Chile scaffolding introduction:  

To deal with the impact of COVID-19, Chilean government tend to recovery their domestic economy in 2022. The government mainly focus on infrastructure, construction, education and transportation development to boost the economy. And Chilean government try to develop their roads development to decrease the income inequality. Therefore, there will be a large demand of scaffolding systems and accessories to meet the country economy recovery in the next few years. Moreover, more and more local companies provide scaffolding hiring services in recent years.

Chile scaffolding supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
Andamios ChileAndes 3929,Quinta NormalRegión Metropolitana,Chilescaffolding systems,assembly service,wheels, skirting boards, clamps, metal planks
Andamious Y EstrvcturasC/ Pedro Aguirre Cerda n° 8583 - 2° piso Antofagasta - Chilscaffolds,rental and sale of forklifts and electric scaffolding
TecnoAndamioAv. Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez #11500, San Bernardo.rental and assembly of scaffolding,maintenance of facades, paintings work in buildings
ALTIMETJorge Alessandri 615, La Reina, Santiagofacades and tall buildings,the rental, sale and assembly scaffolding service
Andamiose ImplementosCamino Padre Hurtado 20 68 (Ex C22 Melipilla )Padre Hurtado, Región Metropolitanasale and rental of scaffolding and construction,minor works
FluorSánchez Beza, Pudahuel, Región, procurement and construction solutions
NEXXOParque Industrial Gulmué / Lote 3A / Camino Internacional Concón s/nmining industry, oil & gas, pulp and paper, electricity generation
MachileCalle Los Fresnos Nº 151Km 18 Panamericana Norte Colina, Santiago de Chileroad transport,mining and construction industries
  1. Andamios Chile:

The company is a scaffolding company in Chile that focused on “providing solutions” for work at height, with extensive experience in Assembly and scaffolding systems for sale and lease. Their assembly service, as well as the scaffolding, has all the safety standards, approvals and certifications necessary to deliver a safe and reliable service.They have qualified technicians, with altitude courses, occupational exams, handling of fire extinguishers, first aid, etc. They advantages of this company is that they have a significant stock of new scaffolding, wheels, skirting boards, clamps, metal planks to meet each clients requirements on time. More importantly, they have a truck crane service, a 38-meter-high basket that is unique in Chile.

  1. Andamious Y Estrvcturas:

     The company provide services for the industry and construction, including assembly and disassembly of scaffolds, rental and sale of forklifts and electric scaffolding, lifting aids and the sales of scaffolding accessories. They have their own maintenance department to cover all those needs that different kinds of demand, as well as in safety and quality. The location of the company is C/ Pedro Aguirre Cerda n°8583 – 2 piso Antofagasta – Chil. Moreover, They have sufficient stock of materials, distributed both in the II region (Antofagasta), and in Santiago de Chile to delivery in time.

  1. TecnoAndamio:

TecnoAndamio began its activities in Chile in 2008 as a small but thriving company dedicated to the rental and assembly of scaffolding. They designed to provide safe and efficient access for work at height. Their main work include the development of maintenance of facades, paintings work in buildings and industries, installation of glassware. They are good at offering a unique service and always taking into account the needs of each clients. It is believed that their main objective is to provide the best and accurate solutions with an excellent quality and competitive price for customers. If your project needs these type of services, contact them from the information on their official website.

  1. ALTIMET:  

Altimet started its business 40 years ago, they offer scaffolding systems by its modular structure. Also, they are idea for facades and tall buildings; as well as for the repair and maintenance of buildings. Their scaffolding system called Altimet Euro is manufactured with galvanized pipe I.S.O., according to the NCH-2501/2 standard, certified by the Structural Engineering laboratory of the DICTUC of the Catholic University of Chile.They also provide the rental, sale and assembly scaffolding service. In order to meet their customers’ requirements, the company has a complete infrastructure and scaffolding equipment. Last but not the least, their professional team can assistant clients choose the best solutions.

  1. Andamiose Implementos:

Andamiose is a sale and rental of scaffolding and construction company with more than 10 years of experience providing services of excellence and quality throughout the country. The main objective of Andamios is to guarantee their clients a professional, reliable and timely service, committed to the requirements of their projects. Their main focus is to provide a quality service to clients specialized in minor works and contractor companies. In addition, they have a team of highly trained professionals, who are in charge of keeping scaffolds in the best conditions, in order to deliver a quality service and with the best support, from their qualified assembly supervisors.

  1. Fluor:    

Fluor provides IPC services to clients in Chile and throughout South America.They focus on providing engineering, procurement and construction solutions for their clients in the local and regional mining industry. Moreover, Fluor has been more that 60 years experience of mining process expertise to deal with different kinds of projects. Their mining team assists in the long-term productivity and profitability of clients’ mining assets. The location of the company is Sánchez Beza, Pudahuel, Región Metropolitana. If you want to know further information about this company, please visit their official website.

  1. NEXXO:

NEXXO S.A. was founded in 1980, which is specialized in engineering company. The company is a highly specialized industrial services company focused on six work areas: industrial works and assemblies, chemical cleaning & flushing & cleaning with high pressure water, change of Catalysts and Industrial Services, and Industrial Maintenance Contracts. Currently, their market is the mining industry, Oil & Gas, pulp and paper, electricity generation, among other industries in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.In May 2013, Echeverría Izquierdo, one of the five most important engineering and construction companies in the country, aiming to achieve synergies in the local market and consolidate the internationalization process in neighboring countries.After that, the company has been a leading engineering and industrial company in Chile.

  1. Machile:

The company specializes in the manufacture of equipment for road transport, for the mining and construction industries. It was established in 1990, they have been a long history in the national market, providing support and solutions to their clients. They currently have a wide range of products, offering not only standard equipment, but also special equipment; destined to satisfy the needs of different clients. In addition, They have a modern and large industrial plant, located in Barrio Industrial 18 to develop transportation solutions that guarantee the complete satisfaction of projects. Their professional teams in this company can provide excellent service and solutions for hard projects.