Scaffolding Suppliers in UK: As a developed capitalist country, Britain’s construction market is also very mature and prosperous, and the demand for scaffolding has been expanding year after year with the construction market, especially

  • Steel tube and couplers scaffolding system
  • Modular Allround Ringlock scaffolding system
  • Cuplock scaffolding system
  • Kwikstage system scaffoldings

At the same time, a number of outstanding British scaffolding suppliers companies emerged.

Also, steel tube and couplers scaffolding in the UK is very popular, with high demand, most of them are imported from China. The main type of steel pipe’s diameter generally is 48.3mm, and the thickness is 4.0/3.2mm. The surface treatment uses hot-dipped galvanized, and the material is Q355 and Q235. Combining with British forged or pressed couplers include double coupler, swivel coupler, putlog, beams clamps, and board coupler, etc. The majority of the customer asked EN74 as their procure standard.

As leading multiple types of scaffolding manufacturers and exporters in China, our products like scaffolding couplers and scaffolding tubes are exported to the British market. Deep trust by many British customers with high standards of quality. Our company produces 600 tons of forged couplers, 500 tons of pressed couplers, and 2000 tons of scaffolding tubes every month. All of our products are producing accordance with EN74, BS1139 standards that were awarded by RISE and SGS.

Scaffolding Suppliers in UK

Company nameAddressMain Industry Products 
Scaffolding Direct7 Caldbeck Road, Croft Business Park Bromborough WirralTube clamps, steel handrail tube, scaffolding fittings,scaffolding boards
Scaffolding Supplies LimitedScaffolding Supplies Limited Unit 3 Manby Road ImminghamKwikstage,cuplok scaffolding,fastform, scaffold tube
Generation scaffoldingTrinity Street – Off Tat Bank Road Oldbury, West Midlandsladders, ranger stair, aluminium and steel beams,scaffold tube
Gilray Plant LtdCedar Depot Church Manorway Erith, Kentscaffold fencing,scaffold beams,scaffold loading bay gates
Forgeco.coSwarn House Meadow Lane, Coseley Wolverhamptonscaffolding coupler, scaffold fitting
British Scaffold7 Caldbeck Road Croft Business Park Bromborough Wirralscaffolding boards,scaffolding fittings,beams,acrow props,tube clamps
Scaffolding SalesWakefield Road Netherton, Liverpoolscaffold fixings, scaffolding tagging systems,sheeting debris netting
Ability International Limited27 Maxwell Road Woodston Peterborough, CambridgeshireAluminium scaffold towers,desksurfer, champ,access solutions
PSB scaffoldingThe Sidings, Station Approach Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot, Devonscaffold boards,cuplock scaffolding,scaffold tubes, beams
Lyndon SGBValepits Road, Garretts Green,Birminghamaccess scaffolding, railway services, industrial scaffolding
Euro Towers Ltd5 Edgemead Cl, Round Spinney Industrial Estate, Northampton?Mobile Towers, podium steps,low level units,ladder frame tower
George Roberts LtdUnit D, Wakefield Road, Netherton, Bootle Merseysidelight access equipment, traditional scaffolding, system scaffolding
Safesmart Access3 Mulberry Way, London, Belvederelow level access,work platforms,stairs,scaffolding towers

Scaffolding Direct

Scaffolding Direct is one of the most complete varieties of scaffolding suppliers. According to their official website, scaffolding Direct was started trading in 2001, and their market includes domestic of the whole UK and worldwide export. The location of Scaffolding Direct is 7 Caldbeck Road, Croft Business Park Bromborough Wirral. Their products primarily serve all kinds of scaffolding like tube clamps, aluminum tube clamps, scaffolding boards, screws, and cuplock scaffolding. One thing you need to know about this company is that you can also find small accessories like nails and ties on their official website.

Scaffolding Supplies Limited

Scaffolding supplies Limited is a scaffolding company in the UK that sells both brand new and used scaffolding. Scaffolding Supplies Limited is located in Scaffolding Supplies Limited Unit 3 Manby Road Immingham. As stated by their official website, their products have whole sets of Kwikstage scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, and scaffold tube also the tools like sheeting and netting as well. It is clearly showed on the website that you can purchase a whole set of scaffolding or just buy some particular components like cuplock ledger and intermediate transom. A special service of Scaffolding Supplies Limited is their buy-back service, which means they will buy the scaffolding back for 50% of the original price.

Generation scaffolding

Generation scaffolding UK is a leading supplier in the UK scaffolding industry, they have many branches in the UK. The head office of Generation Scaffolding is located at Trinity Street – Off Tat Bank Road Oldbury, West Midlands, and they have a branch in West Thurrock, Widnes, and Cardiff. The products of Generation Scaffolding include scaffolding tubes, scaffolding ladder, scaffolding boards, and scaffolding tools. Besides that, they have services like fencing and hoarding, ground-works, concrete frame solutions, free-standing solutions, and timber frame solutions as well.

Gilray Plant Ltd

Gilary Plant has enough heritage in the scaffolding industry? Why? Because they are one of the oldest scaffolding suppliers in the UK, have over 40 years of experience. Gilary Plant was established in 1970, with nearly half a century time, they have been supplying a wide range of scaffolding. The Gilary Plant is located at Gilray Plant Ltd Cedar Depot Church Manorway Erith, Kent. According to the Gilray Plant official website, they guarantee that all of their fittings are made in accordance with EN74-1:2005 requirements, and the scaffold pipes are made out of EN39 standard. Their products include all the scaffolding accessories and scaffold equipment.

Forgeco scaffoldings is launched in 2001, and with about 2 decades of long-term experience, their famous product is high-quality scaffolding couplers. The Forgeco is located at Swarn House Meadow Lane, Coseley Wolverhampton. They have selling hot dipped galvanized and electro-galvanized scaffold accessories. For example, the drop-forged couplers and pressed couplers. Moreover, they have services of warehouse dispatches, direct containers, and company markings. With all the information considered, if you are looking for high-quality scaffold couplers, and trying to find suppliers in the UK with enough experience, Forgeco is the one you should pay attention to.

British Scaffold

British scaffold is a scaffold manufacturer and exporter in the UK. As indicated by their official website, they have over thirty years of international procurement experience. The Location of British Scaffold is British Scaffold, 7 Caldbeck Road Croft Business Park Bromborough Wirral. Their products include scaffolding fittings, scaffolding boards, scaffolding systems, and tube clamps. One important information of this company is British scaffold actually supplies aluminum tube which is rare because most of the tube is Q235 or Q345 steel with hot dipped galvanized or pre-galvanized surface treatment. Also, they usually have trade discount on their website.

Scaffolding Sales

Scaffolding Sales is a UK scaffolding supplier that used guaranteeing next-day deliveries. However, due to the Corona virus pandemic, this service would not be ensured anymore. The location of Scaffolding Sales is George Roberts Ltd Unit D, Wakefield Road Netherton, Liverpool. Their products include tools like belts and frogs, scaffold fixings, scaffolding tagging systems, and sheeting debris netting. From the official website of Scaffolding Sales, they also provide retail services for delivery. Besides the steel, they also have plastic products like scaffolding tube end caps, scaffolding plastic footplates, and scaffolding armadillo.

Ability International Limited

Ability International Limited is different from the other scaffolding suppliers, it does not mean they are not supplies for scaffolding, but in different products. Ability International Limited was established in 1987 and located at 27 Maxwell Road Woodston Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Unlike the Ringlock cuplock scaffold suppliers, their products are aluminum scaffold towers, desksufer, custom access solutions, and champ. Also, their service includes training, the courses include scaffold safe use and inspection. According to the official website of Ability International Limited, they posted many blogs which have some accordingly knowledge that is relevant to the scaffold industry.

PSB scaffolding

PSB is a reputable company with more than thirty years of experience in the scaffolding industry PSB scaffolding was established in 1978. PSB is located in The Sidings, Station Approach Road, Heathfield, Newton Abbot, Devon. On their official website, PSB scaffolding divided their products into three main parts: conventional, kwikstage and cuplok. In the conventional part, it is the general scaffolding items like scaffold tubes, beams, and scaffold boards. In the kwikstage part, they have used kwikstage scaffolding and customer kwikstage scaffolding to meet the different requirements, and in cuplock, as same as kwikstage. Also, they have noted both excel tax and include tax price of the scaffolding on all three sections.

Lyndon SGB

The Lyndon SGB was established in 1968, and they were combing with the SGB which represent “Scaffolding Great British” in 2019. In the UK region, they have many branches in different city like Birmingham, London,Manchester, West Lothian and Edinburgh. Their products and services include access scaffolding, railway services, industrial scaffolding and power transmission. Lyndon SGB have many trade memberships include British Safety Council, Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis Service, Construction Industry Training Board and Edge Protection Federation. They had projects like Google HQ, Manchester town hall scaffolding and hoists for Lendlease etc.

Euro Towers Ltd

Euro Towers Ltd has nearly 30 years of experience in the height industry mainly with their representative products which are the aluminum scaffolding towers and access equipment. As a reminder, the aluminum scaffold tower has advantages of lightweight but heavy-duty, anti-rust, and high strength, but the cost would usually be higher due to the material used. The Direct of Euro Towers Ltd is Roger Verallo who established Euro towers Ltd in 1991. As a professional scaffold tower manufacturer, they are selling all kinds of scaffold towers like 3T ladder frame towers, 232 narrow rung towers, advanced guardrail towers, and the Euro 500 tower.

George Roberts Ltd

George Roberts is an international supplier of scaffolding and formwork. According to their official website, they have over 20 years of experience work with the construction industry. The head office of George Roberts is located at Unit D, Wakefield Road, Netherton, Bootle Merseyside. You can check their products from George Roberts website which include acrow props, alto alloy scaffold tower, aluminum scaffold beams, and aluminum scaffolding tube. Also, they have scaffold accessories like column clamps, extending hop-up brackets, and couplers. For a general study of this company, you can also check their tweets.

Safesmart Access

The Safesmart Access is located at 3 Mulberry Way, Belvedere, DA17 6AN, UK, and it was established in 2007. As an importer and manufacturer, the customer of Safesmart Access mainly from the UK, which is the domestic, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Also, they have their products in warehouses in the Asia region. For their products, the significant is their ladders. Their ladders include extension ladders, A-Frame and folding ladders, platform ladders and fiberglass ladders, etc. As a reputable supplier, Safesmart Access guarantees the safety of its products, especially its ladders. Moreover, they provide customer service for different projects requirements.