Bolivia introduction:

Bolivia is currently the poorest and backward country in South America due to the high level of government corruption and colonial rule. The poor accounted for 66.4% of the total population, and the extremely poor accounted for 45% of the total population. With abundant oil and natural gas, as well as silver, tin, zinc, gold, and lithium, it is called “the beggar who sits on a golden chair and begs.” Bolivia has the second largest natural gas field in South America after Venezuela. In order to solve the country’s economic problems, in recent years, the government has been actively constructing oil fields, so the demands of scaffolding increased dramatically.

Bolivia scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
Andamios AndabolA. de Albarado, Cochabamba, Boviliarental, sale, design and manufacture of scaffolds
Andamios TycAv. Brasil 4to Anillo (FRENTE A CERABOL)rental and sale of machinery and tools
Sopcon SrlAv. Heroes del Pacifio,Edif, Ocean, Nro 140 PB,,scaffolding, struts, phenolic, shoring
IrontecCalle Sucre #10 zona Av. Panamericana entre radial 12 y 13 Noveno anillo,Santa Cruz - Boliviaproduction, transport and placement of concrete and machines
ProndaiosAr.Cr.24. 61D-47 Santa Cruz, Boliviarental and sale services for certified scaffolding, hanging, tubular

Andamios Andabol:

Anabolism mainly offers services of rental, sale, design and manufacture of scaffolds. They also offer construction services in metallic structures, calculation and design of industrial machinery. To be the largest supplier in the western part of the country ,which provides support solutions to the construction industry and once the demands and needs of the area have been covered, to conquer the market at the national level. They tend to pursue the development of innovative, update and cutting-edge strategies that lead them to grow with strength, and become the best scaffolding suppliers in the Bolivia.

Andamios Tyc:

The company has a wide range of machinery and tools for rent and sale with continuous monitoring by their technical and mechanical experts. This allows them to offer each clients the rental and sale of machines in perfect working order, with the possibility of being previously tested for rent. Their solid experience from years ago allows them to offer a service with a high level of specialization. They try their best to provide an efficient service with equipment that meets high quality standards. They comply with the national environmental policy and sustainable development plans.

Sopcon Srl:

Their main activity is to assist and provide solutions for the development of construction and industry in general. Their work is based on engineering, applied to different projects, providing solutions based on the use of form work, scaffolding, struts, phenolic, shoring and machinery. To be the leading company in the sale and rental of support equipment for the construction industry and satisfy the different needs of their clients, providing quality solutions and excellent service. The head office is located on Av. Heroes del Pacifio,Edif, Ocean, Nro 140 PB, Micaflores.


It is a company in charge of representing world-renowned leading brands that are found within the construction industry,located in the city of Santa Cruz, the economic engine of Bolivia. Their main products are production, transport and placement of concrete and machines for the manufacture of precast concrete elements. They offer their clients the high quality products and the best services. They also provide their clients products and services with high added value and cutting-edge solutions. Their  effort is focused on offering solutions to clients and providing the service that they always need at all times.


They are providers of rental and sale services for certified scaffolding, hanging, tubular and light construction equipment, with more than 20 years of experience providing quality and safety for all types of work to meet their customers’ needs. The location of the company is Ar.Cr.24. 61D-47 Santa Cruz, Bolivia. More importantly, by 2025 they want to be among the 50 most important companies for the rental and sale of scaffolding and construction equipment in Bolivia, to be recognized for implementing innovative technologies and excellence in their service.