DA-5054 Lengthen Toe board Clamp

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DA-5054 Lengthen Toe board Clamp

  • All DURA’s Lengthen Toe Board Clamp are certified as the EN74-1 & BS 1139-2 high-quality standard. 
  • Supplied for PRESCO, LAYHER, PERI, DELMON, etc. DURA is the Certified and Approved Scaffolding Couplers Supplier. 
  • Item No: DA-5054 


Lengthen Toe board Clamp 

  1. DURA Machinery is the leading Scaffolding Pipe System and Coupler Fittings manufacturer and exporter in China. 
  1. Regular scaffolding accessories in the tubular system scaffolding. 
  1. With advantages of anti-slip, anti-corrosion. 
  1. Toe board Clamp is used as a fix and limitation tool for wood or metal plank, only with this clamp the footboard can be fixed. 
  1. Diameter 48.3mm, Can buckle in one steel pipes. 
  1. As the main scaffolding fittings couplers, Welded Pipe Coupler, normally can be used with Steel plank, and Toe board Clamp . 
  1. Our Steel Forged couplers are widely used in scaffolding exterior construction, offshore oil and gas field project construction, nuclear power plant construction and housing repair construction, etc. 
  1. Any customer who needs steel pipe and couplers in any country, including contractors, renters, builders, hardware stores, etc., can get the most satisfactory steel clamps from DURA. 

Lengthen Toe board Clamp specification
DA-5054 Lengthen Toe board Clamp1)MaterialQ235 Carbon Steel
3)Surface treatmentElectro-galvanized
4)Weight0.47 kg/Pc
5)Brand No.DURA-5054
6)StandaradBS1139, EN74
7)PackageSteel pallets and woven bags


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