Kwikstage Scaffolding System

Kwikstage Scaffolding System is a heavy-duty, multifunctional system scaffolding that is quick and easy to disassemble, strong in load capacity, and high in safety. The Kwikstage scaffolding standard connection node is four triangular irons made of high-strength steel stamping. It is automatically welded to the steel pipe through a special fixture.

The two ends of the Kwikstage scaffolding crossbar are respectively welded with triangular iron buckle plugs with inserts. The crossbar plug has a large contact range with the pole steel pipe and has a two-way locking function. It can effectively improve the overall strength and safety of  Kwikstage scaffolding system, and better to meet the needs of construction safety.

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Kwikstage Scaffolding System
  • Kwikstage is also known as Kwikform, it is a modular system scaffolding with wedge fixing for all access scaffolding requirements.

  • The wedge fixing of the ledgers and transoms gives a simple and fast mean of erecting access scaffolding without loos parts.

  • Its rigid 4 way fixing gives a positive location without movement, spigot and wedge fitting on the standard to give guaranteed vertical alignment.

  • This kind of scaffolding system is mostly used in the UK, Australia and Brithish Commonwealth countries. We can make different designs of this system for dirfferent markets Finish available for painted, Powder coated and Hot Dip Galvanized.

  • Kwikstage scaffolding system are assembled by Standard(Vertical), Transoms, Return Transoms, Platform Bracket, Ledger(Horizontal), Diagonal Braces, Steel Planks, Tie Bars, Ladder Access Transom etc.

UK/AU & Africa Type Kwikstage scaffolding. AS/NZS 1576 Standard Certificate

Dimension, Surface, Material and style can be specified.

Kwikstage Scaffolding System Introduction & Application


Kwikstage scaffolding can be used in formwork support systems and external wall work. It is widely used in a variety of projects such as housing construction, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, culverts, chimneys, water towers, dams, and long-span scaffolding.

High bearing capacity

The structure of the connecting node is reasonable and simple, and the axial force transmission of the vertical pole makes the overall scaffold structure strong in three-dimensional space and good overall stability.

Safety and reliable

It adopts a self-locking structure with independent latches, which has a reliable self-locking function. The large contact surface between the crossbar and vertical bar

High comprehensive benefits: standardization of component series, convenient for transportation and management, low loss, and low investment in later stages.

Simple installation and fast speed

Kwikstage can quickly and easily fit most project layouts and heights.

Large market

The Kwikstage scaffolding system is widely used in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and other British Commonwealth countries. The surface treatment of products can be according to customer requirements, such as hot-dip galvanizing, painting or powder coated

Main Feature of Kwikstage Scaffolding System

Components’ Size & Weight of DURA Kwikstage System

Kwikstage Scaffolding System includes the basic structural parts Kwikstage  Standards/Verticals, Kwikstage Ledgers, Diagonal Braces, Kwikstage Transoms, Return Transoms, Tie Bars, Hop-Up Bracket, Toe Board Clip, Mesh Guards, Inter Conner Filler, Stair Handrail, Aluminum Stairway, Top Handrail, etc.

Kwikstage Standards/Vertical

The DURA Kwikstage Standard is the base component of the Kwikstage System. It’s welded four “V” iron plate each 495mm on the 48.3×3.2/4.0mm high tensile steel tube as the connection point with the ledger, transom, etc. inner spigots on the head for jointing the up standards.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001AKwikstage Vertical
495mm3.6Q345Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage Ledger

Different from the Africa Kwikstage Ledgers, The DURA AU Kwikstage Ledgers are welded fix in the device at each end, Fit into upper “V” Pressings on standards, and also used in pairs as guardrails.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001BKwikstage Ledger  48.3X3.25mm560mm2.74Q345Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage Transoms

The DURA Kwikstage Transoms is one of the very important components of Kwikstage Systems. Fit into lower “V” pressing on standards, It’s flanged provide seating for decking components.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001CKwikstage Transoms600mm3.4Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage Diagonal Braces

The DURA Kwikstage Diagonal Braces’ uses are the same as Ringlock but different styles. Tube with pivoted wedge devices at each end. Fit into outside V pressings on the Standard.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001DKwikstage Diagonal
2476x2438mm14.5Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage Platform Bracket

These components are designed to increase the width of the working platform and form a cantilevered arrangement. Inverted T section wedge fixing device at one end fits into V pressings on the standard. Always used with tie bars.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001EKwikstage Platform Bracke230mm2.3Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage End Toe Board Bracket

The DURA Kwikstage End Toe Board Bracket is used to fit into V pressing on the standard at the end of the platform and hold end toe board into position.

Item No.Product NameWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001FKwikstage End Toe Board Bracket1.3Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage Tie Bars

Kwikstage tie bars are made of steel angle with curved lugs at each end. Fit into 2 and 3 board platform brackets.

Used to prevent spreading of 2 and 3 Board Platform Brackets.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001GKwikstage Tie Bars1200mm3.9Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage Return Transoms

Return Transoms can set another scaffold at a 90-degree angle to the main scaffold. It also can be used to change direction. Made of Pressed steel and available in paint, powder -coated, Hot dip galvanized finish.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001HKwikstage Return Transoms800mm8.6Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Kwikstage Internal Corner Frame

Dura Kwikstage Internal Corner Frame is used to fill in the gap in eternal corners when stage board brackets are used.

Item No.Product NameWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001IKwikstage Internal Corner Frame13.8Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Pressed Steel Board without hooks

Available in Non-Skid Surface Dimpled Finished.

Item No.Product NameSizeWeight(kg)MaterialSurface Treatment
DA-K1001JPressed Steel Board without hooks1200mm9.2Q235Paint Powder Coated
Hot dip galvanized

Multiple Kwikstage Scaffolding System for Your Choose

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Kwikstage Scaffolding System Construction Applications

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