A Ringlock scaffolding ledger (also named Ringlock scaffolding horizontal) combined with a steel tube, pin, and two pieces of cast-steel ledger ends.

The role of the ledger is mainly to connect two adjacent verticals and stabilize the frame structure, at the same time extend the frame body.

As we know that Ringlock system scaffolding has 48.3mm and 60.3mm two types, horizontal ledgers have these two types of dimensions as well, but why? How are the length and weight of the ledger calculated? Now our engineers will give you professional answers.

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Horizontal Ledgers Material & Specifications

First of all, the raw material of our Dura ledgers pipe and ledger end was made of Q235B carbon steel, and the pin was made out of Q355B alloy steel. The intensity of Q355B is stronger than Q235B. All the ledger’s diameter is 48.3mm, and thickness is 3.0mm or 3.25mm, length is 390mm,500mm,732mm,1088mm,1286mm,1400mm,1572mm,2072mm,2572mm, and the longest can be 3072mm. Of course, all our scaffolding including the ledger connectors’ sizes and type can be designed and customized as requested.

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The solution to confirm and calculate the Ringlock Ledgers Length and Weight

Generally, the length of scaffold ledgers refers to the distance from one standard’s center to another rather than the actual length of the ledger itself.

So why do we need to calculate the length of the ledger? Since the Ringlock scaffolding is a system with many accessories include ringlock standards, diagonal braces, scaffolding side brackets, scaffold metal boards, jack bases, U ledger, truss ledgers, guard rails, and steel ladders, etc. Therefore, in order to ensure that these accessories can be matched when used at the same time, so there is a standard, which is to take the distance from the central point. This is also answered why ledger has different types in 48.3 and 60.3. When the central interval of the standards are the same, but the actual length of 60.3 ledgers will be shorter than 48.3 ledgers because the standards have a different diameter. Therefore, this is why ledgers are divided into 48 and 60 series, it is for matching the set.

Then the empty section of the ledger will also be included in the weight, resulting in a falsely high final weight? No, the actual length of the ledger has a fixed calculation method, so the weight is also the same. Ledger weight=actual steel pipe weight + two ledger end weight + two ledger pins weight.

The above is the relevant knowledge of the ledger (horizontal) of the Ringlock scaffolding. After reading it, do you have a better understanding of the Ringlock scaffolding?

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