Greece scaffolding introduction

Greece is at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, the strategic position is very important. Greece’s traditional industries are mainly textiles, food and tobacco processing. In recent years, heavy industries such as steel, shipbuilding, oil refining, aluminum refining, fertilizer and cement have developed faster. According to a report, Investment in the commercial, residential and industrial construction sectors in Greece will soon increase. That means the scaffolding market in Greece is positive, though there are not much scaffolding companies. The production of crude steel have a clear decrease last year, but a good bounce begins in 2021. We can see some of the related companies in Greece.

Greece Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddress Main Products
Skalosies MakrisAnthousas Ave. & Attiki Odos Pallini, Attiki T.K. 15351Layout, staircase,hanging scaffolding with bridges, protective boats, skirt
SkalotechnikiEthnikis Antistasis 4, Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, 56430Aluminium ladders, aluminium towers, household items, attic ladders
Acasa25th of March & Ath. Diakou 24, ChaidariLayout, protection boats, scaffolding with wheels, aluminium scaffolding
AnkoPrespas 8, Moschato, 183 46Multi axis, constant angle polymorph, framing, free tube,floors
Vioskalgroup.grAgathonos 53 56123 ThessalonikiMounting scaffolding , scaffolding , platforms , grandstands, metal structures
P. Karavas SAOrtanias 29, Acharnai PC 14564Exterior scaffolding, formwork scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, wheeled, stands, metal Formwork
ErgoskalSkalosies, Dimokratias 63, 26332 Ovria Patras,Scaffolding, platform,stands
Skal HellasEfkarpia 564 29 ThessalonikiKwikstage scaffolding, frame system

Skalosies Makris

As a member of the Professional Scaffolding Association of Greece, Skalosies Makris is definitely a specialist in the scaffolding field. Scaffolding systems including the layout, staircase, hanging scaffolding with bridges, protective boats, skirt and some other types of construction. What’s more, due to the huge stocks for scaffolding systems, they can provide the products to the clients in the shortest time. This is very convenient for the customs. And during the years, they help with a lot of projects which involve elevator wells, private buildings, public buildings, educational institution and some commercial stores.


Skalotechniki is specialized in the manufacture of aluminium products, and they have been in the area for over 30 years. Whether for the use of commercial or domestic, if it’s related to aluminium you can find it in this company. Aluminium ladders in all kind of dimensions, aluminium towers and some household items. All the products are qualified for the EU standards and ISO 9001/2000 Cert. With the advanced technology, they provide the service that for custom-made structure. And too many excellent works have been made in this model.


The company Acasa is especially providing the rent-service in scaffolding items.  There is a triptych in Acasa, that is the security, service and price. Firstly the security, in there they always say safety first. The products they used are all certified, improving the stuff’s awareness of safety and they do the equipment check a lot. Then the service, they would answer your phone at any time in person, provide with the best solution. Get what you need and deliver it to you in a short time. For the price, you can discuss with Acasa in detail, and they promise to provide the best price in the market of scaffolding-renting.


Founded in 1965, by the leader of Andreas Kokkoris, and since then the company has been developed all the time. Or we can call the company’s evolution. From the the manufacture of scaffolding accessories to the machine shop, they just keep them to satisfied the inquiry of the customs. Now they have a series of scaffolding, such as the multi axis(also called the ring-lock system), constant angle poly-morph, framing, free tube,floors and some special products. They pay more attention to the quality of the products and all the products will be certified before they were sold out. founded in 2002, and is one of the largest scaffolding companies in Greece. They provide no just the products for sale or rent, but also project design, supervision and maintenance. Now they have connected a cooperation ship with the largest construction company in Greece. That’s because their high quality products and services. Their products contain the mounting scaffolding, scaffolding,  platforms , grandstands, metal structures which are certified by Greek Legislation. By the leading of Chatzigeorgiou Athanasios, they shall believe to make more progress.

Karavas SA

Established in 1987, Karavas aimed at scaffolding and bracket production and quickly won the trust of the market. And nowadays, it specializes in the design, construction, rental, sale and installation of metal scaffolding. The scaffolding products are mainly exterior scaffolding, formwork scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, wheeled, stands and metal formwork. The company has always provided the highest level products and service. In 2014, the company passed the quality system ISO 9001: 2015 certification. Reliable materials combined with competitive prices will enable them to attract more customers.


Ergoskal is a specialist in the scaffolding industry, where the headquarter lives in Ovrios Patras. For the many years, they engaged in scaffolding rental and placement business. And they offer scaffolding rental services to companies, professionals and individuals. All their scaffoldings are certified according to Greek legislation, with type inspection certificate and declaration of conformity, in accordance with the relevant norms. They also claim that there is a 24 hours service in the company, even in the weekends and holidays. This has allowed them to build good relationships with many of their clients.

Skal Hellas

Skal Hellas founded in 1992, by the leader of Danios Ioannis who has been in the scaffolding industry for over 20 years. The company developed fast since the establish. In 2006, they expend the company scale to 45,000 square meters and buy four more trucks. For the many years, they have help with many projects, such as construction of exterior scaffolding, cultural activity platform, sports event grandstand and some other professional industry. With all the works’ experience, they shall have the confidence to deal with more challenging projects. And also the products and service in Skal are all in the high quality.