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Steel Pipes and Fittings

1. Easy quickly assembled and widely used in various constructions.

2. Different couplers can be supplied as requested, and brand can be stamped on couplers.

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The DURA Steel Pipes and Fittings scaffolding is a easy quickly assembled scaffoldng systems, using pipes and different fitting couplers to set up scaffolding. It is widely used in various construction projects from a small house buliding o a big construction projects, also can be used as an auxiliary scaffoldings for other engineering scaffolding system construction. In terms of materials, scaffolding couplers are divided into forged couplers and pressed clamps. Divided from product style, There are British, German type, American type couplers, Italian couplers, etc. Divided from the use, these include right angle couplers, swivel couplers, sleeve couplers, Putlog coulpers etc.


●48.3X3.25/3.0 Steel scaffolding pipes

●Various types of couplers can be supplied as requested

● EN74 standard texted by SGS

● Electro-galvanized Surface Treatment