Finland Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
TelinekatajaP.O.Box 1 (Pihatörmä 1 B)
FI-02241 Espoo, Finland
Supportive scaffolding, access tower and bridging, Aluminium Rolling Towers, Starframe, accessories, all around system
Suomi Teline OyOtsotie 27 B, 01900 Nurmijärvi, FinlandRinglock scaffolding, scaffolding solution
ScafoteamUrho Kekkosen Katu 4 - 6e, 00100 Helsinki, FinlandRinglock scaffolding,
Tikli Group OyYhdystie 40
62800 Vimpeli
Ladders and scaffolds, aluminium windows, aluminium doors andMitax levelers
PeptPEPT Oy Ab
Emetin teollisuusalue
Putkitie 4
69600 Kaustinen
All range of scaffolding
Renta Group OyÄyritie 12 B, 6th Floor, 01510 Vantaa, FinlandScaffolding rental
ArmeUutistie 3 C, FI-01770 VantaaScaffolding service, scaffolding solution, scaffolding
KymsolP.O. Box 44227


Scaffolding service


Telinekataja is a finnish family own company that founded in 1965, as the specialist in the scaffolding, Telinekataja supply the strict solution to the renovation, new building, infrastructure, industry, energy and machinery. Only using Layher scaffolding for their solution, mainly because its stable quality and safety, The group total net sales reach to 70 million euros and hire 260 employee. For the service, they develop a new thinking method called MaxxSafe which say no to the incident, process problem, and site quality and keep 0 tolerance for it. Consolidating the expertise, cost efficiency and safety,the group is deserved to be relied.

Suomi Teline Oy

As the importer of scaffolding in Finland, Suomi Teline Oy is a family own company which specializes in renting and supplying the scaffold solution, with safety, adaptability, and quality to their clients. Safety is the key values in their company. Moreover, their employees are the experts in this area of which have 20 years experiences . goal is to constantly become the most friendly scaffolding company. They can optimize the scaffolding in terms of safety regulations for the renovation and refurbishment, regardless of the size for the purpose of providing both safe and cost effective. With the motto -reaching higher, Suomi Teline Oy      is pioneers in technical monitoring solutions.


Established in 2008 and based in Urho Kekkosen Katu 4 – 6e, 00100 Helsinki, Finland, the management of Scafoteam have the vast experience in the work and management of installing &dismantling. Their partner is mainly Latvia architecture equipment rental company like Ramirent, yit, ncc, meyer. All the work comply the European standard and criteria. Scafoteam strives harder in each area such as risk management, process control, training and communication. SIA SCAFOTEAM also founded the subsidiaries SCAFOTEAM Finland Oy that operate the business in finland, and it’s good at assembling and demolishing scaffolding. Safety is their achievement and aim.

Tikli Group Oy

Tikli Group Oy is a traditional company focusing on aluminum products, ladders and scaffolds, aluminium windows, aluminium doors and Mitax levelers are remarkable. They are committed to do the further processing of aluminium. The growing company own 48 staffs and turnover reach to 11 million enros. The company lies in the Yhdystie 4062800 Vimpeli Finland. If you would like to seek some aluminum product like aluminum ladders, windows, scaffolding or need the service for cutting, assembling, milling, don’t hesitate to touch them.


Pept is one of the biggest scaffolding supply compant in the North Europe, PEPT Ab Oy is established in 1992, it is a part of the Saimaa Group, Finland’s largest industrial insulation and scaffolding group. Since 1992 the company has established the long term relationships with many partners and get the approval in high quality, reliability, and safe environment. The core value is high vocational safety, client satisfaction and staffs respect. Pept company develop themselves scaffolding training, and get the approval of bureau Veritas. If you requires the whole scaffolding system, Pept is in charge of designing, assembling, and demolishing.


Renta established in 2015 is a young equipment rental company, Headquartered in Äyritie 12 B, 6th Floor, 01510 Vantaa, Finland. Though it is a new company, what they experienced is much more than many companies they do in 30 years. A small group professionals cooperate with Investors Intera Partners, building the modern, untraditional equipment rental theory. The online warehouse has been developing fast from 2016 to 2017. What’s the important, they became the outsourcing of SSR Group Oy. Their scaffolding rental and service not only operates in Finland, but also spread in Sweden and Norway in 2018.

Arme Oy

Arme is a leading company which supply the scaffolding service, also including industrial scaffolding and marine scaffolding. The office is located in Uutistie 3 C, FI-01770 Vantaa. Arme Oy is good at supplying the training of scaffolding and also authorized to offer scaffolding training in Finland. And their training has been approved by the Bureau Veritas. Arme Oy has reputation for good quality and efficient scaffolding assembly and dismantlement. Meanwhile, it has the long term experience in the construction of marine scaffolding.


Kymsol supply safe, reliable, adaptable scaffolding solution, which is also operated by the professionals to ensure the construction could proceed successfully. Their office is located in P.O. Box 44227 0062 LASKUTUS FINLAND. The volume scaffolding system of 300,000 m3 can fullfill the demand of construction. Moreover, they have wide scale partners in Pulp & Paper,oil & gas, metal, energy, chemical, mining, food, construction and infrastructure.