Mexican Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressProducts
Anpasa Av. Constituyentes N°. 1060
Col. Lomas Altas, C.P. 11950
Miguel Hidalgo, México, CDMX.
Suspended scaffolding, tube bracket,ANPASA Light Formwork, Frame, right foot, Light Shoring, multidirectional scaffolding
BrandSafwayAlbuquerque, NM 87107,New MexicoTube clamp scafford, cuplok,sectional scafford,quick erect scafford, safMax frame scafford
UlmaconstructionVía Gustavo Baz Prada 2160 Puerta 5 54060 Col. La Loma Tlalnepantla, Estado de MéxicoRinglock, frame scafford
Scaffolds & MorePriv. Presa Malpaso # 206-A
Col. Scop, Guadalupe, N.L. México
C.P. 67190
Bein BusinessPaseo de la Reforma 300, Piso 17,
Col. Juárez, Ciudad de México, 06600
Rymex ScaffoldingCol. Juárez, Ciudad de México, 06600Tube fitting,shoring scafford,kwikstage scafford,ringlock
RinglockAv. Manuel Gomez Morín # 799-D Col. Del ValleRinglock, accessories
AndamiosatlasAv Río Lerma No. 5, Industrial San Nicolás Tlaxcolpan, Tlalnepantla, Edo. Méx. C.P. 54030Formwork(CIMBRA LIGERA),frame scaffold(ANDAMIO CONVENCIONAL),
AndamiosdeseguridadCarretera federal México-Pachuca km. 32, colonia Loma Bonita, Tecamác, Estado de México, Mexico, CP 55767Frame scaffold,accessories,scaffold system
Andamios AmarillosAv. Miguel Alemán # 6063 Int. 802,  Col. América, Guadalupe, NL。Frame scaffold,accessories,scaffold system, Formwork
QubicaBeato Luis Magaña Servín Street 333, 37670 León, Gto。Standard scaffolding, staircase, suspended scaffolding,frame.
Mexicana de AndamiosJazmines 27, Coapa, Ejido Viejo de Sta Úrsula Coapa, Coyoacán, 04980 Ciudad de México, CDMXSuspend scaffolding,individual basket,standard tower scaffold,narrow tower scaffolding
SM8Av. Paseo de la Reforma 180, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMXStand,ringlock
AndamiosbicentenarioPlan de Jalapa Mz 44-Lt 8, San Lorenzo la Cebada, Xochimilco, 16035 Ciudad de México, CDMXScaffold accessories
Andamios TlalpanHidalgo 25, San Miguel Ajusco, 14710 ,Tlalpan, CDMXJack base,ladders,plank, form,stand
Andamios y Estructuras de Acero SA de CVCALZ TENORIOS, 313, VILLA COAPA, TLALPAN, DF, CP 14390Metal template, roof,special beam, industrial and prefabricated warehouses, steel bridge and pedestrian bridge,emergency and metal stairs, structural reinforcement, three-dimensional structure


Established in 1969, the company has their own factories and warehouses in 10 place ,with 8 branches and 170 employee nationwide, striving hard to supply solutions for the customer. The first batch product of the company is suspended scaffolding and lighting rod. Then they pushed the range of tube bracket in 1980 and became the leading multidirectional scaffolding distributor, the multidirectional scaffolding adapt any special shape based on a node or rosette in which up to 8 elements can be interconnected dexterously. Afterwards, they started to sell foot range and get the certificate of Europe. Another system called Light Shoring also came out. You can also find other types of scaffolding such as suspended scaffolding, tube bracket, ANPASA Light Formwork, Frame, right foot ect. Aiming to become the quality standard of stand structure in Mexico, they have always continuously gotten to know products & service, supply safety as priority due to the property of working condition.


BrandSafway is a big global enterprise which hire 40,000 employee and supply scaffording solution to over 30,000 clients worldwide. Their business mainly involved four sectors, oil&gas, power generation, civil & infrastruction and commercial construction. Among that, various scaffording types is applicated in the different area, for instance, tube clamp scaffold, cuplok,sectional scaffold,quick erect scaffold, safMax frame scaffold and etc. are inclusive in their product. System components like side brackets, stairways, guardrails, ladders, sidewalk canopy frames and aluminum platform planks are useable. They are indeed professional scaffold manufacturer and supplier. Not only the scaffolding they can supply, but also the service ability that cover consulting, design, engineering, rapid prototyping.


It’s the 60th anniversary for Ulma in this year, which was founded in Spanish and have 25 branches all over the world. The headoffice in Mexico is located in Vía Gustavo Baz Prada 2160 Puerta 5 54060 Col. La Loma Tlalnepantla, Estado de México Two business part they mainly refer to, one is concrete formwork, and the other is scaffolding. For the scaffolding area, they are always focusing on scaffolding rental and sales., Frame and ringlock scaffolding are the main type of scaffolding that have been applicated in restoration, building site.

Scaffolds & More.

Started from 2005, the first company is located in San Antonio, Texas, afterwards it expand to another nation, Mexico. Their products are made of high quality and intensity steel and aluminum. If you log in their website, you will find their main product covering ringlock scaffolding, shoring, frame system and couplers, aiming at supply durable scaffolding in strict and safety standard for serving their clients. The whole process for the project like design, assembling & disassembling could be completed by themselves. Their products have got the qualified certificates like ISO 9001 and OSHA 3150.Meanwhile, they are also awarded as 2020 proud member in the Scaffold& Access Industry Association.

Bein Business.

Bein business is one of the biggest scaffolding supplier in Mexico which offer scaffolding solutions including rent, sales, design and engineering, their products mainly contain Ringlock, tube & Clamp, accessories. The location of HQ is Paseo de la Reforma 300, Piso 17, Col. Juárez, Ciudad de México, 06600. If you want to search a professional scaffolding suppliers which has more experience in huge project especially for the municipal facility and utility, it’s a good choice to get to know them. Also as it has a history of 20 years in this area and supply global service.

Rymex Scaffolding

Established in 2013 to the Mexican market though, the company has over 25 years in the scaffolding industry, especially they are the specialist in tube and fitting. Focusing on the safety and maximum efficiency, Rymex Scaffolding had undertaken various project such as interior staircase , mansion house, towe.r, basement and roof structure etc. Applying british engineering and international standards, the good quality and safety guarantee is reliable. Besides, they provide the scaffolding according to the requirement of client.

Ring Lock de México SA DE CV

This company has more than 10 years experience, devoting to manufacture, sell and rent scaffolding and related service. The location is Av. Manuel Gomez Morín # 799-D Col. Del Valle. And they also passed the approval of ISO 9001. They mainly manufacture ringlock scaffold, plank and accessories, and also produce safety products, screw and pipes. They can offer the competitive price and the best scaffolding. The main market concentrate on Mexico and USA.


Operated from 1965, Andamiosatlas is a Mexico company which supply and rent scaffolding. The company has technical machine and facility to complete whole process like pipe cutting, welding, assembling. It’s located in Av Río Lerma No. 5, Industrial San Nicolás Tlaxcolpan, Tlalnepantla, Edo. Méx. C.P. 54030. And they succeed in getting big project for using their scaffolding such as Mexico arena, hotels, museum, revolutionary monument etc. frame, form scaffolding, traditional scaffolding are their expertise. Andamiosatlas has got the certificate of SAIA, which they are always put the safety as priority, no matter for construction, or for industry maintenance. For more information you want to get, you can directly visit their website.


Andamiosdeseguridad has over 40 years’ experience in renting and selling, and from their website, you can find that they also have the online shop for sale. Their mission is to help workers get work source and offer outstanding scaffolding and service. In the online shop, you can see a variety of scaffolding like the whole scaffolding system, accessories and frame to cater for the requirements of customers. Comply with the standard of OSHA and NOM-009-STPS-2011,they are always keeping punctuality and safety.

Andamios Amarillos

With 20 years working time in scaffolding, Andamios Amarillos is located in Nuevo Leon Monterrey and develop their business in three cities of Mexico. “Yellow Scaffolding” is their specialty as all the scaffolding surface is yellow. Moreover, they also establish the enterprise called “ Yellow Strength”. Stand, frame, staircase form, wheels, mental beam, joints, support form ect are involved in their scaffolding system, and they have already helped to build local church, College, hospital,subway. Providing immediate and first-class services to the construction industry, Andamios Amarillos confirm their goal to access 25 Mexico cities in 2025 and become the leading scaffolding company.


The company concentrates on the rent of scaffolding for 15 years and helps supply scaffolding solutions, serving for 800 customers and leasing over 2000 components. The company is located in Beato Luis Magaña Servín Street 333, 37670 León, Gto .The product including guardrail scaffolding, standard scaffolding, interior staircase, suspended scaffolding, goods scaffolding and so on. If you want to rent the various scaffolding, don’t miss this one.

Mexicana de Andamios

Mexicana de Andamios is a 100% Mexican original manufacturing company. Since its establishment, its mission is to provide scaffolding solutions for all types of industries. They provides the following services: scaffolding manufacturing, rental, sales, technical assistance in the use and placement of scaffolding, scaffolding maintenance and repair. The product including Suspend scaffolding,MEXA Individual Basket, Standard Tower Scaffold,Narrow Tower Scaffolding, which are used in construction, commerce, inspection, art, maintenance, institutions, industrial tasks and various fields every day.

The location is Jazmines 27, Col. Ejido Viejo Sta. Úrsula Coapa, Coyoacán, CP 04980, CDMX, Mexico.


SM8 is a scaffolding company which has 19 branches, located in Oficina Central

Av. Paseo De La Reforma 180, CDMX. Since its establishment, they have made decisive contributions to the realization of important civil engineering projects across the country through the evolution, development and implementation of construction technology. SM8 is a leader in the research and use of structures composed of multi-directional systems and pipe joints. In this way, They try to maintain continuous internal development and accumulate valuable experience for the continuous improvement of their products and services.


Andamiosbicentenario have more than 20 years of experience as a scaffolding system supplier in the construction, entertainment, sports and industrial industries. With their services and quality, they are in a leading position in the field of scaffolding rental, sales and construction, both in their products and customer service. Their major product is scaffolding assessories. The company is to not only rent the scaffolding, but also supply solutions. Furthermore, the company also has their own engineering department to give the comment without any charging. The location is Plan de Jalapa Mz 44-Lt 8, San Lorenzo la Cebada, Xochimilco, 16035 Ciudad de México, CDMX.


Andamios Tlalpan is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the sale, leasing and manufacturing of scaffolding. Located in Hidalgo 25, San Miguel Ajusco, 14710 ,Tlalpan, CDMX. It is a leading company with more than 40 years of experience, provides high-quality services, has the best prices in the market, and strives to meet customer needs. The product including Jack base,l adders, plank, form, stand. Meanwhile, the equipments are made of structural 30 tubular steel and is welded with microwires to guarantee its full operation and resistance. All the products are delivered freely in the most cities of Mexico.

Andamios y Estructuras de Acero SA de CV

The company is a manufacturer and Lessor of scaffolding with 40 years in this area. Located in CALZ TENORIOS, 313, VILLA COAPA, TLALPAN, DF, CP 14390, Nowadays, they are specializing in scaffolding rental services, like Metal template, Roof, Special beam,

Industrial and prefabricated warehouses, Steel bridge and pedestrian bridge, Emergency and metal stairs, Structural reinforcement, Three-dimensional structure. They have a wealth of experience and prestige years of work. For leasing leaders in scaffolding and precision machinery for Mexico City and cover the rest of the Mexican Republic.