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DURA Formwork Accessories

The DURA formwork accessories are all used to fix and assist the formworks in construction, just like tightening the tie rod, connecting the formworks and so on. These items include tie rods, formwork wing nuts, Anchor Nuts, Rapid Clamps, Washer Plates, Formwork Clips and etc. All can be designed and produced as requested. These are widely used in sheet pile wall assembly in harbor and dam construction, cross-linkings, tying back walls in deadman structures, positional stability of joint connections, corner joints and foundations etc.

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●Various of types wing nuts are made of ductile iron.

● 1m-6m Tie rods are avaliable.

● Ductile iron and pressed rapid clamps.

● Electro-galvanized or Original black Surface Treatment


1.Formwork accessories are used to assist building formworks.

2. Style, weight and surface can be designed.