Nepal steel market intro

The sustained and rapid economic development of Nepal in recent years has brought about a remarkable improvement in the local steel market. Moreover, Nepal is rich in natural resources, especially mineral resources, which makes it a big steel export country. Industry and heavy industry are the main pill0ars of Nepal’s industry and national economy. At the same time, poor infrastructure means Nepal still needs a strong construction industry. Therefore, scaffolding will be the significance construction equipment that they require because whatever the bridge or high way and building construction, they are all need scaffolding to provide support for people have sort of platform to work.

Nepal scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
AECOR Nepal PvtHattigauda P.O. Box 732 Kathmandu, Nepal.painted steel ladder, tubular system, clamps
Kathmandu Machinery TradersKoteshwor-35, Kathmandu, NepalDouble clamp, swivel clamp,forged scaffolding clamp
Hulas SteelGanabahal Golchha House, Sundhara, Kathmandusteel pipe, rolling steel sheet,galvanized pipe
Hama Steel4667, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, NepalJack base, steel pipe, frame scaffolding
Goyal Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd1st Floor, Bagmati Chamber,Teku, Kathmandu, Nepalround steel pipe, square pipe, Rectangle pipe

AECOR Nepal Pvt

If you are a construction company, that planning to use the scaffold to build your project but the workers have no idea how to use scaffolding, you can check AECOR Nepal Pvt’s scaffolding training program. They are located at Hattigauda P.O. Box 732 Kathmandu, Nepal. Also, they have different scaffolding courses and have divided these courses into different categories for different learning needs. The primarily scaffolding courses are tubular scaffolding systems. In the course, they would teach how to use steel pipe and clamps to build a tubular scaffolding, and how to assemble the steel planks to make a standing work platform.

Kathmandu Machinery Traders

Kathmandu Machinery Traders is not a conventional scaffolding manufacturer, but they are a scaffolding clamps supplier in Nepal. As a local construction equipment supplier, they have different machinery stuff from large to tiny. Except scaffolding, they have dumper machine, consternation broomer, concrete mixer and bar banding machine. Moreover, their scaffolding clamps are mainly the tubular scaffolding accessories such as double clamp, swivel clamp. Also, they have different types of surface treatment of the clamp that provides various options for their customers. For example, they have forged, pressed and hot dipped galvanized clamps.

Hulas Steel

Have no idea about how to find a steel supplier for your scaffolding production in Nepal? Hard to catch the reliable steel pipe manufacturer in Nepal? I suggest you check Hulas Steel limited. As an experienced company, Hulas Steel was established in 1990 in Nepal. The location of Hulas Steel in Nepal is Ganabahal Golchha House, Sundhara, Kathmandu. To be precise, Hulas Steel sells simply machined steel and aluminum products. Fortunately, you can find original black or galvanized steel pipe in Hulas Steel Limited which is important for those who want to use tubular scaffolding systems to build their projects.

Hama Steel

As we know that how significant and universal the jack base is for the scaffolding. Almost every type of scaffolding would need a base jack or screw jack to be the basement for vertical support of the scaffolding system. Moreover, a jack base combined with a universal jack, base plate and a nut, so the most important which decided the strength of the jack base is the Threaded bar which is also called universal jack. Hama Steel is a steel company that is very professional in steel fabrication, especially threaded bars. In short, if you want to purchase some threaded bar as the original components for the jack base, definitely check Hama Steel out.

Goyal Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd

The steel pipe is a very basic and common component of a scaffolding system. It can be seen in Ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, frame scaffolding, and absolutely tubular scaffolding. Goyal Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd is a Nepal local steel company and also a professional steel pipe manufacturer. The location of Goyal Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd is 1st Floor, Bagmati Chamber,Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal. The steel pipe that they have are various that including round steel pipe, square pipe, Rectangle pipe, etc. You can purchase them by different requirements. For example, you might be interested in their square pipe for your square props.