Angola introduction

With hundreds of years of Portuguese colonization, Angola started their first nationallist movement after WW2 ended. A 25 years long civil war brought Angola heavy losses in economic and natural resources. With help from the world, especially from China, Angola is experiencing a period of fast economic development. Oil is the most important outport item for Angola, the requirement for upgrading infrastructure or oilfield and the weak traditional industry bring many chances to foreign construction companies. This article listed some construction companies in Angola who can be a good partner to bring scaffolding from the world into Angola.

Angola Scaffolding Supplier 

Company nameAddress Main Products
ScaffallVia AL3, Condominio Vila Recife, Bairro Talatona – Luanda, AngolaLAYHER scaffolding systems
FecocivilZona Industrial De Oiã Apartado 27; 3770-908 Oliveira Do Bairroscaffolding and formwork
PAPYRUSRuela Massano de Amorim nº304 Chicala – Ilha de Luanda Luanda – AngolaIndustrial painting, Scaffolding services, Welding, Integrated maintenance
Toprope Angola LimitadaTorres Ambiente, 3° Andar, N° 11, Apto。E. Rua Major KanhanguloIndustrial painting, Scaffolding services, Welding, Integrated maintenance
Simples Oil & GasTravessa Rodrigues de Miranda nº. 33 Maculusso · Luanda · Angolaoil field exploration & production, oil field support serivces


Scaffall is a Angoal company, but they also sell Scaffolding to countries surrounding Angola, like DR Congo, Zambia. Scaffall has Layher as product supplier, to extend the influence of Layher, Scaffall established a scaffolder training center and provides customization design for customers’ construction objects. Reliability, productivity and quality are always stable because Layher is one of the biggest profissional scaffolding producers. With the warehouse  in Angola, Scaffall has large available stock ready for ensuring customers any needs all the time.


Fecocivil was founded in 1990, the business began with facade scaffolding, multidirectional scaffolding, shoring, vertical and flat formwork. Currently, Fecocivil is having over 14000m2 production area, all activities are based on the highest European standard. Once the acquisition of new facilities with 7000m2 has been done, optimized business logistics can allow Fecocivil to offer their distribution systems nationally and internationally. The main product from Fecocivil is the Ringlock scaffolding system and European Frame scaffolding, they also sell formwork and machine like concrete mixers.


Papyrus is a equipment maintenance, inspection and rehabilitation provider, created in 2010. Papyrus can provide industrial painting, facilities maintenance and civil construction, also, if customers have needs for rent scaffolding, Papyrus always have large and available stock. In the Oil and Gas area, Papyrus has many partners, with experience and knowledge. In each industrial project Papyrus is trying to increase customer satisfaction. The company is also responsible for project management,  with sufficient technical capacity, Papyrus can perfectly finish the construction. The location of the company office is near port: Ruela Massano de Amorim nº304 Chicala – Ilha de Luanda Luanda – Angola.

Toprope Angola Limitada

Very similar to Papyrus, Toprope Angola Limitada registered in 2011,  serving the Oil & Gas, Energy and Construction Sectors. Toprope Angola Limitada is very close with oil and gas companies, the technation from them enable TAL to provide the solution of  the most complex problems in the areas of energy. TAL are professional in pipe welding and pipe inspection, evenmore, any scale of scaffolding and high altitude working safety equipment is included. TAL has a group of experienced specialists who work for painting  On-shore or Off-shore Oil and Gas Facilities.

Grupo Simples

Simples Oil & Gas was started as a provider of home fuel service back in 2005, within over 15 years growing, Simples Oil & Gas now is a  privileged supplier of the national oil industry. In 2009, Simples Oil & Gas started their own scaffolding business, and in 2010, lifting and inspection were included. Grupo Simples are able to provide all suits of well services, including all machines used by oilfield, blasting and painting, scaffolding, insulation, manpower services. To find the main office go Travessa Rodrigues de Miranda nº. 33 Maculusso · Luanda · Angola.