Kuwait steel market intro

Kuwait is rich in oil and gas resources, the most important deep-water port on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and the political and economic center of the country. According to the Baidu database, Kuwait’s Total foreign trade was $63.6 billion in 2020, and its exports were $39.9 billion. Because of its scarcity of steel resources, Kuwait relies on imports for its major steel products. To develop and set up the infrastructure, Kuwait would need to import scaffolding for their construction. The main types of scaffolding that normally appear in Kuwait projects are shoring system, ringlock scaffolding and cuplock scaffolding.

                                                              Kuwait Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
Staines International GroupMirqab, Block-11, Sector-9, Salhiya Street,Sulaiman Al-Luhaib Building #: 2,Floor-3, Officeshoring system, cuplock scaffolding
NBTC ScaffoldingPlot No. 1, Block 5, Shuaiba Industrial Area, Kuwaitshoring system,ringlock scaffolding
Combined General ScaffoldingBlock No. 2, Plot No. 284 Ardiya Industrial,zip code 92400, State of Kuwait.Ringlock scaffolding, aluminum ladder
Shadda Formwork ScaffoldingHawally-Block 11-St.172-Building 21- 5th floorformwork, steel coupler,steel props
Elmec Scaffolding Mina Abdullah, Mina Abd Allah, Kuwaitcuplock scaffolding, steel plank, universal jack
NEXUS ENGINEERINGAjial mall,Third Floor,Office C7-B (Next to SNC-Lavalin)Fahaheel, Block 11, Street 57tubular scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding
Imroz General Trading & Contracting Co. Mecca St, Anood complex 6th Floor,office 602.Fahaheel Kuwait.Ringlock scaffolding, tubular system,cuplock scaffolding

Staines International Group

When you say if there is a local scaffolding company in Kuwait that has energy and potential, you are talking about Staines International Group. Established in 2001, Staines International Group has more than twenty years of experience in supplying scaffolding systems. According to the Staines International Group’s official website, they have their own scaffolding products being in stock, which also means that they have availability that responds to their customers at any time domestically in Kuwait. The scaffolding that you can find in Staines International Group is shoring system, cuplock scaffolding, and the units of each scaffolding system.

NBTC Scaffolding

In the beginning, the NBTC scaffolding was a civil construction contractor in Kuwait, and it was in 1977. It was developed quite slow back in the day, but from 1997-2005, N BTC Scaffolding used only 8 years to accomplish a large promote which is double the capital of the company. Through these years, they have completed many projects with their scaffolding products. The most representative project that they have done is the Erection of Fired Heaters – Al Zour Refinery Project. They always select the scaffolding to fit the construction situation from shoring system, ringlock scaffolding and cuplock scaffolding, etc to make sure the projects have been satisfactorily completed.

Combined General Scaffolding

Just like the name of the company, Combined General Scaffolding combined many general construction services. Almost all the construction services that you can relate to are included in their services. For example, construction equipment, fencing security, electricity&water, and scaffolding. To design your OEM services, you can go to Block No. 2, Plot No. 284 Ardiya Industrial, zip code 92400, State of Kuwait visits their head office to get help. Also, they are definitely a scaffolding supplier in Kuwait, the scaffolding products that you can find in Combined General Scaffolding are aluminum scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding and steel plank.

Shadda Formwork Scaffolding

Although Shadda Formwork Scaffolding is not a long-term established company, its potential and prospect of it are incalculable. Founded in 2006, Through their experience and professional scaffolding supply services, they have accumulated a large number of quality customers. The location of Shadda Formwork Scaffolding is Hawally-Block 11-St.172-Building 21- 5th floor. Although they have a strict classification for their products, their products can be broadly categorized as formwork, steel props system, and steel coupler that are used on the tubular system. Therefore, if you are looking for a scaffolding supplier with potential, you should pay attention to Shadda Formwork Scaffolding.

Elmec Scaffolding

According to the official website of Elmec Scaffolding, they are offering various construction services including contracting, trading and projects engineering support. Also, they have scaffolding rental services in the Kuwait region, the scaffolding systems in these services are cuplock scaffolding systems, steel props systems, and tubular systems. To get in contact, you can email them with a request list for a design solution or go to Mina Abdullah, Mina Abd Allah, Kuwait visit their office and talk face to face. Moreover, their steel pipes were certified by BS-1139 standard, which can prove the quality of scaffolding products.


As a young company that was established in 2008, Nexus Engineering’s scale is not small at all. With more than 800 employees and tons of construction equipment, Nexus Engineering can serve from mechanical and civil construction to scaffolding solutions, etc. From this aspect, it can prove Nexus Engineering’s financial power, on one hand, it represents their reliability because the bigger the company, the more stable it is. In the construction projects, Nexus Engineering has been using their tubular system, cuplock scaffolding, and steel props system. To get in touch, visit Ajial Mall, Third Floor, Office C7-B (Next to SNC-Lavalin)Fahaheel, Block 11, Street 57.

Imroz General Trading & Contracting Co

Compare to the other scaffolding suppliers in Kuwait, Imroz General Trading&Contracting Co have more manpower services like scaffolding erection and dismantling. The scaffolding products that they have are ringlock scaffolding system, tubular system, and cuplock scaffolding system. In addition, they have been cooperating with many clients like JOHRAT, ISCO, ASICO, and MECC, etc. The location of their headquarter is Mecca St, Anood complex 6th Floor, office 602.Fahaheel Kuwait. As a reminder, Imroz General Trading & Contracting Co can also provide technical support for the scaffolding construction of your project. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have a need