Denmark Introduction

Denmark is an open and small country with a well-developed industry and agriculture. Due to the small size of the country and lack of raw materials and resources, the economy is largely dependent on trade with other countries. Therefore, Denmark usually import the scaffolding from other countries directly, then they will supply or rent them. Additionally,  Denmark is committed to the scaffolding training, the scaffolding training play an important role in  these area.

Denmark Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
Danskstillads ServiceHammerholmen 38-42, 2650 HvidovreFaçade scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, industrial scaffolding, masonry scaffolding, chimnery scaffolding, roof scaffolding, scaffolding accessories.
Aalborg ScaffoldingMineralvej 21C 9220 Aalborg ØHanging scaffolding, Masonry scaffolding, Facade scaffolding,Chimney scaffolding
Cito A / SEngelsholmvej 7 8920 Randers SØFaçade scaffolding, roof scaffolding, scaffolding accessories, ladder tower, material tower.frame.
JumboStålvej 7 – 23 6000 Kolding DenmarkAluminum scaffolding, steel scaffolding, ladders
Barber Scaffolding A / SFabriksparken 52
2600 Glostrup
Facade scaffolding with hoist, Masonry scaffolding
EN Scaffolding & LiftsAvedøreholmen 88, 2650 hvidovreFacade scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, masonry scaffolding, rolling scaffolding, special scaffolding

Danskstillads Service

Demark is a customer oriented building company which is committed to the rental of scaffolding. Cooperating with architecture company, Demark always put the safety and productivity as the priority. Their responsibility is to take precautions and put our experienced work skills at risk in order to minimize the risks and total costs of the project. They also provide employment solutions at competitive prices and comply with their agreements in terms of economy, schedule and work quality. The scaffolding they use including Façade scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, industrial scaffolding, masonry scaffolding, chimnery scaffolding, roof scaffolding, scaffolding accessories.

Aalborg Scaffolding

Aalborg Scaffolding has 30 years’ experience in the construction, the are committed to start from the initial phrase, then find the best and economic solution. They don’t care about how big the project is, they can manufacture all kinds of different scaffolding for the industry, building and events. The machine they use is the strongest and the most modern ones all over the world. The single pole of Layher Allround and Altrad Futuro have the possibility of strengthen and unlimitedness, which can manufacture all shape and size. We are approved by Achilles as an international supplier, with a focus on ensuring that companies can fully understand their supply chain-not only in terms of business results, but also in terms of ethical and environmental standards

Cito A / S

Unlike other scaffolding company, Cito A / S is a company that rent the scaffolding. Nowadays, the scaffolding do play an important role in the construction site. Denmark work environment bureau and users demand a stable and safe work station. You can rent high quality scaffolding in cito A/S, their skilled and well-trained assemblers ensure that you can work at heights efficiently and safely while standing on the scaffolding. The local climate is the direct reason that result in the delay of construction. Cito A / S supply various winter measure and climate protection, which apparently reduce the risk of weather. They can offer tailored scaffolding solution, and the customer group range from workers to the commercial contractor.


Jumbo offers a comprehensive range of quality products, like scaffolding, ladders, and related products. The scaffolding including towers, folding scaffolds, facade scaffolds, universal scaffolds and trestle scaffolds. The location is Stålvej 7 – 23 6000 Kolding Denmark. The company possesses 1,500 products, which they have divided into 10 categories.  The main products including Aluminum scaffolding, steel scaffolding, ladders. If you want to find a certain scaffolding, Jumbo can definitely supply what you want.

Barber Scaffolding

Barber Scaffolding,established by Leif Laurits Sofus Olsen in 1995,  is hiring 30 staffers and focusing on the service of scaffolding solution. The scaffolding they can supply include Facade scaffolding with hoist, Masonry scaffolding, scaffolding cover. Apparently, the main they offer is the rental of scaffolding. Their feature products is the scaffolding cover that can protect the façade, roof to against the changeable weather effectively. The company adopt new means and explore new machines to simplify the scaffolding for boosting the safety, while supplying the innovative and efficient scaffolding solution. Lately, they invent a new beam that can increase the working width of the upper working platform of the light-weight façade scaffolding to a full 2 ​​meters. Based in customer-centric, Barber scaffolding continuously provide the best quality and superior price for their clients.

EN Scaffolding A/S

EN Scaffolding A/S is the expert in the field of scaffolding, located in Avedøreholmen 88, 2650 hvidovre, the scaffolding center in the entire Copenhagen area. They supply the scaffolding solutions to the professional users like real estate company, craft company, construction company. Meanwhile, They also make small scaffolds for private individuals, and rent rolling scaffolds and other private small scaffolds for small projects. For example. When the exterior wall of the house needs to be refurbished or the windows of several floors need to be replaced. With the scaffolding of EN Scaffolding A / S, you can work safely and quickly.