Ecuador introduction:

The Republic of Ecuador is located in northwestern South America. It borders Colombia to the northeast, Peru to the southeast and the Pacific Ocean to the west.The minerals are mainly oil, mainly distributed in the Gulf of Guayaquil, and oil fields are also found in the Amazon Plain. However, Ecuador is a relatively backward country in South America, with a weak industrial foundation and slow agricultural development. The petroleum industry is Ecuador’s largest economic pillar.In recent years, they have vigorously developed infrastructure and oilfield construction to promote economic development, so the demand for scaffolding continues to rise.

Ecuador Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
Sky GroupCalle G, Lote 5B, Sector El Manzano de Jatumpmba- Ecuadorheavy machinery, scaffolding and formwork rental services
Secoya S.ADe los arupos E3-142 y Av. Eloy Alfaro. Quito - Ecuadormultidirectional metal frame, planks
ManoworksMapasingue EsteCooperativa Quisquis Manzana X - Solar 11 Guayaquil - Ecuadorcertified scaffolds,scaffolding rental services
MadeconsN4 118 Avenida Ponce Enriquez, Quito 170810-Ecuadorrental and sale of scaffolding, mental and wooden boards
EcuandamiosF4FH+3CC, Caracas 1080, Miranda-Ecuadorcuplock scaffolding,tubular scaffolding, steel pipe, scaffolding accessories
A3 ArquitecturaManuela Sáenz E5 – 42. Plaza Comercial Tepeyac. Quito- Ecuadorconstruction sectors and building construction
YpzarchEcuador, Quito 170135-Ecuadorresidences, financial centers, commercial premises construction
SlumecNogales N52-148 y Amagasi del Inca, Quito-Ecuadorconstruction sectors and building construction

Sky Group:

Sky Group was born in 1982 in Ecuador, which is made up of several equipment rental services. In recent years, they have been added a range of new services and lifting machinery,supplying the highest demands and needs of the Ecuadorian market, specializing in attention to the oil, energy, industrial and construction sectors. With the professional staff and certified equipment, they can offer their clients the best rental services according to the international standards. More importantly, they can offer heavy machinery, scaffolding and formwork rental services to meet the highest demands for their customers.

Secoya S.A:

The company designs to cast concrete structures such as walls, slabs, formwork and columns on the market. They also offer multidirectional metal frame, planks, architectural rehabilitation and construction services. The location of the company is in De los arupos E3-142 y Av. Eloy Alfaro. Quito – Ecuador. They pay much attention to the construction in scaffolding products. Also, except for modular scaffolding, they have offered steel planks and scaffold couplers as well. If you are interested in this company, you can visit their official website for a detailed list of their completed project reference and get a quotation first.


Manoworks is one of the biggest scaffolding companies in the Ecuador. Their main advantage is that they have a permanent stock of scaffolding to meet their clients’ requirements. Moreover, the delivery and return of the scaffolds are carried out by their own staff. They provide the certified scaffolds to guarantee safety and anti-corrosion protection, which is easily fit for any environment. Due to their professional staff and workers, they significantly reduce the risks, dangers and accidents in providing profitability and effectiveness. They also provide daily and monthly rental services with high quality and structural components for their clients.


The company was founded since 1997 that they have a vast supply to rental and sale of formwork for tiles and retaining walls, rental and sale of scaffolding, mental and wooden boards and concrete machines,elevators and vibrators. They have three basic principles for company’s long-term development including honesty, respect and trust. They have their own warehouse so that they also can provide warehouse rental services. And they have own logistics transport fleet for delivery service inside and outside the city immediately. In addition, they put more emphasis on the continuous maintenance of their rental fleet.


They are an Ecuadorian company dedicated to the rental and sale of scaffolding, with extensive experience in oil and construction projects, providing the corresponding security by providing a complete technical team specialized in certified scaffolding. Their main product is cuplock scaffolding, which is very versatile and easy to assemble. The company is in Estamos En Todo El Ecuador. They provide the high quality of scaffolding because oil industry, facades, industrial maintenance, machinery assembly and electrical work that require safe work at height. The products also they have include tubular scaffolding, steel pipe, scaffolding accessories.

A3 Arquitectura:

This is a construction company in the Educor. They mainly focus on construction sectors and building construction in the market. The company is in Manuela Sáenz E5  42. Plaza Comercial Tepeyac. Quito- Ecuador. It offers a complete residential, commercial and tourist construction service, that is, they take charge of all the building, remodeling and design processes and offer solutions ranging from architects to builders.To complete their construction and building projects, they are mainly used a cuplock scaffolding, tubular scaffolding and aluminium scaffolding tower. According to their official website, they usually rent a wide range of scaffolds to meet their construction requirements.


This is a construction organization for design with the main purpose of providing the best services for their clients. They seek to deliver the best quality in housing products such as residences, financial centers, commercial premises, health centers, bridges, urban furniture and culture centers. They offer their clients the best solution according to the resources they have, they offer online quotation services. Therefore, they need a wide range of scaffolding to complete their construction with safety such as tubular scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding and aluminium scaffolding tower, which is very easy for constructors to move it and to assemble it.


The company is a construction company with more than 10 years of experience. In their all projects, they focus on doing work in excellence, with the best quality and at the competitive price to provide their clients with unique solutions in the market.They have also a professional team is ready to support each clients at all times.When they construct the projects and the pipelines, they would use cuplock  scaffolding to ensure that staff have a platform at a certain height. As a construction company, they They have very high credibility and also have experience in the use of cuplock scaffolding.