Singapore scaffolding market introduction

Singapore’s basic facilities are well developed, which is conducive to the development of the real estate and construction industries. Also, the Singapore government focuses on creating an appropriate and positive external environment for the development of the construction industry in terms of policies, laws and systems, and establishing a system to ensure the development of the construction industry. Moreover, since Singapore is a regional commercial and financial center, and it has also played a role in promoting real estate construction. Besides that, the rapid development of sea transportation is also an important factor in the rise of Singapore’s construction industry,which improved their import and export ability for scaffolding and construction equipment. In fact, the large demand for construction promoted Singapore’s scaffolding industry.

Singapore Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
Hock Ann10 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-01 The SpireTubular scaffolding system,ringlcok scaffolding, scaffolding stair
Yew Huat scaffolding8 Woodlands Loop Singapore 738323Scaffold steel pipe,Aluminum scaffolding tower,frame scaffolding
H.K.L Scaffolding & Formwork Pte Ltd4 Tuas South Street 10 (S) 637099Frame scaffolding, steel props,steel pipe,ringlock scaffolding
PERI Asia Pte Ltd1 Sims Lane #04-12Singapore 387355Ringlock scaffolding, scaffold props,scaffold towers,scaffolding façade
Grandhome Scaffold EnterpriseNo. 26, Sungei Kadut St. 4, Singapore 729051Steel prop,frame scaffolding,ringlcok scaffolding,scaffold tower
Richee Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd6 Tuas Avenue 11,Singapore 639072Formwork,frame scaffolding,steel props, scaffolding accessories
King Sing Scaffolding6 Woodlands Sector 2, Woodlands Connection. Singapore 737725Steel plank, steel pipe,cuplock scaffolding,ringlock scaffolding
AH scaffolding119 Neythal Road, Block B #01-01Singapore 628605Ringlock scaffolding, scaffold toeboard, steel plank
LAYHER PTE LTD7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Northstar@AMK, #08-24 Singapore 569880Steel ladder, ringlock scaffolding, scaffold tower,shoring system
Build mate2 JALAN TERUSAN, SINGAPORE 619285Scaffolding pipe,fomrwork nut, form work clamp,bracket
JA Scaffolding Engineering Pte Ltd20 Tuas South Street 3, Singapore 638056Tubular scaffolding,Aluminum mobile tower,ringlock scaffolding
Tengah engineering&hardware Pte Ltd37 Kallang Pudding Road, #01-12,Tong Lee Building, Blk. B,Singapore 349315Steel plank, steel pipe,fixed clamp, swivel clamp,joint pin

Hock Ann Metal scaffolding Pte Ltd

As a local scaffolding supplier in Singapore, Hock Ann Metal scaffolding Pte Ltd was founded in 1996. The headquarters office of Hock Ann Metal scaffolding Pte Ltd is located at 10 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-01 The Spire Singapore with more than 20 years of experience in supplying scaffolding, their heritage is trustworthy. Other than the age of the company, the projects that they have finished also can be the reference to state their liability. For example, 71 Robinson Road, Anglo Chinese school Dover road, Renci hospital and Luca film, etc. For their products, they have high-quality ringlock scaffolding, tubular systems, and scaffolding staircase.

Yew Huat scaffolding

Unlike the other scaffolding industry giant, Yew Huat scaffolding is a new scaffolding company that stands out in the new generation. They always offer thoughtful and comprehensive service to their customers. Their office is located at 8 Woodlands Loop Singapore 738323 that opens 9 am-6 pm. One thing you need to notice is their warehouse closes 1 hour earlier than their office which is 5 pm. Aluminum scaffold towers, ringlock scaffolding, frame scaffolding and tubular scaffolding are all their offering products. Moreover, they also have rental services, for those who want to save costs for construction can take their scaffolding rental services.

H.K.L Scaffolding & Formwork Pte Ltd

Established in 1998, H.K.L Scaffolding & Formwork Pte Ltd is a local Singapore formwork and scaffolding supplier. To visit and inquiry, their office location is 4 Tuas South Street 10 (S) 637099. Also, except directly visiting their office, you can also inquiry by contacting them through their official website inquiry email. The products they are offering include frame systems, steel props, steel pipes, ringlock scaffolding and steel plank, etc. For more information, you can request their catalog on their website. One thing important about HKL is they have partnerships and cooperated with H.K.Hardware and Wesnoise Control.

PERI Asia Pte Ltd

Peri group is the scaffolding supplier you can not escape because of its size and professional heritage in the scaffolding industry. Moreover, the main reason is that PERI has a large number of branches around the world. This also means that they have a shipping cost advantage over other imported scaffolding suppliers. The branch of Peri in Singapore is located at 1 Sims Lane #04-12 Singapore 387355. Peri has almost all the scaffolding systems in the market which include formwork,slab props, ringlock scaffolding, scaffold towers, and Rosett Modular scaffold, etc. With all the elements considered, PERI is the one choice that can’t go wrong.

Richee Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd

If you value the scaffolding supplier’s heritage and experience, Richee Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd is the one that can match your requirement. As a local scaffolding supplier and manufacturer, Richee Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd was established in 1982. Among over 30 years of supplying high quality scaffolding and form work term, it has enough Supply experience and technical precipitation. By the way, the location of their office in Singapore is 6 Tuas Avenue 11, Singapore 639072. The construction equipment that Richee Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd supplies include formwork, frame scaffolding, steel props and high quality electro-galvanized scaffolding accessories.

Kim Sing Scaffolding

For the domestic market, Kim Sing scaffolding is a company that mainly concentrates on the local market in Singapore. Established in 2012, Kim Sing scaffolding have their office at 6 Woodlands Sector 2, Woodlands Connection Singapore 737725. While focusing on quality, Kim Sing scaffolding’s products are very comprehensive and professional. With almost 3600 planning applications and over 170 engineers, they have completed almost 900 projects by using their scaffolding products. In Kim Sing scaffolding, you can find many types of scaffolding such as Aluminium scaffold, frame scaffold, tubular scaffold, ringlock scaffolding, and timber scaffold, etc. As an expert in the scaffolding industry, they have excellent service and precise engineering.

AH scaffolding

Unlike traditional scaffolding suppliers, AH scaffolding services will directly offer the scaffolding erection and dismantle plan as well as the insulation rather than just providing scaffolding products. Also, they are the local scaffolding company in Singapore located at 119 Neythal Road, Block B #01-01 Singapore 628605. Their scaffolding solution includes ringlock scaffolding, steel planks, and scaffold toe board. Other than that, they have maintenance services that mainly serve the petrochemical, power plants, tank terminals, and refineries. In short, if you are looking for an engineering and scaffolding solution provider in Singapore, AH scaffolding is a good option on the list.


A scaffolding company name that you can not get pass, its Layher. As an absolutely top group in the scaffolding industry, Layher has the largest factory and the most professional team. The thing you probably know, Layher have their branches all over the world. Therefore, they definitely have their branch in Singapore as well, the location is 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Northstar@AMK, #08-24 Singapore 569880. Also, if you want to visit their warehouse in Singapore to actually see their scaffolding sample, you can go to 3B Toh Guan Road East#01-02Singapore 608833. They have their own created shoring scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, mobile scaffold towers and ladder.

Build Mate

Build mate is not a scaffolding supplier in the traditional sense, but if you are using scaffolding or are working on a construction project, Build mate may be able to help you with the tools you need. According to Build mate’s official website, they are incorporated in 1978, and their office is located at 2 JALAN TERUSAN, SINGAPORE 619285. At Build Mate, you can find construction tools like wrenches, pliers, steel pipes and welding protective equipment. Moreover, they have interior design stuff such as paints, chemicals and insecticides. If you are interested in purchasing construction tools and construction ancillary equipment, take a look at Build Mate.

JA Scaffolding Engineering Pte Ltd 

When you looking for a local scaffolding supplier that has completed projects in Singapore, you are talking about JA scaffolding Engineering Pte Ltd. Despite the limited information on the internet, JA scaffolding Engineering Pte Ltd is well known locally in Singapore for its high-quality service and professional scaffolding supply. Their address is 20 Tuas South Street 3, Singapore 638056. By using their products like tubular systems, ringlock scaffolding, aluminum mobile towers, etc they have completed many projects in Singapore. For example, the Singapore Art Museum, Suntec city, Carlton Hotel Extension, Resorts World at Sentosa, and ITE College West PPP.

Tengah engineering&hardware Pte Ltd

Founded in 1997, Tengah engineering&hardware Pte Ltd is a one-stop construction supplier in Singapore, it is primarily a distributor of construction and hardware materials, from construction equipment and industrial safety tools to office furniture, power tools and sundries, and they also supply scaffolding products as well. Their office in Singapore is located at 37 Kallang Pudding Road, #01-12, Tong Lee Building, Blk. B, Singapore 349315. The high-quality team and integrated services are the keys to Tengah engineering&hardware Pte Ltd earning its reputation. Their scaffolding products include steel plank, safety nets, steel galvanized pipe, fixed clamp, swivel clamp, joint pin.