Formwork Accessories Wing Nuts & Tie Rods

  • The formwork accessories refer to to various metal parts that set up and support the building formwork, such as tie rods, ductile iron Wing nuts and forged Wing nuts, Rapid clamps, formwork Clips formwork Clamps, pressed washer plate, Rasto Clamp, Bracket and various formwork pins, etc

  • Tie Rods: 12/15mm diameter, material 45# and Q235 can be supplied

  • Ductile Iron Wing Nuts: Including two anchor wing nuts, three anchor wing nuts, water stopper wing nuts, Tie Rod Nuts, Base Plate Anchor Nuts etc.

  • Forged Wing Nuts: We also can produce the forged wing nut as requested.

 Mature casting technology, sufficient production capacity and efficient quality control system

    We use advanced equipment such as tensile testing machines and chemical analyzers to strictly control the chemical composition and mechanical properties of our products to ensure high quality.

Main Feature of Formwork Accessories

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Item No. Product Name Size Weight (kg) Material Surface Treatment
DA-4005A Tie Rod 15/17mm 1.5kg/m 45# Original Color Electro-galvanized
DA-4005B Tie Rod 12mm Q235
DA-4006A TO DA-4007C Wing Nut Ductile Cast Iron Electro-Galvanized
DA-4008A Rapid Clamp
(Forged Pin)
0.42 Q235
DA-4008B Rapid Clamp
(Ductile Iron Pin)
0.4 Ductile Cast Iron
DA-4009A Pressed Rapid Clamp 0.48
DA-4009B 0.38
DA-4010A TO DA-4011B Pressed Washer Plate
DA-4012A Formwork Clip dia 130mm 0.5kg 铸造 Electro-galvanized
DA-4012B  Formwork Clip dia 90mm 0.16kg Q235
DA-4013A Rasto Clamp 2.8 Hot-dip Galvanized
DA-4013B 6
DA-4013C 4.85
DA-4014A Tensor Clamp 3.8 Painting
DA-4014B Thread Tightening Clamp 3.75 Electro-galvanized
DA-4014C Thread Tightening Clamp 1.4 45#+Ductile
DA-4015A Prop Nut 0.75 Ductile Cast Iron Electro-galvanized
DA-4015B 0.8
DA-4016 Bracket 2.45kg Electro-galvanized
DA-4017 Formwork Clamp Electro-galvanized
DA-4018AB Scaffolding Spanner 17/19mm Chrome-Plate
DA-4019ABC Scaffolding Rachet 21/23mm
DA-4020 Treastle Powder Coated

Formwork Accessories Construction Applications

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