Slovenia scaffolding introduction

In general, the market for scaffolding in Slovenia is not extensive. Few companies specialize in the production and sale of scaffolding. This is also related to the local construction industry, there are few large construction projects, and many civil buildings will only use simple scaffolding products. But with the development of the market, the application of scaffolding in Slovenia should also be more popular.

Slovenia Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressWebsite Main Products
KlancarKriž 268, Sežana, Slovenia
IzoelektroLimbuška cesta 2 2341 Limbuš Slovenia, EU, calmps, adapter
HimomontazaSokolska ulica 60 2000 MARIBOR pipes, support tower, protection system
KovitecOb Trnavi 7 SI-2277 Sredisce ob Dravi Slovenia construction, Steel construction, platrorm,stair construction


Klancar is a large engineering company in Slovenia and they have a wide range of crane models available. In addition to large cranes, the company also has a scaffolding business, H-scaffold rentals and sales. As the company’s main scaffolding system, the company is able to provide the most comprehensive and professional service. You only need to provide the dimensions of the building and the company can help you calculate all the products you need, so that you can enjoy a convenient and quick service and the company can help you with the installation and dismantling of the scaffold.


Izoelektro is a company located in Slovenia that maintains electrical equipment and uses scaffolding-related products, mainly related accessories and clamps, in the course of its operations. Because the company’s industry requires the highest level of safety, the company uses the best quality scaffolding-related accessories. As the company grows, it may also need to rent or purchase scaffolding products to meet their work needs in the future.


Founded in 1991, Himomontaza is a prime contractor for construction work, installation, maintenance and overhaul activities of electrical and industrial plants. The company has professional staff, management specialists and technical experts who can cope with all kinds of complex engineering projects. Of course, the implementation of the project cannot be done without the help of scaffolding, by using scaffolding products it is possible to work more quickly and safely, and in many cases it is necessary to use scaffolding for support. Years of work experience also enable them to choose the right scaffolding products according to their needs.


Kovitec was founded in 1998 as a privately owned company in the field of metal construction – steel construction – custom products. Now the company is still relatively small, but this also makes it more flexible to provide customers with customized products according to their needs. From the design and production of the products to the assembly, the company is operated by a professional team. Steel structure products and platform are widely used products and can be used with many scaffolding systems. Therefore, scaffolding suppliers may seek their cooperation if they have a need.