New Zealand Scaffolding 

As a developed country, New Zealand’s construction market is also very stable and prosperous. Therefore, there is more demand for scaffolding. New Zealand is divided into two islands, north and south, and the main ports are Auckland and Wellington. Due to its high quality and good price, our DURA Ringlock scaffolding meets the high-standard local AS/NZS1576 standard, and is stably exported to New Zealand all year around, and is used in various projects such as hotel construction and apartment construction in New Zealand. The main export products are ringlock standard , ringlock ledger and diagonal, intermediate transom, planks, aluminum ladders, walk through frame ladder, etc.

New Zealand Scaffolding Suppliers

Company nameAdressMain Industry Products 
SafeSmart Access50 Business Parade North, East Auckland 2013ringlock scaffolding system, tube & clip scaffolding; scaffolding towers
Safeway Scaffolding21 Walls Road Penrose, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealandaluminium scaffolding, steel scaffolding, system scaffolding
Affordable Scaffolding95 Gavin Street, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060, New Zealandladders, ranger stair, aluminium and steel beams,scaffold tube
Summit Scaffold NZSummit Builders NZ, 61 Reeves Road, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010residential scaffolding, commerical scaffolding
Ultimate Scaffolding2 Mayo road, Wiri, Aucklandresidential scaffolding, commericial scaffolding, shrink wrap

National Scaffolding Ltd42 Munroe Road, Ranui, Auckland 0612ringlock scaffolding system, tube&clip scaffolding, scaffolding towers shrink
Access Scaffolding Ltd54 Leonard Road, Penrosealuminium scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, shrink wrap
Ringlock Scaffolding Supplies10/29 Parkway, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 5014scaffold boards,cuplock scaffolding,scaffold tubes, beams
Stronghold Scaffolding25 Stock Street, New Lynn, Aucklandresidential scaffolding, commerical scaffolding, shrink wrap
Supercity Scaffolding75 Patiki Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026residential scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, shrink wrapping,aluminium scaffolding, tower
  1. SafeSmart Access:

SafeSmart Access was founded in 2017, which is one of the best scaffolding suppliers and manufactures in Auckland. Their head office is located on 50 Business Parade North, East Tāmaki, Auckland 2013. According to the official website, the company’s services mainly include hiring short or long-term scaffolding products,edge fall protection systems and shrink wrapping with the lasted technology. SafeSmart Access also can provide a wide variety of scaffold products such as Ringlock scaffolding system, tube & clip scaffolding; scaffolding towers,aluminium ladders, etc. Their team of engineers is capable of choosing efficient and high-quantity solutions to meet each customers’ requirements.

  1. Safeway Scaffolding:

It is located on 21 Walls, Penrose, Auckland 1061. Safeway Scaffolding was established in 1958, meaning it has been in the scaffolding industry for over 50 years. They mainly provide aluminium scaffolding, steel scaffolding, tube and clips for industrial, commercial and residential structures. They also manufacture, sell and hire aluminium scaffold towers, including the unique stairway tower-single, double and triple width, 2m and 2.7 m long. They’re one of the best scaffolding companies in Auckland. If you are find an expert scaffolding company in Auckland, just choose Safeway.

  1. Affordable Scaffolding:

The company is located on 95 Gavin Street, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060. It started in a small beginnings from a team of 3 in 2010, but now the company has grown to 70 scaffolders and 20 trucks plus 2,000 tonnes of a selection of scaffolding equipment.The company’s professional team can choose the best solutions for each clients. It provides steel ringlock systems, access scaffolding, tube and clips and shrink wrap. Moreover, all customers’ enquiries via the website are answered in not more than 24 hours.Thus, they’re one of the reliable scaffolding companies in Auckland you can get.

  1. Summit Scaffold NZ:

Summit Scaffold is a leading scaffolding company in the New Zealand. This company is located in 61 Reeves , Auckland.According to their official website, they offer wide variety of scaffolding systems, temporary fencing, safety net gear and other scaffolding accessories . When you choose Summit Scaffold, you will be offered a high quality service because their workers are Licenced Building Practitioners and Site Safe trained.It is believed that their workers always try their best to complete the job ahead of time. All the company’s scaffolding products are safe and high-quality.

  1. Ultimate Scaffolding:

Ultimate Scaffolding is a scaffold manufacture and exporter in the New Zealand. It is located on 2 Mayo road, Wiri, Auckland. Based on their official website, their main service include mobile scaffolds, tube&clip, roof edge protection, cantilever scaffold, screening and shrink wrap. The most important thing is that Ultimate Scaffolding can provide a full scaffolding service in the city and rural areas in Auckland compared with other companies. Also, their engineering and design team can provide all the required support for the customised projects. They also provide an affordable rates for their customers.

  1. National Scaffolding NZ Ltd:

National Scaffolding NZ Ltd is different from the other scaffolding companies in Auckland, they personally install all their hire scaffolding.Meanwhile, their service includes ringlock scaffolding system, tube&clip scaffolding, scaffolding towers, suspended scaffolding and shrink wrapping. It was established in 2017 and located on 42 Munroe Road, Ranui, Auckland 0612. As a leading scaffolder, National Scaffolding guarantee that all of their products are guided in AS/NZS 4576:1995 and the health and safety regulations 1995. With its experienced experts and scaffolders, they can provide the best, most reliable services for each customer.

  1. Access Scaffolding Ltd:

The company is located on 38 Richard Pearse Dr, Mangere, Auckland. It has been over 20 years experience in scaffolding market, becoming the reliable scaffolding manufacture in Auckland. The company strives to provide a wide variety of different scaffolding systems like steel and aluminium ringlock, traditional tube and clip scaffolding and fibreglass and aluminium mobile scaffold towers. As a professional scaffolding company, their staff have been already taken training to hold a formal scaffolding qualification to deal with any difficult projects and requirements. The customer can get a free quote via their official website.

  1. Ringlock Scaffolding Supplies:

Ringlock Scaffolding Supplies is an online retail store which is located on 10/29 Parkway, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 5014. They focus on selling primarily the Ringlock scaffolding system and tube and clamp scaffolding. They also provide a wide range of scaffolding components for the residential and trade markets. As a reputable supplier, all their scaffolding products meets the AUS/NZ standards and has a 30 day money back guarantee and 10 year warranty, therefore, Rinnglock Scaffolding is your best choice.

  1. Stronghold Scaffolding:

Stronghold Scaffolding was founded in 2015 currently employs four teams of site staff. The company is located in 25 Stock Street, Lynn, Auckland. The business provides a range of services covering both the commercial and residential sectors, including portable aluminium scaffolding towers, shrink wrap. There are four reasons why choose stronghold scaffolding: on time services, affordable prices, high safety standards, professional teams.

  1. Supercity Scaffolding:

This company was established in 2014 which is a fully owned and operated scaffolding company. It is located on 75 Patiki Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026. According to their official website, they supply a variety of scaffolding systems and products, including residential scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, shrink wrapping,aluminium scaffolding, mobile scaffolding tower and edge protection. Compared with other scaffolding companies, Supercity Scaffolding open 7 days a week to ensure their customers’ projects to run smoothly on time. Moreover, their team leader have acquired the appropriate NZ qualifications to ensure the safety.