Czech Republic scaffolding introduction

There are a number of scaffolding suppliers in the Czech Republic, both large and small, and the products offered are different. There are simple mobile towers and professional scaffold systems, scaffolds for sale and scaffolds for rent. Some famous international scaffolding brands are still very popular here. Here are a few Czech suppliers of scaffolding products.

Czech Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddress Main Products
FleximontChemická 2039/1, 709 00 Ostrava - Mariánské Horytubular scaffolding, Furniture production, Industrial insulation
Milan KlimsaMain 124 Heather 742 85peri scaffolding, facade, tubular scaffolding
PelikanU Cerveného Kostela 36/17 415 01 Teplicework platforms, mobile scaffolding
EkroSouthwestern IV. 2363/5 14100 Praha 4scaffolding, formwork, mobile fencing, construction machinery
HankerU Čápova dvora 3036 Tábor 5, 390 05Layher Unibreit scaffolding, mobile scaffolding
IzomalMalotice 101 281 63 MALOTICE, district Kolínmobile tower, aluminium scaffolding
StavbyTovární ul., 410 02 Lovosicemobile scaffolding, facade scaffolding, stair scaffolding, aluminium ladder


Fleximont sro is a scaffolding service provider based in the Czech Republic. The company provides assembly services for tubular scaffolding. In addition to the classic tubular scaffolding, the company also creates new tubular scaffolding according to the demand, which is combined with the use of safety nets, which further guarantees the safety of the work. In addition to scaffolding products, the company also undertakes engineering projects, mainly for industrial insulation, as well as for the production of furniture. It can be said that the company is a very professional company, because the employees of the company have many years of experience and you can trust them completely.

Milan Klimsa

Milan Klimsa is a Czech scaffolding product renter. If you don’t know how to choose scaffolding for your construction, then you can turn to them to use rented scaffolding. The company will recommend the right scaffolding product for you according to your requirements and the actual situation on the site, and there are special personnel for delivery, product assembly and disassembly, which is very convenient. The company’s scaffolds are safe and reliable, such as peri scaffold and other tubular scaffolds. Of course, in addition to scaffolding rental, you can also call them if you have transportation and construction needs.


Pelikan is a professional supplier of scaffolding products and has been in the business of selling and renting scaffolding since 1994. The company’s main product is mobile scaffold, and since 2001 it has also been offering platform rentals. No matter what the product is, the company’s priority is customer satisfaction. For the rental and sale of scaffolding products, the company has perfect solutions and can be at the service of customers 24 hours a day. Moreover, the company has its own transport fleet and the company team is composed of experienced employees who can help solve any problem you may have.


Ekro is a leading Czech scaffolding retailer. They have 20 years of experience in scaffolding sales including scaffolding development and production, scaffolding rental and construction machinery sales. The scaffolding sold is certified in accordance with all requirements of the Czech Republic and EU legislation. The company has a wide range of scaffolding models for sale and rental, all galvanized for a longer service life. In addition to the scaffolding business in the Czech Republic itself, the company exports its products to other European countries, so the quality of the products is certified and tested.


Hanker was founded in 1990 and is engaged in construction activities and also provides coatings and scaffolding products for rental to construction companies. Although scaffolding rental is not the company’s main business, the company still provides a high quality service. By using scaffolding, you can save not only time but also the number of workers assigned and their workload. Each scaffolding rental is preceded by a consultation and they will be happy to help you choose the right type. The scaffolding rental time can be chosen according to your own needs.


Izomal is a scaffolding product renter in the Czech Republic. The company mainly offers mobile tower, which is a lightweight product and can work effectively on buildings that are not very high. The company also offers aluminum scaffolding for rent, which is lighter and of better quality, and does not require much help to assemble and carry. Of course, these scaffolding products are available in different sizes, with different lengths and widths, and can be purchased according to your needs.


The company has been operating in the market as a scaffolding rental company since 1999. The company offers a wide range of products such as mobile scaffolding, facade scaffolding, stair scaffolding, aluminium ladder, etc., which can meet most of your needs. Of course, if you are not sure which kind of scaffolding you need, you can ask their staff. As a professional scaffolding rental company, the company has expanded and can now provide 200,000 square meters of scaffolding per year. So their stock is extensive and they can provide customers with the products they need at any time.