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Ringlock Scaffolding System

  • included by Standard, Horizontal Ledger, Diagonal Brace, Jack Base, Steel Planks, Bracket.
  • international scaffolding tube 48.3X3.25mm.
  • Hot dip galvanized or Electro-galvanzed surface treatment.
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Ringlock scaffolding the most widely used construction scaffolding system, also known as compachrysanthemum scaffolding, invented by LAYHER DE, mainly used for construction sites, large concert lighting frames and background stage frames.The socket of this scaffold is a round ring with a diameter of 130mm and thickness of 10mm.

There are 8 holes on the round socket. The main components are made of φ48.3*3.25mm size and Q345, Q235 international standard steel tubes. The round sockets are welded on a certain length of steel pipe every 0.5m called vertical, connecting with Ledger and Diagonal brace, bottom supported by Base Jack to set up a system


1. Quick erection: All Ringlock Scaffolds are pre-measured and just a hammer is required when erection.

2. Versatility: The revolutionary node point-rosette provides up to 8 connections in one plane, allowing the system scaffolding highly adaptable for straight and curved structures, such as ship yards, power generation stations, petrochemical plants.

3. Low maintenance: The hot dip galvanized finish will greatly extend life of the produre, no paint required, no more rust or corrosion, even they an be stored externally.