Switzerland scaffolding introduction

Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, or can be the first one.Manufacturing is the most important industry in Switzerland, with the production of specialized chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical products, scientific and precision measuring instruments, and musical instruments. Major exports include chemicals (34%), machinery and electronic equipment (20.9%). The construction industry has also shown continued growth in recent years. As a influence, Swiss construction industry pushes up the price of building materials and labor. So for the residential and commercial property developers, it has become the most expensive places in the world.

Switzerland scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddress Main Products
Tobler AGLangenhagstrasse 48 - 52 CH-9424 Rheineckfacade scaffolding, frame work, construction accessories,formwork
Echami Echafaudages SAChemin de Morglas 14 | CP 694 CH-1214 Vernier / GEfacade scaffolding, temporary roofs, public staircase, footbridge,barrier
ES Echafaudages Services SAVuasset path 5 Flat for rent in 1028 Préverengesfacades,thick-walled tubes, scaffolding, prop
Obrist Gerüst GmbHobrist gerüst gmbh post office box 507 aavorstadt 28 5600 lenzburgfacade scaffolding, emergency roof,scaffolding elevator,cladding
ZargesOberdorf 1 8222 Beringen Switzerlandplatforms, ladders, mobile scaffold tower
Bhend Gerüstbau AGGewerbestrasse 3 3713 Reichenbachaccess system, bridging, roofing protection wall, mobile scaffolding
E. Läubli Gerüstbau AGAm Tych 30 b 4665 Oftringenladders, mobile scaffolding
Fasel Echafaudages SACP 129 Route de la Gare 68 CH-2017 Boudry (NE)facade scaffolding, ring lock scaffolding
Bavaria-Alu-Swiss AGGlärnischstrasse 5 CH- 9500 Wilroof barrier, ladders, mobile scaffolding, construction material

Tobler AG

Since 1995, Tobler has started to the scaffolding business and kept up develop all the time. What the most proud for them is the formwork system. And also there are many other products they provide. The facade scaffolding in different types, mobile scaffolding, all kind of accessories of scaffolding. In addition, the products in Tobler are not just for sale but also for renting. Each piece of products is designed and produced by the professional designers and engineers. They put the customs in the first place, to provide the best quality scaffolding and comfortable service.

Echami Echafaudages SA

Since its founding in 1997 by Miranda Miguel, the company has been committed to strengthening innovation and quality control. And for the many years, the company has been constantly reforming and expanding. Expanded its warehouse and fleet of vehicles, use the ERP management system, enhance training management. They provide the products including facade scaffolding, temporary roofs, public staircase, footbridge, barrier and scaffolding solution for your project. In order to improve and ensure the quality and safety of work, they have been working with Health and Safety at Work (S4YG) since 2016 to optimize their processes.

ES Echafaudages Services SA

ES Echafaudages Services SA formerly known as Echafaudages Rapides SA established in 1964. In 1998 the company was officially acquired and renamed. Since then ES has been engaged in professional scaffolding industry. The company now has a large inventory and a professional transportation team to ensure that they are ready to serve their customers at any time. And for more, they have many equipment to help with the construction. The winches for goods and people lifts, freight elevator, public stair and temporary roof. Now they owns the lightweight scaffolding for 150000m2, and the heavy scaffolding for 3000m2.

Obrist Gerüst Gmbh

Established in 2001, it is a professional scaffolding assembly and rental company. The philosophy of customer-focused has been implemented well in there. Their stuff have the necessary expertise and are professionally trained. The company pays great attention to team building. They believe that a strong team can provide a solid guarantee for the success of the company. So each employee is respected in the company, whether you are the boss or the worker. The products involve facade scaffolding, emergency roof, scaffolding elevator, cladding etc. It can meed the different needs for both huge and small projects.


The company’s history dates back to 1933 and has been around for over 80 years now. Zarges is a construction company but is involved in many areas. Access, packaging and transportation and special constructions. Over the years, the company focuses on the safety and durability of the products, in order to meet the needs of different customers has been constantly innovative in the products. The brand image of Zarges is already well known to the public, this is all due to the hardworking and excellent after-sales service. Many consumers would choose Zarges for it’s guarantee.

Bhend Gerüstbau AG

Bhend Gerüstbau AG was established in 1989 and is mainly engaged in scaffolding and roofing works. The company has various systems to meet different needs. Access system, bridging, roofing protection wall, mobile scaffolding. The type of scaffolding you choose can be determined by the place you use and the area you use. But no matter what you choose safety is the most important. The company continued to grow, and in 2009 they moved into new office space and established a new  scaffolding hall. And they have cooperation with many big local construction companies.

Läubli Gerüstbau AG

The company is engaged in the sale and rental of mobile scaffolding and ladders. And it has been in the filed for over 35 years. If your project requires the use of ladders and scaffolding you can call on them for help, because of their extensive experience during the years’ work. Their ladders including the aluminium ladder, step ladder and wooden ladder. They can customize the program to fit your needs and providing the most efficient service while ensuring safety. They can always put the customs in the first place.

Fasel Echafaudages SA

Fasel Echafaudages was founded in 1984 by Jean-François Fasel. In 2000, it officially become the SA company. The company now has one head office and two branches located in different regions. The total number of employees is nearly 100 and the scaffolding inventory now reaches 130,000 square meters, most of the scaffolding are aluminium-made. As one of the leaders in the scaffolding industry, the company undertakes a variety of jobs, simple or complex, they can handle it very well. They have also accomplished a lot over the years, especially in the training of apprentices.

Bavaria-Alu-Swiss AG

The company was officially founded in 2006, but has been selling its products in all over the Switzerland since 1985. other then ladders, mobile scaffolding and loading technology, the company is particularly involved in lightning protection scaffolding, fall protection, industrial stairs and cleaning equipment. You can rely on the quality of their company, almost all products are guaranteed by the company for 10 to 20 years. Whether it’s ladders or scaffolding, they can guarantee the quality, safety, durability and economy. They shall try their best to make the customs comfortable.