Peru introduction:

Peru covers an area of 1,285,220 square kilometers, about two-thirds the size of Mexico. The country borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Peru is a developing country with a market economy, it relied heavily on exports to earn foreign exchange, import materials and repay foreign debts. The largest trading partners are the United States, China, Brazil and Chile. Therefore, they import a large quantity of scaffolding products from China due to the high quality and competitive price to promote infrastructure construction.

Peru Scaffolding

Company nameAddressProducts
Scaffolds S.R.L.Alameda San Marcos Mz. D-1, Lote 10.Urb. Huertos de Villa – Chorrillos,Lima 09,Perúelectric scaffolding and hanging scaffolding
Andamios MendozaAv. Alfredo Mendiola 602, Cercado de Lima 15102rental of scaffolding for civil construction and mining
RHM Andamiaje YMza. B lote. 10 int. 7 urb. Lotización rustica zarate,Limaimport, manufacture, sale and rental of scaffolding
Grupo AltosAv. Defensores del Morro, Mz. V, Lote. 7 Urb. Los Huertos de Villa - Chorrillo, Limaelectric welding and tubes,MF48 multifunctional scaffold
Garcia RichardsonAv.Tomas Valle cdra. 16 Mz. R2 Lote 14 - San Alberto - Los Olivostubular scaffolds,multidirectional scaffolds and acrow scaffolding
Sky Andamios & ElevadoresCalle 3, Mz G, Lote 6, Parcela 1, Villa el Salvador,Perúscaffolding electric pendant, electric mast scaffold,self supported scaffold
JTG MaquinariasAv. Universitaria 7222 Urb. Retablo – Comas,Limarental of construction equipment,infrastructure and building construction
Andamios SN SACMz. 2w Lote 11 Sector 2, PJ Tablada de Lurín Villa María del Triunfosale and rental of certified conventional and multidirectional scaffolding
Sergement PeruJr. Santa Leonor N ° 6303 - Urb, San Martín de Porresssembly and rental of metal structures,rental of scaffolding and mental
SSE ScaffoldingCalle Alarifes Torre “I” 702. Urb. Matellini -Chorrillosrental and sale services of scaffolding and complementary products

 Scaffolds S.R.L.:

S.R.L mainly provides electric scaffolding and hanging scaffolding in Lima Peru with more than 10 years of experience. Their owner wanted to own this company because the need of the Peruvian market to have a company specialized in the rental and technical service of personnel access platforms. They also pay attention to provide innovative solutions that help optimize construction execution times and simplify facility maintenance.Their all scaffolding systems have been acquired ISO 9001  certification, prepared by the International Organization for each clients’ requirements. The experienced engineers give their intelligent way of solving day-to-day problems.

Andamios mendoza:

The company started in 1999 due to the demand of civil construction. Andamios Mendoza have extensive experience in the rental of scaffolding for civil construction and mining. Their scaffolds are mainly used to perform maintenance on oil tanks and for all types of work at height.They serve all companies and people dedicated to the civil construction industry, in addition, the company specialized in maintenance or cleaning service at height to comply with safety regulations to carry out reliable work. They also offer scaffolding rental services.

RHM Andamiaje Y:

The company was a leader in the supply and dispatch of certified scaffolding, suitable for all types of national height projects. They also tend to the import, manufacture, sale and rental of scaffolding and supplies for construction, industry, manufacturing and general services.They specialized in developing products that generate solutions in the construction, mining, industry, events and general services sectors.They also provide engineering, project supervision, assembly and disassembly services with the technical support of professionals present nationwide. The most important thing is that they provide 12 months guarantee after the purchase.

Grupo Altos:

The company mainly provides premium quality electric welding and tubes, providing comprehensive solutions with excellent service to their customers. In recent years, they tend to invest in continuous improvement with processes, infrastructure development. The location of the company is Av. Defensores del Morro, Mz. V, Lote. 7 Urb. Los Huertos de Villa – Chorrillo, Lima. The important thing is that they provide the MF48 multifunctional scaffold ,which is an improved version of the conventional scaffold, allowing you to work safely at height. It also composed of an easy-to-assemble system and a variety of accessories, it adapts to all types of projects.

Garcia Richardson:

They are specialized in the assembly and disassembly of conventional tubular scaffolds and multidirectional scaffolds. They also provide acrow scaffolding, tubular scaffolding with UNI technical data sheet and adjustable metal props. The company is located on Av.Tomas Valle cdra. 16 Mz. R2 Lote 14 – San Alberto – Los Olivos. The employees of this company have the insurance and safety implements required by the national regulations. As a young and experienced team, they try their best to meet the demands of each clients and to make their projects successful through efficient and transparent works.

Sky Andamios & Elevadores:

The company tends to provide efficient and professional solutions for height works. To be a leading corporation in this field, they try to develop innovative machine to offer a high quality and safety service. They also are focused on offering their clients the best comprehensive scaffolding advice including scaffolding electric pendant, electric mast scaffold, mixed load lift or self supported scaffold. They also provide rental services such as equipment rental service,equipment sales, maintenance. In order to prevent and control accidents, the company provides constant training for their staff and engineers.

JTG Maquinarias:

JTG a company from Lima with more than 10 years of operation and experience in the rental of construction equipment. They offer any type of supports to infrastructure and building construction. They try their best to provide efficient and excellent customer service, and to offer comprehensive solutions to any construction project. The biggest of this company is the excellent group of staff that provide a better service every day, taking into account the requirements of their clients. If you want to get more information, please check their official website.

Andamios SN SAC:

The company specialized in the sale and rental of certified conventional and multidirectional scaffolding.They have qualified engineers to meet their clients requirements and to create excellent alternatives for scaffolding solutions.Their industry services is to create a comfortable, quality and safe workplace with the fastest response time and thus contribute to the development of the country. The location of the company is Mz. 2w Lote 11 Sector 2, PJ Tablada de Lurín Villa María del Triunfo.Recently, they focus on developing intelligent design technology to reduce costs.

Sergement Peru:

Sergemet Peru is a company specializing in the design, assembly and rental of metal structures in general, made up of a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the sector. They also have a specialized infrastructure team that allows them to meet the needs of the customers. An experience of more than 30 years, they are able to provide the best rental of scaffolding services and mental structures. In recent years, the company tends to develop own infrastructure projects for increasing their profit.

SSE Scaffolding:

SSE provides the best services for its customers, providing rental and sale services of scaffolding and complementary products or construction equipment, local and national transport. They also offer assembly and disassembly of the products. SSE works with the best certified brands on the market, providing a guarantee and benefits for each project. The company has highly qualified staff for the various services offered. With more than 10 years of experience in the market, they will be the best of your choices in Peru.