Cuplock Scaffolding System

Cuplock Scaffolding System

  • Included by DURA Cuplock Standard, Horizontals(Ledger and Braces), Intermediate Transoms Hop-up Bracket, Omega Transoms, Steel ladder and planks ,Universal Jack /Base plate/Fixed Forkheads.
  • international scaffolding tube 48.3X3.2mm.
  • Available in Hot Dip Galvanized steel tube with Spigot.
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DURA Cuplock Scaffolding is a multi-purpose steel scaffolding system for all access, shoring and supporting vertical loads. It is different from Ringlock Rosette connection scaffold which is welded a fixed BOTTOM CUP metal accessory as the node points that can lock up four base components in one hammer blow provide a wider range of applications.

Node points are spaced on all standards at 500mm intervals to ensure that correct working lifts can be provided and handrails are positioned at the correct height. Four components are secured in one action ensuring the system is faster to erect than traditional methods.


1. Safety: All components have their own unique numbering system and certification in put into our database after professional testing.

2. Mult-Function: With the common joint and fully interchangeable components , the DURA Cuplock System can be used in most construction projects(Civil & Building) for both falsework and access. It is widely used in the shipping industries oil and gas and aviation industries.

3. VERSATILE: Verticals are assembled with horizontals and diagonlas using secure fixed cup connetions. Its versatility has a distinct advantage to conventional scaffolding methods. A positive & ridged connection of four untits is achieved in one single action. The DURA Cuplock System is very cost effective and can be erected safely and quickly.