Myanmar scaffolding introduction

In fact, Myanmar is geographically connected to Southeast Asia, India and China, which means it has a prime location and a huge potential consumer market. Moreover, Myanmar is relatively rich in resources, with low labor costs and huge potential for urban construction and development. In recent years, the Myanmar government has gradually reformed its political and economic system, accelerating the pace of economic development and infrastructure construction. And Myanmar has also been stepping up its efforts in recent years for major construction facilities such as roads and bridges. Therefore, for scaffolding industry in Myanmar have a sustainable development rhythm because scaffolding will be widely use on the construction.

Myanmar scaffolding supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
Kaung Global Engineering Co., LtdNo.(2), Ground Floor, Singapore Kyaung StreetPazundaung TownshipYangon 11171.MyanmarFrame scaffolding,steel board,X brace,steel pipe
Empire (Member Of King Empire Co.,Ltd)No(135/136/137),Chin Dwin Road,Industrial Zone 3,South Dagon Township,Yangon,Myanmar. Scaffolding Pipes,Scaffolding T-Prop,I-Prop accessories
Kashiwabara Hue Waisithu MyanmarCo.,Ltd.No.7A, Kanbawza Avenue road, Golden Valley Avenue(1), Bahan Township, Yangon, MyanmarRinglock scaffolding, diagonal brace,steel plank
Triple Union Company LimitedNo.18, 9th Floor, 13th Street, 6 Ward, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar.Frame scaffolding,scaffold tower, stair scaffold
D Mart Co., Ltd.No.1263, Bohmue Ba Htoo Road, (43) Quarter, North Dagon TspTubular scaffolding,steel plank,frame scaffolding

Kaung Global Engineering Co., Ltd

For those who are looking for frame scaffolding to build their project, and wondering where can find frame scaffolding in Myanmar local market, Kaung Global Engineering Co., Ltd is absolutely helpful. If you want to directly check their products and company size, their location is No. (2), Ground Floor, Singapore Kyaung Street Pazundaung Township, Yangon 11171, Myanmar (Burma). They have finished many projects with frame scaffolding especially the walk-through type of scaffolding with steel tubes. In other words, although their products are relatively homogeneous, you can be sure that their expertise in frame scaffolding is reliable.

Empire (Member Of King Empire Co.,Ltd)

If you are looking for someone who has the ability to supply scaffolding in Yangon, take a look at Empire (Member Of King Empire Co.,Ltd). As a local scaffolding supplier in Myanmar, they are located at No(135/136/137),Chin Dwin Road,Industrial Zone 3, South Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar. They assure their customers of the safety and high quality of their scaffolding products. The products of scaffolding that they have are galvanized steel board with hook, T-head prop, base jack, frame scaffolding and galvanized scaffolding ladder. Moreover, their services are mainly domestic, which means that they have their most focus on Myanmar’s local market.

Kashiwabara Hue Waisithu MyanmarCo.,Ltd.

In the Myanmar scaffolding industry, there are not many companies that can supply scaffolding for clients with specific needs. Their address is No.7A, Kanbawza Avenue road, Golden Valley Avenue(1), Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar. However, Kashiwabara Hue Waisithu MyanmarCo., Ltd is one of the suppliers that are able to provide OEM services. Moreover, they are not simply just customized your drawings. In fact, if you are having trouble with the drawing calculation, Kashiwabara Hue Waisithu MyanmarCo., Ltd can help you with the scaffolding design in 3D CAD drawings. The scaffolding that they have are ringlock scaffolding, steel planks with hook and diagonal braces.

Triple Union Company Limited

The Triple Union Company Limited is a local scaffolding company in Myanmar that was established in 2016. Their location in Myanmar is No.18, 9th Floor, 13th Street, 6 Ward, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, Myanmar. Engineering apartments, residential building, interior & exterior decoration work, as well as bridge, culvert construction are all the services they can provide for the customers. For different construction tasks, they would use different types of methods. The scaffolding that they mainly use is tubular scaffolding, but they also have frame scaffolding, scaffold tower and stair scaffold. Therefore, if your project needs these type of services, contact them from the information on their official website.

D Mart Co., Ltd.

As a local scaffolding supplier in Yangon, the business leaders of D Mart Co., Ltd have 15 years of experience in Taiwan. They have rich professional knowledge, give strict training and requirements to our staff, and personally go to the site construction and inspection. The location of D Mart Co., Ltd is No.1263, Bohmue Ba Htoo Road, (43) Quarter, North Dagon Tsp. According to their official website’s information, all their products were imported from Taiwan associated with CNS certificates. The scaffolding products they have include a tubular system, steel props, steel plank, and frame scaffolding.