Scaffold suppliers in U.A.E. are companies ideal in supplying scaffolding equipment and products. They also offer professional services to their customers across the region. These suppliers provide high-quality services; hence you need not worry when you contact them.

Scaffold suppliers use the latest technology in scaffolds for both industrial and private purposes. The steel scaffolds are essential in building construction due to the sturdy feature that makes them durable. The suppliers deliver their supplies at a pocket-friendly cost that is affordable.

You need to search for professional suppliers as they have the best scaffold supplies and provide quality services.

The following are some companies in the U.A.E. that specify on scaffolding suppliers.

Companies NameAddressProducts
Tradex LLCOffice 713-714 Onyx Tower 1
The Greens, Al Thanyah Third
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ladders and Stepladders
Stainless Products
Aluminium Products
Rail Maintenance Equipment
Aviation Equipment
Scaffold Tools & Accessories
Scaffolding UAE12th Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai, UAESteel Scaffolding
Aluminum Scaffolding
Duscaff Scaffolding Industry LLCDubai Industrial City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Scaffold Tubes
LVL Scaffold Boards
Premium LVL Scaffold Boards
Wooden Scaffold Boards
Fire Retardant Scaffold Boards
Couplers & Fittings
Steel Scaffold Planks
Other Scaffolding Accessories
ACCESS MIDDLE EAST LLCUnnamed Road,Umm Al Quwain,United Arab EmiratesScaffold Training
Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries LLCIndustrial Area 10, Sharjah UAESINGLE WIDTH ALUMINIUM SCAFFOLDING TOWER
FAJER DALMAH SCAFFOLDING INDUSTRY L.L.C.Al Sajaa, Sharjah, United Arab EmiratesH-Frames
Tie System
Scaffolding Steel Planks
Scaffolding Clamps
Aluminum Scaffolding
Steeledge Steel Scaffolding LLCMai Tower, Office No 1105, 11th Floor, Al-Nahada-1, Amman Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)Scaffolding Pipes & Tubes
Cuplock Scaffolding
Kwikstage Scaffold system
Wooden Scaffold Boards
Steel Scaffold Board / Plank / Batten
Aluminium Scaffold Tower
Scaffolding Accessories
SPAR IndustriesPlot No. P111, Al Ghail Industrial Park, Ras Al Khaimah, UAEScaffolding Steel Boards/ Planks
Pipes & Tubes
Cuplock Systems
Ringlock Systems
Tube and Fittings
Ladder Beam & Lattice Beams
Arab Suppliers Gen. Trading Co. LLCSheikh Zayed Road, Exit 43, Near Third Interchange, Before Home Center Traffic Signal
(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Steel Folding Scaffolding
Steel Rolling Scaffold
Aluminum Horizontal Tower Scaffolding
Aluminium heavy-duty scaffolding
Aluminum folding Scaffolding
Aluminum Vertical ladder Scaffolding
Portable scaffold
22521-7746 JEDDAH
Scaffolding Single Width
Scaffolding Stairway
Podium Scaffolding
Foldable Scaffolding
ARES ScaffoldingRas Al Khor, Al Awir, Dubai, UAEAluminum Scaffolding Double Width Tower
Single Width Aluminum Scaffolding Tower
Aluminum Scaffolding Double Width Stairway Tower
Aluminum Scaffolding Foldable Tower
Aluminum Scaffolding Bridge Tower
Aluminum Scaffolding Ladders
Steel Scaffolding
The RS GroupBel Rasheed Tower 1, Office-502, Buheirah Corniche Street, Sharjah, United Arab EmiratesFORMWORK & SCAFFOLDING
Khk Scaffolding & Formwork LLC.Post Box 2701, Ajman.K-Stage Scaffolding
K-Lock Scaffolding
K-Ring Access Scaffolding
Scaffolding Accessories
Aluminium Scaffolding
Brogan Middle East Scaffolding Contracting LLCOffice 13C, Floor 28, Rise Tower, Barsha Heights, United Arab EmiratesSYSTEM SCAFFOLDING
ACE ALUMINIUM SCAFFOLDINGM37, musaffah Industrial Area
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Bridge Mobile Scaffold Tower
Combination Mobile Scaffold Tower
Cantilever Mobile Scaffold Tower
Stairway Mobile Scaffold Tower
  1. Tradex L.L.C. 

With their 42 years of experience, the Tradex construction industry continues to deliver quality projects to its customers. Having delivered projects across the country, most customers accredit their services due to their commitment and innovation. The company offers high-quality services and products for a great construction lifestyle in the changing world. Tradex L.C.C. specializes in scaffold fittings, tubes, boards, ladders, steel fabrication, and personal protective equipment. Moreover, the company has skilled workers who aim at developing the best formwork solutions and accessories in any construction project.

  1. Scaffolding U.A.E. 

Scaffolding U.A.E. is one of the best steel scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in Dubai U.A.E. The company is among the best that you choose. It’s a wholesaler in scaffolds and offers steel scaffolding rentals, formwork suppliers, cup lock system suppliers, and scaffolding for hire. The scaffolding rental service is at economically-friendly prices that clients can afford. The company deals with high-quality products that offer a long-lasting service to the customers. The company suppliers include; stairway scaffold, warehouse ladder, decking, frames, podium scaffoldings, and steel scaffoldings.

  1. DUSCAFF Scaffolding industry L.L.C. 

Duscaff scaffolding industry is an international pioneer in supplying scaffolding products. The company has its branches over 40 countries across the globe. With its latest technology in the scaffolding services, Duscaff Company leads in providing mega projects in construction. It manufactures scaffolding products, including system scaffolds, ladder beams, aluminum scaffolding towers, couplers, steel planks, and timber scaffold boards. Their products are suitable in infrastructure, clean energy, and nuclear, general industrial, and construction sectors. The company’s technicians are professionals with training in scaffolding services and products, hence delivering high-quality services to their clients.


Access middle east L.L.C. specializes mainly in scaffolding suppliers and is in the United Arab Emirates. The company has an international reputation due to its quality services and job diversification in many projects. The projects that the company supplies its accessories include; civil, mining, refinery, and other commercial projects from customers. The company has a partnership with safety and access training; hence its technicians are highly qualified. You need not require supervising the suppliers when doing their work as they work effectively. It specializes in fittings, cup lock, wall framework, and scaffold trading.

  1. Al Mateen Scaffolding Industries L.L.C.

Al Mateen scaffolding Industries L.L.C. is a company that strives to deliver quality and reliability to its customers. It’s among the leading scaffolding suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all over U.A.E., The company aims at developing safe and cost-effective scaffolding services to the customers. It offers a wide range of scaffolding products, including podium aluminum steps, foldable tower, stairway mobile scaffold towers, and ladders. Al Mateen industries suppliers are safe and also durable equipment due to their aluminum structure. The products to the projects are at pocket-friendly charges for the customers.


Fajer Dalmah scaffolding industry L.L.C. has been in scaffolding service since 1996. The industry manufactures and supplies scaffolding supplies to construction projects across Dubai. It ensures customers’ satisfaction due to their quality services and accessories they provide. Fajer Dalmah industry deals with scaffolding products, including adjustable jacks, forged coupler, tie systems, scaffolding clamps, aluminum scaffoldings, and steel planks. The company has certifications from international regulations and standards to specialize in supplying scaffolding services and products to its customers. With its many years of experience, the industry offers reliable and safe services construction projects.

  1. Steeledge Steel scaffolding L.L.C. 

Steeledge steel scaffolding L.L.C. is ideal in supplying steel products for scaffolding. The company also offers rental, contracting, and sales of scaffolding accessories for all construction projects. Due to their steel accessories, their products’ service is durable, hence serving for a longer time. They have qualified and professional technicians who deal with scaffolding; thus, their work is reliable. Some of the scaffolding products the company supplies include; steel frames, props, wooden scaffold boards, scaffolding fittings, access ladders, and push-pull accessories.

  1. SPAR industries 

Spar steel industries are pioneers in supplying and manufacturing scaffolding products. The industry is a specialist in using the latest technology to make scaffolding accessories for durability. They acquire their law material from reputable steel mills hence satisfy the client’s demands for the construction projects. Spar industries comply with the requirements of ISO 9001; therefore, the products are safe and reliable. It supplies products including; ladders, platform units, couplers, black tubes, G.I. tubes, tube fittings, cup lock systems, and steel boards. The industry is committed to delivering quality services to its esteemed clients.

  1. Arab supplier gen. trading co. L.L.C. 

Arab supplier L.L.C. is a leading supplier in scaffolding products across the United Arab Emirates and middle east countries and established in 1982. The industry has gained a reputation from its customers due to its high-quality services and unique products. It specializes in manufacturing and supplying products, including; silicone sealants, water-proofing products, formwork, and thermal insulation services. However, the industry offers services in decoration materials and scaffolding geotextile. For all construction projects, the Arab supplier L.L.C. has got you sorted.


Saudi Arabia Jeddah Company supplies unique scaffolding products to construction projects in United Arab countries. Their service and the charge is pocket friendly to their clients. The technicians have skills and training in providing scaffolding services hence no need for supervision. The company specializes in aluminum stairway scaffolding, aluminum stairway ladder, foldable mobile podium, aluminum platform stool, and plank. Due to their aluminum feature for the scaffoldings, they are durable hence a long-lasting construction project. The company products meet the standards and regulations in providing scaffolding services.

11.ARES scaffolding

Ares scaffolding company is a leading supplier in scaffolding products and services with its locations in Dubai. The company has professionals with an expert in scaffolding services hence provide quality work construction projects. It specializes mostly in aluminum scaffolding products that are durable and long-lasting. However, their services are economically friendly to the clients as they are affordable. The company is ideal for supplying scaffolding services, including the aluminum double-width stairway, scaffolding ladders, steel scaffolding, scaffolding bridge tower, and aluminum scaffolding ladders.

  1. The R.S. Group

The R.S. group industry is a pioneer in supplying scaffolding products across the U.A.E. Their many years of experience has led to the innovation of useful and durable products. The technicians in the industry provide site support for building projects in houses and infrastructure. Its main specialization is in formwork and scaffolding, which is long-lasting. The services it offers are reliable and pocket friendly for its customers. The R.S. Group complies with the set regulations in manufacturing and supplying the scaffolding services and products to various projects.

  1. Khk scaffolding & formwork L.L.C.

Khk scaffolding & formwork L.L.C. is among the leading suppliers of scaffolding products and services since its establishment in 1991. It’s ideal in supplying scaffolding products worldwide to customers with construction projects. The company also manufactures high-quality products to ensure long-lasting projects. Moreover, it has many years of experience in scaffolding services hence delivers satisfactory services to its customers. It specializes in products which include; frame systems, scaffolding accessories, stainless steel brass, core wall formwork, and tripod systems. The company has undergone tremendous growth across the world due to its reputation in scaffolding supplies.

  1. Brogan middle east scaffolding contracting L.L.C.

Brogan Middle East scaffolding contracting L.L.C. is a licensed company that complies with the standard sand regulations hence offers reliable and safe services. It was established in 1988 and thus has many years of experience in supplying scaffolding products. The company is among the largest suppliers of the products in U.A.E. to construction projects. Some of these projects include; mast climbers, crane decks, construction hoists, and cradles. With their qualified personnel, the service of scaffolding is professional. Other services provided by the company are; tube fitting, temporary roof, staircases, system scaffolding, and a temporary roof.


Ace aluminum scaffolding is a specialist company that supplies and manufactures scaffolding products. Its latest technology in scaffolding services makes it reputable in U.A.E. The company supplies new scaffolding products, mobile aluminum access towers, access equipment, and folding units. It manufactures premium scaffolding products for durability. Their main objective is striving to serve its customers with the best services and products. They have the latest design in the scaffolding equipment, which is innovative in the modern world. Moreover, the company suppliers the following products; stairway mobile scaffold tower, bridge mobile scaffold tower, and cantilever mobile scaffold tower.