DA-1004C Ringlock U Bridging Ledger

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DA-1004C Ringlock U Bridging Ledger

  1. All DURA’s Ringlock ScaffoldingU Bridging Ledger are certified as the EN12810 & AS/NZS 1576. high-quality standard.
  2. Supplied for MONZON & LAYHER, etc. DURA is the Certified and Approved Ringlock Scaffolding Supplier.
  3. Item No: DA-1004C

As a Chinese leading scaffolding supplier, DURA can produce several types of Ringlock Scaffold Transom/Ledger: 

  1. Ringlock U Transom ledger.
  2. Ringlock UReinforced Ledger.
  3. Ringlock Intermediate Transoms O-type.


DA-1004C Ringlock U Bridging Ledger

  1. As an important component of the Ringlock scaffolding system, the Ringlock scaffolding U Bridging Ledger has the bridging structure, is a U type ledger.
  2. DURA Machinery is a leading Ringlock Scaffolding system manufacturer and exporter in China.
  3. Regular scaffolding accessories in the ringlock scaffolding.
  4. Ringlock U Bridging Ledger has the weld joint with the pin, and a bridge beam welded on it.
  5. The length 1572mm,2072mm,2572mm,3072mm.
  6. Connects with the Ringlock scaffolding standards, the U Type planks and platforms can put in it to prevent slip.
  7. Dura’s Ringlock Scaffolding U Bridging Ledger are made of high tensile steel material Q235.
  8. The Ringlock Scaffolding U Bridging Ledger is used to match some specific planks or platforms, like the U type ringlock scaffolding.


Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeSurface Treatment
DA-1004CRinglock U Bridging LedgerQ2351572mmHot-dipped

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