut)
    • Light duty adjustable steel shoring props (Cup Sleeve Nut). The Heavy and Light duty props are designed to support a range of formwork and falsework applications, floors, ceilings, openings and temporary beams.
    • Adjustable Steel Push-Pull Props (also called Triangle Props) The Push-Pull Props are designed for holding and plumbing single and double faced forms. The lower plate is fixed to a ground anchor with the top plate being fixed to the shutter.
  • The adjustable Push-Pull a standard Prop collar with an additional locking collar to maintain rigidly as well as maximum safety.

100% qualified shoring props based on advanced automatic welding, drilling and painting production lines 

    Painting, Powder Coated, Electro-galvanized, Hot-dip Galvanized surface finishing available.

Main Feature of Formwork Steel Shoring Props

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Item No. Product Name Size Weight (kg) Material Surface Treatment
DA-4001A Shoring Prop
Inner Tube: 48X2.5mm
Out Tube: 56X2.5mm
600-900 5.1 Q235 Paint
900-1500 7 Powder Coated Electro-galvanized Hot-dp Galvanized
1200-2000 8.5
1800-3100 11.8
2000-3500 13
2200-3900 14.2
2500-4500 16
3000-5000 17.4
3500-5500 18.8
4500-6600 22
DA-4001B Shoring Prop
Inner Tube: 40X1.8mm
Out Tube: 48X1.8mm
900-1500 4.6 Q235 Paint
1200-2000 5.6 Powder Coated Electro-galvanized Hot-dp Galvanized
1800-3100 7.6
2000-3500 8.4
2200-3900 9.2
2500-4500 10.3
DA-4002A Heavy Duty Shoring Prop
600-100 4.8 Q235 Paint
Powder Coated Electro-galvanized Hot-dp Galvanized
900-1500 6.3
1200-2000 7.9
1800-3200 11.7
2000-3500 12.6
2200-3900 13.8
2500-4500 15.8
3000-5000 17.2
3500-5500 18.5
DA-4002B U Type Shoring Prop 600-100 5.2 Q235 Powder Coated Electro-galvanized Hot-dp Galvanized
60/48X2.5mm 120X90X50X5mm 900-1500 6.8
1200-2000 8.3
1800-3200 12.1
2000-3500 13
2200-3900 14.3
2500-4500 16.2
3000-5000 17.5
3500-5500 19
DA-4003A Round Tube Tripod 40-80mm 6.2 Q235 Electro-Galvanized
DA-4003B Round Tube Tripod 6.2 Q235
DA-4003C Square Tube Tripod 6.2 Q235
DA-4003D Square Tube Tripod 6.2 Q235
DA-4004A U fork head 2.9 Q235
DA-4004B 2.9
DA-4004C 2.5

Formwork Steel Shoring Props Construction Applications

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