Norway scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
LinjebyggGrandfjæra 22a – P.O box 2602
N-6405 Molde – Norway
Tube & Fitting scaffolding,System scaffolding,Weather protection,Variety of mobile elevated work platforms,Combination with rope access,
Bilfinger IndustrierKanalarmen 8, 4033 StavangerScaffolding solution
StSSandbrekketoppen 30, 5224 NesttunIndustrial scaffolding,Scaffold roof system,Covering,Facade scaffolding,Inspection and quality
Engineering and 3D modeling,Project management,Planning and project execution,Multidiscipline personnel
Norwegian GroupKyrkjegata 13, 6100 VoldaScaffolding trailer, frame scaffold and haki scaffold
Global StillasSkjærvaveien 44 2010 StrømmenAluminum scaffolding tower accessories "Trapdoor platform with opening door"
PCS ConstructionTomrelia 3, 6393 Tomrefjord,
Møre og Romsdal, Norge
Scaffolding solution
BEERENBERGKokstaddalen 33,
5257 Kokstad
Scaffolding solution
Armada DynamicsSandakerveien 52
N-0477 Oslo, Norway
Scaffolding lift, Scaffolding parts, formwork parts,accessories,


Linjebygg established in 1933 is based in Grandfjæra 22a – P.O box 2602 N-6405 Molde – Norway. Acquired by Altrad Group in 2006, Linjebygg supply various service consisting of insulation, scaffolding, rehabilitation etc. Therefore, the scaffolding service is just a aspect of their service. They can provide the clients with a comprehensive solution, as well as the installation instruction, equipement lists and labor requirement. Linjebygg hire the teams of having the capacity of conducting scaffolding and big amount of the scaffolders are qualified with rope asscess.Besides, Linjebygg is Norway’s largest in several of our subject areas.

Bilfinger Industrier

Bilfinger Industrier is the leading supplier in the oil and gas industry in Norway. Scaffolding is one part of their business. With more than 30 years abundant experience in offshore installation and huge project cultivation, Bilfinger establishes the unique competency in planning and carrying out each scaffolding assess solution. Due to these accumulation, the company has become among the biggest contractor in Norway. They offer the service alone or in combination with other fields, which makes more safe and cost effective.


Sts has provided the scaffolding solution for the maintenance to the oil, gas and construction since 1972,  Combining the scaffolding with other access solution, sts found the best way to supply the scaffolding solution in a secure and efficient way. The business area cover Industrial scaffolding,Scaffold roof system,Covering,Facade scaffolding,Inspection and quality,Engineering and 3D modeling,Project management,Planning and project execution,Multidiscipline personnel. The leader for the scaffolding, Ken Tommy Fromreide, refered that as a scaffolder, you will work both on the ground and at height, and always creative and solution oriented. Due to their expertise and  experience, Sts will supply the optimal service to their clients.

Norwegian Group

Norwegian Group is committed to the rental of Scaffolding trailer, frame scaffold and haki scaffold. The teams is full of the knowledge of working height and rope access. The material they rent the products is mainly steel and aluminum. In order to meet the requirements of customer with about 2500 m2 of scaffolding. By the way, their main office lies in Kyrkjegata 13, 6100 Volda. If you prefer renting the scaffolding products, don’t miss it.For more information, you can directly visit the website.

Global Stillas

As a professional scaffolding company, Global Stillas supply the solution to the private clients and building companies. They can ensure to deliver the scaffolding products and service due to the sufficient stocks. The project they participated in has reached 3465, the main type they involve is the Aluminum scaffolding tower accessories “Trapdoor platform with opening door”, another characteristic prducts is folding scaffolding and the scaffolding with wheels, which can shoulder load reach to 200kg and 700kg respectively, also is more easier to move.

PCS Construction

PCS construction, situated in Tomrelia 3, 6393 Tomrefjord, Møre og Romsdal, Norge, specialize in the surface treatment and scaffolding. Their goal is to deliver in a safe and reasonable way. With 40 qualified scaffolders and 175 workers, PCS construction has finished 220 new buildings solution, Their offices has spread in 14 locations, dedicating to the business of scaffolding. For more information you want to check, please log in their website.


For the beerenberg, scaffolding is only one part of their business. With the experience and expertise, Beerenberg supply the turnkey scaffolding to the oil and gas industry both onshore and offshore, The location is Kokstaddalen 33, 5257 Kokstad. As the hard working environment,the maintenance and modifications should be adapt in that circumstances. Beerenberg will strive harder to develop the solutions and further develop the skills in scaffolding.

Armada Dynamics

The majority business of Armada Dynamics is to designs, develops and delivers rental business solutions based on the industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. Also, they has worked with company to rent the scaffolding equipment and provide service in the construction area in Norway and the way, the company is situated in Sandakerveien 52 N-0477 Oslo, Norway. Armada EQM could supply the unique machine such as scaffolding lift, bulk items such as scaffolding accessories, packages of equipment such as frameworks.