Portugal scaffolding introduction

Portugal is a member of the European Union, located in the southwest of Europe, with a territory of 92,212 square kilometers. Generally speaking, the overall level of industry in Portugal is not high, with a high percentage of agriculture and a majority of low-tech industries, including textiles, paper, ceramics, food processing, wine-making and so on. The largest of them is the production of cork, which accounts for half of the world’s total production. The scaffolding market in Portugal, supply the ladders, stairs and simple scaffolding, facade.

Portugal Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddress Main Products
LitanApartado 477 Industrial Area of Giesteira 3754-909 Águeda Portugalmetal shelves, aluminum stairs and aluminum ladders, shelving and Bench Kits
MetalusaZona Industrial, Ap. 61 3854-909 Albergaria-a-Velha Portugalscaffolding, formwork, shoring, engineering structures
Salemo & MercaMunicipal Road 533 Biscaia - Algeruz 2950-051 Palmela Portugalaluminum ladder, platform, tower, stairs and handrails, steel plates and baseboards
FerralRua dos Sobrais, n.º 655 Zona Industrial Sul – Apartado 70 3885-307 Cortegaça Ovar – Portugalscaffolding, ladders, stairs, platforms, multifunction
CarldoraRua da Escola nº121, Eira Velha 2420-205 Colmeias LEIRIA PORTUGALformwork, shoring,scaffolding, trench lining system
SocallRua da Carrasqueira, nº124 Borralha 3750-868 Águedaaccessories, scaffolding, stairs, ladders, platforms
JormaxIndustrial Zone Rio Meão, Apt. 459 4520-475 Santa Maria da Feira Portugalscaffolding, ladders, stairs, platforms, customized solution, aluminum pallets
TubogalRua Particular Santo António, nº. 142 4400-241 Vila Nova Gaia PORTUGALscaffolding assembly/disassembly and rental services


Litan is a company that specializes in the production of all kinds of metal shelves and ladders and has been working in this field for more than 20 years. The company has advanced technical means and experienced human resources, from product design, manufacturing to sales have a complete process. The company’s current products mainly include metal shelves, aluminum stairs and aluminum ladders, shelving and bench kits in different kinds of dimensions. In addition to the domestic market, their products are also exported to many countries in Europe, Africa and South America, etc.


Metalusa is a professional manufacturer and supplier of scaffolding products. Especially for the projects in the fields of construction and rehabilitation, energy and industry, events and exhibitions, and infrastructure. In addition to the sale and rental of products, they also provide product solutions for customers. In order to better achieve the goal of customer service, the company is equipped with professional machinery and equipment and a professional work team. The company’s products also involve many types, in addition to the commonly used scaffolding, there are also vertical formwork, flat formwork, shoring, suspended work platforms, facade stabilisers and special engineering structures.

Salemo & Merca

Salemo & Merca was established in 1982 to design and produce equipment and metal components for the construction industry. Its main products include aluminum ladder, platform, tower, stairs and handrails, steel plates and baseboards all these in kinds of types and dimensions. The products are independently involved, with high quality and safety. The company has also developed many foreign markets, such as the UK, Spain, China, Egypt, Brazil and Mexico. In the meanwhile, it’s necessary for them to qualified for the European standards, EN-131, EN 1004 and EN 12811.


Ferral was founded in 1981 and its main task is to produce and sell aluminum ladders, but the company also has other products such as scaffolding, platform, multifunction. After so many years of development, the company has now become a large company with 6 modern production lines and a total area of 16,000 square meters. At the same time, the company has passed the ISO 9001:2015 management system certification, the company’s products are also certified to meet the various standards of the European Union. They strive to be the best in the aluminum ladder industry.


Carldora occupies an important place in the history of the Portuguese scaffolding industry, having been established in 1976 as one of the first Portuguese scaffolding companies. The products of the company mainly are formwork, shoring, scaffolding, trench lining system and some other special structures. In the production process, the company is mainly controlled by automated machines and robots which they had their first robot in 1985. This is proof that the company is very advanced in its development. So in the company you can find the most advanced scaffolding products and the most professional guidance.


Socall was founded in 1962 and has a high position in the Portuguese stairs and ladders market. Besides the ladders, they also have the accompanying ladder support bar, stabilizing base, adjustable ladder leg, stair hooks the accessories and different dimension of mobile scaffolding. The company always insists on providing customers with high quality and high safety performance products, and the prices offered are also very competitive, because of this, the company can occupy a large market. And the company will always continues innovation and further improve the service level to create more value!


Jormax was established in 1978, the company’s products are mainly for the European market, providing aluminum ladder scaffolding for working at height and other products. Of course, at the beginning, the company’s products were only iron and aluminum hardware and wheelbarrows. Development until now, their products can be various. But for one thing that never change is the quality of their products. Besides the ladders and scaffolding for sale and rent, they will also provide the technical assistant to help with the clients. Try to fix the problem in the most efficient way.


Tubogal was established in September 1995 to provide scaffolding assembly and rental services. The main service objects are industrial buildings, civil buildings, art buildings, and some other special projects. In order to improve the comfort and safety of the work, the company introduced LAYHER scaffolding system, and the personnel involved in scaffolding loading and unloading are professionally trained to ensure maximum safety of the work. With the accumulation of experience, the company is also constantly developing and innovating, focusing on the training of new employees to provide customers with higher quality services