Indonesia Scaffolding  and  Steel Market Introduction

In recent years, with the sustained and rapid economic development, Indonesia’s domestic construction industry and infrastructure construction and the resurgent shipbuilding industry have brought prosperity to the steel market, which has become the main factor in the increase in demand nowadays. Moreover, steel and scaffolding have increased in demand due to real estate growth, while infrastructure construction has also increased the demand for steel pipes. Also, high-speed of improvement of the manufacturing level of major ASEAN countries, especially Indonesia and Thailand, the six ASEAN countries are striving to become the world’s next manufacturing center, and thus continue to stimulate demand for steel.

Indonesia Scaffolding  Supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
PT. Rendez IndonesiaGreen Sedayu Biz Park DM 1 No.63,Jl. Daan Mogot KM 18 Jakarta Barat 11840Ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding,tubular system
PERI IndonesiaCibis Nine, 7th FloorJl. T. B. Simatupang No. 2,Jakarta 12560, IndonesiaForm work, scaffolding system,props,frame scaffolding
Golden Kanezka ScafindoJl. Kemuning Raya No. 3F, Cengkareng – Jakarta Barat 11730, INDONESIA.Frame scaffolding, alumunium scaffolding,steel pipe
Beton PerkasaJl. Raya Serang Km. 16,7Cikupa, Tangerang 15710 - IndonesiaForm work,scaffolding, props systems,frame scaffolding
PT.Binar Semangat MardikaJl.Raya Maluk No.07, Dsn Mekar Sari,Ds Bukit Damai,Kec.Sumbawa BaratScaffolding rental, steel pipe painting, coating
Mitra Solusio OptimalindoKawasan Industri Dan Pergudangan Marunda Center Blok B/23A Segara Makmur Bekasi 17211Ringlock scaffolding, tublar scaffold,formwork Mitra Sunter Boulevard No B.45, Sunter Podomoro, Jakarta Utara. DKI Jakarta 14350Ringlock scaffolding, steel pipe,tubular accesories
Halysafe IndonesiaKawasan Industri dan Pergudangan Marunda Center B/33ADesa Segara Makmur, Kec.TarumajayaKab.Tubular scaffolding,ringlock scaffolding,scaffolding pipe
PT ZulinJl. Cendrawasih No.26 B Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan 15413Beam forming,Climbing formwork,ringlock scaffolding
Indoraya ScaffoldingPergudangan Bizpark 3 Blok D no. 11. Jl. Sultan Agung Km 28.5 Bekasi BaratFrame scaffolding,galvanized pipe,scaffolding accesories

Rendez Indonesia

As a young and dynamic company, PT. Rendez Indonesia has established its Indonesia office in 2016. The location of their head office at Green Sedayu Biz Park DM 1 No.63 Jl. Daan Mogot KM 18 Jakarta Barat 11840. Also the ware hose of PT. Rendez Indonesia is located at Graha Balaraja Industrial Estate Kav. C5A

Jl. Raya Serang KM. 27. According to their official website, all the scaffolding products have their certificates, such as EN39, BS1139, EN12811, and BS 1004, etc. From PT. Rendez Indonesia, you can purchase the ringlock scaffolding, scaffolding tower, cuplock scaffolding, and aluminum scaffolding ladder, etc.

Peri Indonesia

As a leader in scaffolding manufacturer and supplier, Peri also has their branch in Indonesia. Their branch office in Indonesia opens from 8 am to 5 pm, and it’s located at Cibis Nine, 7th Floor, Jl. T. B. Simatupang No. 2, Jakarta 12560, Indonesia. Peri is one of the scaffolding industry giants, so they are very reputable and professional, and they had accomplished projects in over 20 countries. Peri’s products primarily including in formwork and scaffolding. Also, they have many kinds of formwork that you can choose such as wall formwork, column formwork, and slab formwork. Their scaffolding has Rosett modular scaffold and slab props system.

Golden Kanezka Scafindo

If you are worried about finding a local scaffolding supplier in Indonesia, and still having concerns about importing scaffolding from overseas to build your project? You should check Golden Kanezka Scafindo. As a local scaffolding supplier in Indonesia, Golden Kanezka Scafindo is located at Jl. Kemuning Raya No. 3F, Cengkareng – Jakarta Barat 11730, INDONESIA. Moreover, you can find many kinds of scaffolding accessories in this company. They have galvanized steel pipe, frame scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, and scaffolding pressed couplers. Also, they have targeted both domestic and international markets, which means they have ability to export their products.

Beton Perkasa

The history of Beton Perkasa can be traced back to 1983, back the day, they were just a mixed concrete business company. However, they were offering the formwork as a supplier in March 1985. With more than thirty years of experience in the scaffolding industry, Benton Perkasa is very competitive in the Indonesian scaffolding market. If you want to visit their head office, it’s located at Jl. Raya Serang Km. 16,7Cikupa, Tangerang 15710 – Indonesia. They have accomplished many projects in Indonesia. For example, Lebak Bulusfatmawati MRT and Gorr1-2 Bridge. Their products include Proprs, shoring system, shoring tower, form work and frame scaffolding.

PT.Binar Semangat Mardika

As the introduction of their own, PT.Binar Semangat Mardika was a family-owned small business company at the beginning. The official time of them becoming a real supplier is 2009. Moreover, their main office is located at Jl.Raya Maluk No.07, Dsn Mekar Sari,Ds Bukit Damai,Kec.Sumbawa Barat. As stated on their official website, their products were awarded the certificate of ISO 9001. The coverage of their services is fairly wide including scaffolding rental, painting, sandblasting, polyurea waterproofing, and cold insulation polyurethane foam. With all aspects considered, they provide customers with professional and comprehensive services.

Mitra Solusio Optimalindo

Established in 2017, PT Mitra Solusi Optimalindo is a younger scaffolding supplier compared to other group manufacturers, but what is expected is the remarkable prospects it has in the scaffolding and construction solution market. Their head office in Indonesia is located at Kawasan Industri Dan Pergudangan Marunda Center Blok B/23A Segara Makmur Bekasi 17211 Indonesia. Even though they have a short establishment time, they already accomplished my projects such as the PLTGU Muara Tawar project. With great potential, their construction products include ringlock scaffolding, formwork, tubular scaffolding. Also, they have engineering services like design, calculation and estimation.

Support Scaffolding Indonesia is an Indonesian local scaffolding supplier, which companies with much outstanding performance. They are offering high-quality scaffolding that accordance with both Japanese (JS) and European (BS) standards. They have accopmlished project are Rmdp Jo Balikpapan, Pt hein and Pt Ssa Rdmp Balikpapan. The products they supply are concentrated and clear. The main scaffolding system they have are tubular systems and ringlock scaffolding system. From the metal toe board to ringlock ledger, you can find the whole sets of ringlock scaffolding in As well as the tubular system, their products include steel pipes and forged couplers.

Halysafe Indonesia

As a construction solution provider and scaffolding supplier, Halysafe Indonesia is a local scaffolding manufacturer in Indonesia. The head office of Halysafe Indonesia is located at Kawasan Industri dan Pergudangan Marunda Center B/33A,Desa Segara Makmur, Kec. Tarumajaya, Kab. Bekasi 17211–Indonesia. The project they have supplied include oil stations, gas construction, power plants, mines, marine, public infrastructure, and real estate. Their products are including ringlock scaffolding, modular system, frame scaffolding, and steel pipe. The Halysafe Indonesia scaffolding accessories and components are very complete, which have ringlock base collar, guard rail, base jack, bracket, etc.

PT Zulin

PT Zulin is a local leading scaffolding and formwork supplier in Indonesia. Back the day, Zulin was established in Beijing, China in 2003, and then, they had expansion. In 2012, PT Zulin was founded in Jakarta. Nowadays, they already completed several projects in Indonesia. The location of PT Zulin local office is located at Jl. Cendrawasih No.26 B Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan 15413. Moreover, the constructions that they had experience with are bridge and road, power plant and hydro-power station, and they had an engineering procurement construction on 21 May 2018. Beamforming system, climbing formwork, column formwork and ringlock scaffolding are all their products.

Indoraya Scaffolding

If you are looking for a local scaffolding supplier that has its warehouse in Indonesia, you should take a look at Indoraya scaffolding. The location of their head office is Pergudangan Bizpark 3 Blok D no. 11. Jl. Sultan Agung Km 28.5 Bekasi Barat, and this is also the location of their warehouse. Therefore, if you want to check the availability of the scaffolding in stock, you can directly check their warehouse at this address. The products they have are frame scaffolding, scaffolding accessories and scaffolding galvanized pipe. Also, before you actually go there, you can contact them through the contact information on their official website.