Palestine Introduction:

The State of Palestine is a country in the Middle East, consisting of Gaza and the West Bank. The Gaza Strip covers an area of 365 square kilometers, the West Bank covers an area of 5,800 square kilometers, and the actual controlled territory is 2,500 square kilometers.Palestine is dominated by agriculture, with a very low level of industry, mainly processing industries, such as plastics, rubber, chemicals, food, stone, pharmaceuticals, paper, printing, construction, textiles, clothing, furniture, etc. In recent years, the Palestinian government has vigorously developed infrastructure construction such as oilfield to promote the country’s economic development. Therefore, they import a lot of scaffolding and accessories to meet this requirements.

Palestine Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
Palestinian Constriction ProductsWestern Industrial Zone, Nablus, Palestinesteel pipes and construction products
Scheppler Construction2214 W. Reagan St.TX. 75801,Palestineresidential, remodeling, custom home building
Arab BrothersKurza, Dura, Hebron, WB, Palestineengineering, infrastructure projects, solar energy projects
Red Hat Rentals Palestine751 East Main Street Fairfield, TX 75840,Palestinetools, scaffoldin and equipment rental services
Haj Taher Masri Company Plc.Commercial Center- Sabih Masri & Bros. Building Nablus-P O Box: 6 Palestinecommercial, industrial and agricultural fields

 Palestinian Constriction Products

The company was founded in year 1994 to provide high quality products such as steel pipes and construction products for infrastructure projects throughout the country. In order to meet each customers’ requirements, the company have enough production stock about 1.3 hectares. Their pipes comply with the Palestinian standards PS 49-2008. Also, they can provide different kinds of standards pipes for special requirements. They have their own professional engineers and technicians who have solid knowledge to serve their customers. If you want to rent any steel pipes and construction equipment, please contact PCP via their official website at any time.

Scheppler Construction:

The company was established in year 1987. Since in 2014 it has changed to a family business. They mainly focus on providing residential, remodeling, custom home building, and commercial construction project. Their staff and engineers have many years of experience in assembling scaffolding, and they can install scaffolding quickly and safely to complete their construction projects. Over the years, the company has helped in the construction of many residential building construction. The location of the company is 2214 W. Reagan St. Palestine, TX. 75801. Also,their employees of the company are fully trained before they are qualified to join the company.

Arab Brothers:

For the past 20 years, the company has offered a comprehensive services such as engineering, infrastructure projects and solar energy projects. They have their own construction mangers, business professionals, and skilled staff to ensure each projects completion.They expanded their business in 2008 as the company continued to grow. They invested in the manufacturing of coated steel pipes and water pipes. In 2020, they have been finished three huge projects such as 53 Kwp wheeling project in Hebron, Dahiriyah and 300 Kwp Net-meeting project in Hebron, Dahiriyah, and 995 Kwp investment project in Hebron, Dahiriyah.

Red Hat Rentals Palestine:

They tend to rent high quality equipment and scaffolding accessories for all of their customers. They company was established in year 1999. At the beginning, they offer a wide range of tools and equipment rental services. Their equipment and and scaffolding can meet the demand of homeowner and light construction contractor. The biggest advantages of this company is that they have three local party rental showrooms with photos and resources books to help customers. And, the professionals rental consultants can offer helpful guidance and solutions for each customers. In recent years, the company offer computer aided design to draw layout and drawings.

Haj Taher Masri Company Plc.:

HTM is one of the oldest construction company in Palestine. They are specialized in commercial, industrial and agricultural fields. In recent years, they extend their business including real estate development, property management, fuel stations, engine oils and building technologies. The company has advanced technical means and experienced human resources, from product design, manufacturing to sales have a complete process. In order to complete their construction projects, they usually rent scaffolding and fittings from the local rental company. And the company will keep continues innovation and further improvement the service level to meet the demands of each customers.