Paraguay introduction:

Paraguay is a landlocked country in central South America. Its southern border is completely bordered by Argentina, and its northeast and northwest corners are Brazil and Bolivia respectively.Paraguay’s economy belongs to the period of light industrialization, and most people still live on agriculture. With the advent of the 21st century, the government encourages the public sector and foreign capital to join forces to access roads, railways, ports, telecommunications, international airports, navigation, social infrastructure, power infrastructure to develop the economy. Therefore, the import volume of scaffolding has increased greatly.

Paraguay scaffolding supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
Ona ParaguayRio Paraguay c/ Madame Lynch Asunción, Paraguayengineering services, technical department, commercial advice, technical service and after-sales service
Rentex MaquinariasAndrés Insfrán 1041 2060 Luque ,Paraguayrental of light machinery,tools, scaffolding and equipment
CDD Construction SACurupayty 312 c/ 25 de Mayo,Asunción - Paraguaycivil, road, sanitary, hydraulic and port infrastructure
AlsinaCoronel Francisco Martínez c/ Santa Teresa Asunción – Paraguayconcrete structures,industrial formwork,walls, pillars, columns, piers, footings,
Renta MaqAvda. Rosario, Moracue - Luque, Paraguay.industrial and construction sector,mental scaffolding
Somagec PyCruz del Defensor 197 Asunción, Paraguayconstruction work, the airport,large buildings,highways,domestic infrastructure projects
BieberWorld Trade Center - Asunción Towrer 1 - 1st Floor,Paraguayindustrial, corporate and residential buildings,roads, bridges, viaducts
TR Construcciones S.A33 Orientales N° 836 c/ Celsa Speratti Asunción, Paraguaybuilding civil,road,industrial and sanitary works

Ona Paraguay:  

The company mainly provides the construction activities with the sales and rental services machinery and equipment. Meanwhile, it offers comprehensive engineering services, technical department, commercial advice, technical service and after-sales service. Their scaffolding products mainly focus on PAU manual hanging scaffolding because the company tend to construction special projects in terms of railways, bridges and industrial building construction. The aim of the company is to provide technical and efficient solutions, through the leasing of high-tech equipment and the maintenance of production facilities to guarantee the high quality of the construction. Therefore, they need high quality scaffolding to ensure their projects done successfully.

Rentex Maquinarias:

Since 2014, Rentex has been offered the best service in rental of light machinery,tools, scaffolding and equipment for different kinds of construction projects. One of the largest advantages is that they have enough stock to meet national and international customers’ needs. The more important thing is that they have light machinery from the main national and international manufacturers to bring a technological contribution to the local constructor at very accessible prices, so that they can use the same tools and machinery that are used today in Europe and in the world. Please visit their official website for more detailed information.\

CDD Construction SA:

The company has extensive experience in engineering works in civil, road, sanitary, hydraulic and port infrastructure. In the civil area, it has built projects for industrial developments, including contracts within the project-construction modality. In the road area, hundreds of kilometers of roads and bridges, including quarrying. In the sanitary and hydraulic area, treatment plants, drinking water plants, water intake for aqueducts, channels for water courses as well as protection dams. They also have professional engineers to provide the best solutions and professions for their each clients and projects. Therefore, they need a large scale of scaffolding systems and accessories to keep safety.


Alsina is a global company that offers solutions for concrete structures, which helps their clients improve project efficiency and safety with a committed and best service in the domestic and international market. The company mainly focus on industrial formwork and the development and innovation of new formwork systems. Also, Alsina has a wide range of formwork solutions for the construction of different vertical structures such as: walls, pillars, columns, piers, footings, abutments, gables, foundations, etc. In order to keep their staff safety, the need to import a large amount of steel and aluminum props, slabs and bridge decks.

Renta Maq:

Rentamaq is a construction company which was founded in 1997, with the aim of providing high quality products and services for the industrial and construction sector. The company offers equipment and machinery that meet the most demanding specifications. They provide all the equipment that meets high quality and safety standards, to achieve a suitable work environment that allows the highest productivity in all phases of customers’ project. They use the BIL-JAX SCAFFOLD, which is a mental scaffolding with swivel wheels and brake. It is very easy for constructors to move it and to assemble it.

Somagec Py :

Somagec Py is a construction company specialized in large construction works, such as the airport,large buildings,highways,as well as the domestic infrastructure projects, installation of power lines, piped drinking water and sanitation, among other types of technical works. It is part of the Somagec Internacional group, with more than 50 years of experience in port works, roads and bridges, civil, industrial, sanitary and electro mechanical works. Recently, they are absorbed in cement plant to meed local production needs, as well as the export of the product to neighboring countries. In the next year, massive power generation wind turbines will be installed.


Bieber is a family business formed by Eng. Since its foundation,the company has built more than 550,000 m2 of structures, both industrial, corporate and residential buildings, closed neighborhoods, countries, hypermarkets, sub-stations, infrastructure structures such as roads, bridges, viaducts. The company has ISO 9001 – 2015 Certification to meet the quality requirements. More than 40 years experience of scaffolding, they provide the rental of scaffolding services in the local areas. Also, they ensure they have enough scaffolding systems stock to keep the construction projects successfully done. In recent years, they devote their mind to 3D projects following by the development of technology.

TR Construcciones S.A :

The company was founded in 1975 by professionals in the area in order to satisfy  construction needs of the national market including building civil,road,industrial and sanitary works based on the quality management system.The aim of the company is to satisfy the needs of its clients before, during and after the project is finished. Although they are not a professional scaffolding manufacturer, as a local supplier, they offer the rental services for their customers and the customers can buy the components that is suitable for projects and scaffolding systems. They also import a large scale of scaffolding for their own use.