The Republic of Mozambique

Mozambique is an agricultural country, declared by the United Nations as the world’s least developed country and a heavily indebted poor country, with long-term economic difficulties, with the completion of several large joint ventures such as MOZAL aluminum plant. Mainly processing industries, including aluminum processing, sugar, tea, grain and cashew processing, cigarette, oil, textile, wood, cement, oil refining, automobile assembly, battery and tire industry, mainly in Maputo, Beira and Nampula, recent years, Mozambique’s foreign exports have increased significantly, manufacturing has replaced agriculture and fisheries as the main export industry. Mo’s main exports are aluminum ingots, coal, electricity, natural gas, heavy sand, shrimp, sugar, cotton, tobacco, timber, etc.. The main imports are machinery and equipment, automobiles, oil, food, etc.

The Republic of Mozambique Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
UnispanAv. União Africana Parcela 730 - Matola - Maputo - MozambiqueKwikstage scaffolding, self lock scaffolding tower
Southey ContractingAv. Julius Nyerere No.2399,R/C – Distrito Municipal Ka Mpfumu,Cidade de MaputoSteel props system, ringlock scaffolding
MLS- SCAFFOLDINGAv. Uniao Africana,Matola,MoçambiqueRinglock scaffolding, steel ladder
SotubosAv. das F.P.L.M., N.º 226,4681 Maputo - Moçambique

Scaffolding galvanized pipe, couplers


Established in 2000, the Unispan has the mainline of business in the hire and sale of scaffolding and formwork and the erection of scaffolding to the construction and maintenance industry of Mozambique. According to the catalog on their official website, the majority of their products including kwikstage and self-lock scaffolding tower surface finishing are painted. As a well-known local scaffolding supplier in Mozambique, Uni-Span has a very professional supply chain for the production and supply of scaffolding. Also, Over twenty years of experience has made them very skilled in the supply of scaffolding for various construction projects. If you are looking for a reliable local scaffolding supplier in Mozambique, check Unispan.

Southey Contracting

According to the official website of Southey Contracting, they have over 10,000 tons of their scaffold material is available to them in South Africa and the rest of the continent. Also, their products are certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Furthermore, If you have doubts about the company’s credentials and want to know if they are a reliable scaffolding supplier, you can download their certificates and reports on their website. By the way, the main scaffolding system that they have used the most in their projects are the tubular system and ringlock scaffolding.


MLS- SCAFFOLDING is a very famous scaffolding supplier in Mozambique, they have a professional team and experience in scaffolding supply. And they also provide home delivery service. In other words, you can experience One-stop services here. Therefore, if you have an idea to find a reliable and experienced local scaffolding supplier in Mozambique, MLS-Scaffolding can provide scaffolding construction and solution and delivery services for you. Moreover, you may meet MLS-Scaffolding face to face at Av. Uniao Africana, Matola, Moçambique, and then decide if you are going to make the next move, but it’s never a bad idea to take a try.


If you have a plan of using the tubular system in your project, notice the SOTUBOS because you would need galvanized steel pipe, and SOTUBOS is the supplier in Mozambique that supplies steel tubes. Established in 1996, SOTUBOS is dedicated to the marketing of a wide range of products that focuses mainly on the marketing of all kinds of pipes and fittings and materials for water and gas plumbing, sanitary ware, air conditioning, irrigation, materials for construction, and public works. SOTUBOS has its own facilities open for sales to the general public and resellers, namely two warehouses.