Russia Demonstration

After the fall of the USSR, Russia suffered from a series of economic problems, but with a new sentry comes up Russia starts to heal itself.  Russia, as the largest country in the world, has its own foodful nature source. Thus, through the 5-year plan in the Soviet Union, the industry of the USSR had been going through a rapid growth, it also giving today’s Russia a solid base. During the 1950s to 1980s, the Soviet finished thousands of infrastructure projects including numbers of Khrushchyovka in every city. After such a long time, this old construction needs repair and renewal, and the requirement for scaffolding is rising.

Russia Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddress Main Products
POLATL141006, Moscow region, Mytischi, Olympiyskiy ave., bld. 29a BC “Volkovskiy”, office 402sale, rent, assamble all type sacffolding or ladder and training worker
SOYUZVotkinskoe shosse, 33a, Izhevsk, 426039sale, rent, installation all type sacffolding
BAUMAKRussia, Stavropol, x. Vyazniki, st. Pervomayskaya, 1aprops, cuplock sacffolding, clamp, jack base
NOVAYA VYSOTAPlot 2, territory Promzona 2, Gatchina, Gatchinskiy district, Leningradskiy region, 188360, Russialadders, sacffold-tower, sacffold system and accessories
PROMSTROIKONTRAKTObrucheva street,13B 143604 Moscowproduction and delivery of construction materials, equipment and technologies
TD PIONERSevanskaya, 29 115516 MoscowSteel & Metal Transformation, scrap metal, scaffolding dismantling
DIRSYl Bronnitskaia 5 100103 Podolsk, Moscow Regionall type of scaffolding and ladder, tarpaulin and roof reinforcement


Polatl is a large and professional scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in Russia. With the partner relationship with“Soyuz”, Polatl has no worry about the quality problem. Polatl have over 10 years experience in the scaffolding area and have over 1500 employees, they were joined in more than 10 thousand construction objects all around the country. For other European countries, Polatl provides site safety or effectiveness assessment and scaffolding building guidance. Their main product, the unique Ringlock system “Soyuz”, can give all customers a safe, comfortable working environment in extremely high altitude (Polatl built the highest scaffolding in Europe, over 440m high).


As we mentioned before, Soyuz is a scaffolding production facility, specializing in ringlock systems. To be the leading scaffolding company in Russia, Soyuz took years and years to improve their ringlock system’s assembly speed and safety level. Now, Soyuz can be said as the First scaffolding provider in Russia. Also, Soyuz has training centers in 4 important industrial cities (Mytishchi, Yekaterinburg, Blagoveshchensk, St. Petersburg) to offer skilful scaffolders to install “Soyuz scaffolding” throughout the world. From heavy circular scaffolding to utility racking and self-supporting facade, they can provide all types of supporting structure based on aluminum or steel. All elements are well cared for, lighter than 25kg, properly labeled and boxed, then supplied in pallets, once it’s arrived at the site, it’s good to go.


Baumak was established in 2001, in over 20 years, Baumak starting from an ordinary trading business to its own production facilities. Nowadays, Baumak focuses on two key areas, metal production and plywood production. By producing any type of porp, clamp and plywood, Baumak can give a wonderful solution for cast-in-situ concrete construction. Also, they have a mature cuplock system to contact with their plywood products. Baumak’s head office is located in Russia, Stavropol, x. Vyazniki, st. Pervomayskaya, 1a. Unlike other industry companies, Baumak prefers to let their customers shop online.


Novaya Vysota is a young company which formed in 2010. They are aiming for ladders and platforms. Somehow, they also sell scaffold-towers and other accessories. With over 400 products, Novaya Vysota can please even the most demanding customers. There are 4 series in the store, 100 and 200 series products are designed for “one-size-fits-all” domestic use, 300 and 500 series are specially designed for safe work at heights. From 8 a.m to 6 p.m at Plot 2, territory Promzona 2, Gatchina, Gatchinskiy district, Leningradskiy region, 188360, Russia, Novaya Vysota has a professional team to ready give their customers who visit with requirements complete recommendations.


PSK is a composite construction company, including construction equipment, geotechnics, formwork systems and reinforcement products. PSK has its own engineers and technical support department, so PSK has the ability to deal with complex offers, all requirements for a construction project can be fulfilled in one station. Requirement for any type of scaffolding form anywhere in the world, PSK absolutely can take it. PSK owns a developed logistics network to Europe or Asia and  over 21 stores and 16 warehouses around Russia, from Vladivostok to Brysnsk, Britain to Thailand.


TD Pioneer is different from other companies which we listed, they are focused on metal transformation and scrap metal trading. TD Pioneer never reject any type of scrap metal no matter the volume large or small, they are always fair and accurate when measuring.  With their own vehicle fleet, TD Pioneer can provide services related to reception in Moscow and Moscow region, including removal, loading, and dismantling. Once the scaffolding finished their duty, TD Pioneer had a scaffolding dismantling service, book by phone and they were always on time.

 DIRS Stroy

Dirs Story is a company who manufacture, sell and rent paving equipment, elements of roofing safety and covering materials. Customers can get everything they need for roofing, including stairs, scaffolding and platforms, tarpaulins and films. DIRS Story has a series of high quality roof safety elements with all colors. Warehouses with equipment are located on the same territory with the company’s office in the city of Podolsk, as well as in the city of Dimitrov.