DA-1018 Steel External Stair Handrail

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DA-1018 Steel External Stair Handrail

  1. All DURA’s Ringlock Steel External Stair Handrail are certified as the EN12810 & AS/NZS 1576. high-quality standard.
  2. Supplied for MONZON & LAYHER, etc. DURA is the Certified and Approved Ringlock Scaffolding Supplier.
  3. Item No: DA-1018

As a Chinese leading scaffolding supplier, DURA can produce several types of Ringlock Scaffold handrail connection:

  1. Aluminum Stair Handrail
  2. Ringlock Aluminum Stairway
  3. Ringlock steel staircase


Steel External Stair Handrail

  1. As a basic Strength component of the Ringlock scaffolding system, the steel external stair handrail is used on the side of the steel staircase.
  2. DURA Machinery is a leading Ringlock Scaffolding system manufacturer and exporter in China.
  3. Regular scaffolding accessories in the ringlock scaffolding system.
  4. Ringlock steel external stair handrail is made of bent and welded steel pipe.
  5. The length of steel external stair handrail usually match the length of steel staircase.
  6. Connects with the Ringlock scaffolding steel staircase, provide handrail to improve the safety.
  7. Dura’s Ringlock steel external stair handrails are made of high tensile steel material Q235.
  8. Strengthen the safety of ringlock scaffolding system, provide extra protection on the side to preventing people from falling off the steel staircase.
Item No.Product NameMaterialSizeSurface Treatment
DA-1018Steel External Stair Handrail

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