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Cuplock Scaffolding Diagonal Brace

  • Material: Q235steel tube
  • Tube Size:48.3X3.2mm.
  • Swivel Blade Length: 1.8X1.5M, 1.8X2.0M, 2.5X1.5M, 3X2M.Swivel Clamp Brace Sizes: 5’X2M, 7’X2M, 8’X2M, 9’X2M, 10’X2M
  • Surface Treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized or Electro-glacanized.
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The Dura Cuplock Diagonal Braces has two styles to form the oblique connection systems. Brace comes in different lengths to suit combined ledger sizes and standard heights. Braces end can be made usual swivel forged blade or half couplers, which all allowed to be connected on Standard.


1. Diagonal Braces sizes are described by the horizontal Ledger and the height of Standard.

2. Made of high tensile structural steel with Hot dip galvanized finishing.

3. Dimension, surface, material and style can be specified.