Israel economic Intro

Israel is the most powerful, modern, and economically developed country in the Middle East and is part of the developed world. At the same time, Israel’s contribution to the development of science and technology has been outstanding. As the only developed country in the Middle East, Israel’s steel market is not as prosperous as its well-developed technology industry. In fact, the steel products like scaffolding that are being used in construction in Israel are replied on import from other Middle East countries. However, Israel’s construction industry has a remarkable prospect and the scaffolding that is mainly in Israel are ringlock scaffolding and kwikstage scaffolding.

Israel Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddress Main Products
POLATL141006, Moscow region, Mytischi, Olympiyskiy ave., bld. 29a BC “Volkovskiy”, office 402sale, rent, assamble all type sacffolding or ladder and training worker
SOYUZVotkinskoe shosse, 33a, Izhevsk, 426039sale, rent, installation all type sacffolding
BAUMAKRussia, Stavropol, x. Vyazniki, st. Pervomayskaya, 1aprops, cuplock sacffolding, clamp, jack base
NOVAYA VYSOTAPlot 2, territory Promzona 2, Gatchina, Gatchinskiy district, Leningradskiy region, 188360, Russialadders, sacffold-tower, sacffold system and accessories
PROMSTROIKONTRAKTObrucheva street,13B 143604 Moscowproduction and delivery of construction materials, equipment and technologies
TD PIONERSevanskaya, 29 115516 MoscowSteel & Metal Transformation, scrap metal, scaffolding dismantling
DIRSYl Bronnitskaia 5 100103 Podolsk, Moscow Regionall type of scaffolding and ladder, tarpaulin and roof reinforcement

Omar Advanced Construction Equipment Ltd

As a local scaffolding company and supplier in Israel, Omar Advanced Construction Equipment Ltd’s scaffolding systems are the same as their name, which is very advanced. Compare to other local scaffolding supplier, they seems very out standing in the various and reliable of the scaffolding construction.Wondering how to find them? Check them out at אזור  תעשיה ת.ד. 3368‎ zemmer, 38828 ישראל. The reason why they are professional and excellent is they have the majority types of scaffolding like kwikstage scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, aluminium scaffolding tower and ringlock scaffodling. This means that they are not stuck to a single type of scaffolding, and it provides more options to their customers.

Topigom Advanced Ltd

If you are looking for a local supplier in Israel that have long-term existence in scaffolding supply, Topigom Advanced Ltd is the one who have over 40 years of experience in Golomb St, Tel Aviv-Yafo,Israel. The most important thing about this company that you may interest is that they have their own type of scaffolding which is similar to Layher elevator type scaffolding, and their products are characterized by their light weight, high load capacity, and easy installation, which is like a combo of ringlock and frame scaffolding, but it can install elevator on the outer surface of the scaffolding frame.

Skyline Scaffolding

Do you have the trouble of finding a ringlock and frame scaffolding supplier in Israel? Skyline Scaffolding can help you with it. With certificates, Skyline Scaffolding is a local scaffolding sealer and renter in Israel, and their address is שפרעם 2020000,ישראל. The ringlock scaffolding is the main product that Skyline Scaffolding holds as their representational scaffolding system. Besides that, they also have frame scaffolding, facade scaffolding, and aluminum scaffolding mobile towers. It is worth mentioning that they also provide aluminum scaffolding tower and aluminum ladder repair services. Therefore, with all this information considered, Skyline Scaffolding is a reputable scaffolding supplier to work with.

EuroSafetyimport & Distribution LTD.

EuroSafetyimport & Distribution LTD is not a local scaffolding manufacturer in Israel, but they do supply high-quality scaffolding as an import scaffolding company and trade company in Israel. They distribute ringlock scaffolding at (בקרוב) בית ספר ‘פז בטיחות’החרושת 10, חיפה – מפיץ מורשה, but their specialty product is the aluminum scaffolding tower and ladder. Also, they have high capacity and high-quality aluminum facade scaffolding which can be used in home decoration for customer DIY demand. Moreover, their aluminum scaffolding towers have various scales from 2meters high to 12 meters high to match the different construction height requirements.

Pro Scaffolding

Pro scaffolding is the leading company in Israel in the field of import, rental and sale of mobile aluminum scaffolding, professional ladders for domestic and industrial use as well as maintenance ladders for stores, warehouses and industrial equipment. In addition, their company offers the design and development of custom accessibility solutions for buildings, machinery, decoration, and various other uses such as handling and maintenance of vehicles, trains, and aircraft. To get in touch with Pro Scaffolding, you can visit their head office at משרד ראשי – שונצינו 20, תל אביב יפו. Also, they have a training program for workers to learn about aluminum scaffolding using the method.

Acro Bay

The Acro Bay is engaged in the import, sale, and finishing of construction equipment. The company offers a wide range of professional construction equipment and engineering solutions. Unlike other scaffolding suppliers that only supply brand new scaffolding systems, Acro Bay also has second-hand scaffolding on sale. For those who have less budget to purchase scaffolding, you can pay attention to Acro Bay second-hand scaffolding services. However, they do have a brand new H-frame and steel props system for sale. In addition, the projects that they have completed include Hai Ferrari School, Tel Aviv University and Habiba Empire Haifa.

Oz Construction

Oz construction was established in 2014. The company is engaged in the sale and lifting of imported equipment for advanced construction. According to the official website, Oz Construction is an extension of Central Germany, which has been manufacturing sales and marketing of scaffolding and construction tooling for over twenty years. The product that they have includes the aluminum scaffolding system which includes the staircase with grand rail. Moreover, they have ringlock scaffolding with high-quality steel plank with hook for sale. If you recently have a purchase plan for scaffolding in Israel, you can take a look at Oz Construction because they have finished scaffolding that is available in stock.

Flawa Holdings

The Flawa Holding was founded by experienced professionals who have collectively accumulated years of work and proven accomplishments in the construction, import, and supply fields, and who want to change and simplify the productivity and support available today. Also, their scaffolding products have a wide range of applications like Residential, domestic and logistics warehouses, etc. Flawa Holdings guarantee that all of their scaffolding products were in accordance with European standards. From Flawa Holdings, you can reach the painted steel props, hot-dipped galvanized ringlock scaffolding, and aluminum scaffolding tower. Especially the aluminum scaffolding has the advantages of High load capacity with lightweight.

Sig Industries.,Ltd

As a professional construction company, Sig Industries., Ltd has many construction equipments that can be used on project construction. Also, they are a local scaffolding supplier in Israel, and their location is Sderot HaDkalim 1, Kadima Tzoran, Israel. Except scaffolding, they have construction products like a safety net, boom lifters and tower cranes. Other than that, they have cooperated projects with Hilton Hotel, Neve Batman Tower, Sharon Hotel, and Beer Sheva Shopping Center. To finish the tasks of these projects, Sig Industries., Ltd has been used their aluminum scaffolding system, ringlock scaffolding system and aluminum ladder.