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DURA Shoring Props

As one of the main Formwork products, SHORING PROPS are designed to support a range of formwork and falsework applications, floors, ceilings, openings and temporary beams. And the props height can be adjusted to fit for the project needs. HEAVY DUTY SHORING PROPS and CUP NUT PROPS are the normal props that used widely.

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● Heavy duty shoring props, Cup Nut props and Push-Pull props are avaliable.

● Welded square base plate or flower plate.

● 100mm or 125mm height adjustment.

● Painting, Powder Coated and Hot dip galvanized Surface Treatment

● All the prop pipe holes are intergrated by auto-machines.


1. Props can be adjusted from min length 600mm to max length 6500mm, also can be designed as requested.

2. Two types of sleeve nut: Ductile iron nut and Pipe Cup sleeve nut.

3. Put into and out inner pipes to make the adjustment.

4. Widely used in formwok system.