Uruguay introduction:

Uruguay is located in southeastern South America, borders Argentina to the west, Brazil to the east and north, the La Plata River to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. It is the second smallest country in South America. The government have emphasized the use of foreign trade to drive economic development and adopted policies to encourage exports and market diversification. In addition to strengthening economic and trade relations with countries in the region, the current government is actively exploring the North American and Asia-Pacific markets. The main sources of imports are China, Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

Uruguay Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
ABC EstructurasGuanahany 2042, Montevideo, Uruguayscaffolding systems,solutions for assembly and disassembly
CurpaeCerro Largo 852 y Andes - CP 1100,Montevideo,Uruguaysupplying construction machinery
Aries ConstruecionesAlto Perú 1894 esq. Av. Italia Montevideo,Uruguayconstruction, maintenance and recovery of buildings and homes
Duran S.R.L.Yaro, Manzana E, Solar 8 Ciudad del Plata, San José,Uruguayformwork systems,scaffolding, metal props
AYB AndamiosEtna #5953 esq. Camino Carrasco Montevideo, Uruguayrental of scaffolding and equipment,multidirectional scaffolding
Escenarios UruguayMiguel Ángel 3740 Montevideo - Uruguayrental service of multidirectional scaffolding

ABC Estructuras:

The company began to operate their business in 1984, their scaffolding systems have contributed decisively to the evolution and development of construction techniques and the execution of important civil works nationwide. They are capable of providing guidance and solutions for assembly and disassembly, with very competitive prices. More importantly, their staff has regular training courses that allows them to carry out the most complex tasks. Their products are compliance with the 89/95 safety and hygiene regulations. They put more emphasis on door to door deliveries radio controlled service and advise all assembly scaffolding problems on site.


The company is a Uruguayan company specialized in supplying construction machinery. It was established in 1970 with providing scaffolding systems. Today, their company is a market leader and has a distribution network that covers entire country. They also have a professional experienced management team so that they have been a successful company in the country. Now, they extend their business in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Their head office is in Casa Central ,Cerro Largo 852y Montevideo.

Aries Construeciones:

This company tends to provide the construction, maintenance and comprehensive recovery of buildings and homes. With the extensive experience in the field of maintenance and recovery of facades, recycling, remodeling, construction of offices, bathrooms, roof waterproofing, treatment of foundation damp in walls and basements. They provide the high quality services throughout the country. They have a multidisciplinary work team from technicians to qualified labor, which allows planning and simplifying construction processes.

 Duran S.R.L.

ANDAMIOS Y ENCOFRADOS DURAN S.R.L. is a company with 4 years of experience in Uruguay and more than 20 years in the rental of formwork systems for concrete, scaffolding and all kinds of construction tools. With their approved products, multi-directional scaffolding, telescopic metal props, they supply civil and industrial projects, as well as structures for all kinds of events. The quality of systems allows them to act in various fields and applications: industry, engineering, the naval and aeronautical sector, as well as the assembly of an infinity of auxiliary structures. They also offer a comprehensive system of recoverable formwork that is easy and quick to apply.

 AYB Andamios:

At AYB Andamios they specialize in the rental of scaffolding and equipment for work at height, machinery and tools for construction, as well as structures, stages and platforms for events. Their tubular scaffolding made in Italy and with European certification. These scaffolds can be assembled in tower format or to cover facades. The company also specializes in multidirectional scaffolding rental, being a benchmark in the industry. They also do rental of electric rockers such as hanging scaffolding for work at height, especially for maintenance and painting of facades, sanitary installations and industrial maintenance.

 Escenarios Uruguay:

They are a company specialized in the assembly and rental of structures and equipment with 10 years of experience in the National Market. More importantly, they use excellent quality material, complying with current regulations. Each service has planning, project development, advice and technical support to achieve a final product according to the needs of each customers. They also provide the rental service of multidirectional scaffolding and conventional users, which allows great quick assembly and safety for users. Their catwalks are used for parades or as a complement to stages, they can be assembled with different configurations, heights and measures.