Saudi Arabia market introduction

Saudi Arabia is located in the Arabian Peninsula in southwestern Asia. It is bordered by the Persian Gulf to the east and the Red Sea to the west, and shares borders with Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. In addition, Saudi Arabia is a veritable “oil kingdom”, with the world’s largest oil reserves and production. Due to the large number of new infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia, the production and consumption rate of steel in the region continues to grow. To develop their Infrastructure like bridge, highway and building etc, Saudi Arabia have a large demand of scaffolding system to provide construction vertical support and work plat form. Due to the scarcity of steel processing industry and raw materials, Saudi Arabia has to import a big part of its scaffolding.

Saudi Arabia Scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressMain Products
Saudi Scaffolding FactoryP O Box 2194, Al Khobar, 31952,Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaRinglock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, Jack base
Resa Gulf Scaffolding Co. Ltd.4626 (Barandah Building) Prince Faisal Ibn Fahad RD, Al Hizam Al Akhdar Dist. KhobarRinglock scaffolding,steel plank, Aluminum ladder
Scaffolding International Industrial Services Company5th Floor, Burj Azabi, Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad Street, Dammam 31481 Kingdom of SaudiArabiasteel pipe, ringlock scaffolding,tubular system,cuplock scaffolding
Al Batin Advanced Contracting Co.LtdAl-Jubail - 31951 Kingdom of SaudiArabiasteel pipe, fixed coupler,cup lock scaffolding,steel ladder
International Cliff Scaffolding Est. (KSA)Dammam, Saudi Arabiaframe scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding,ringlock scaffolding
ARABIAN SPAR CO. LTDKing Abdullah Road, Behind KPS 33 Al- Jubail - 31951,Kingdom of Saudi Arabiatubular system, cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding
SGB Al-Dabal Co. LtdAl-Dabal Commercial Tower – 6th Floor Prince Mohamed Bin Fahd RoadDammam 31431,Saudi ArabiaCuplock scaffolding, steel board,tubular system,formwork
Standard ScaffoldingRiyadh, Kingdom of SaudiArabialedger, cuplock scaffolding,steel prop,fixed coupler
SENDAN International Company Limited 11049, Tareeq 114 Jubail Industrial City 31961, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaCuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, tubular system
Unique ScaffoldingADRESS 3363-AS SUROORIYAH DISTRICT SHED NO 522521-7746 JEDDAHAluminium Scaffolding tower,Aluminium Plank,ladder

Saudi Scaffolding Factory

A lot of people do not have an idea of the local scaffolding supplier in Saudi Arabia, especially those who are looking for a manufacturer who has their factory in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Scaffolding Factory is the answer, located at 2194, Al Khobar, 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The two main surface treatments that they have produced are painted and hot-dipped galvanized. The scaffolding types that you can find in Saudi Scaffolding Factory are the whole set of ringlock scaffolding and cuplock scaffolding, etc. Moreover, they have their scaffolding production line which also produces formwork. To have a better known of their products and services you can check their official website.

Resa Gulf Scaffolding Co. Ltd

The Resa Gulf Scaffolding Co. Ltd was established in Saudi Arabia. At the same time as the scaffolding supplier in the Saudi Arabia region, they also have scaffolding rental and training program services. Moreover, they have accomplished many projects in local Saudi Arabia. The head office of Resa Gulf Scaffolding Co. Ltd is located at 4626 (Barandah Building) Prince Faisal Ibn Fahad RD, Al Hizam Al Akhdar Dist. Khobar. One of their famous projects is in December 2014, the King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture project, which is they cooperated with Saudi Aramco. The products that they have are primarily ringlock scaffolding.

Scaffolding International Industrial Services Company

Based on Dammam, Scaffolding International Industrial Services Company is a local scaffolding supplier in Saudi Arabia. Established in 2007, the address of Scaffolding International Industrial Services Company that you can go check their sample is 5th Floor, Burj Azabi, Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad Street, Dammam 31481  Kingdom of SaudiArabia. From their scaffolding products list, you can find cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding and steel pipe. Also, they have scaffolding services including scaffolding rental, design services, sales of scaffolding and contracting scaffolding, etc. In addition, this company places great importance on the safety of scaffolding construction, which mean the quality of their products is guaranteed.

Al Batin Advanced Contracting Co.Ltd

Al Batin Advanced Contracting Co. Ltd is characterized by its wide range of products and a wide variety of scaffolding accessories. And, they are one of the few local scaffolding suppliers to offer erection services. Therefore, for those who want to use scaffolding in their projects but do not know how to install scaffolding, you should definitely pay attention to Al Batin Advanced Contracting Co.Ltd. Back to the wide coverage of their products, they have cuplock scaffolding, tubular system, steel ladder, and fixed coupler, etc, which means you can the various scaffolding types in this company.

International Cliff Scaffolding Est. (KSA)

Compare to other local scaffolding suppliers in Saudi Arabia, the product breakdown of International Cliff Scaffolding Est.(KSA) is more professional on their official website. In fact, they have many branches Located in Saudi Arabia like Riyadh, Dammam, Jubail, and Jeddah, as well as the overseas branches in South, ease Asia. According to the official website of International Cliff Scaffolding Est. (KSA), the scaffolding information is very comprehensive. For example, they have a detailed explanation and breakdown of every single component in each scaffolding system. Moreover, the scaffolding products that you can find on their list are cuplock scaffolding, frame scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding and even kwikstage scaffolding.


If you have access to scaffolding sales and rent, scaffolding hire needs, you may check ARABIAN SPAR CO. LTD out. Also, there is no way to worry that they are a trading company if you are looking for a manufacturer because you can actually visit their manufacturing process in their factory workshop which is located at King Abdullah Road, Behind KPS 33 Al- Jubail – 31951, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To ensure their customers can easily rent scaffolding, they have their leasing office overseas in India, UAE, China, and Korea. Moreover, their products cover ringlock scaffolding, ladder beam, cuplock scaffolding, and steel pipe.

SGB Al-Dabal Co. Ltd

The earliest history that traces back to SGB Al-Dabal Co. Ltd would be back to 1973 when it was established. For supplied scaffolding in Saudi Arabia for almost 50 years, SGB Al-Dabal Co. Ltd are able to say that they have got enough heritage and experience in scaffolding supplies. Also, as a long-term established local scaffolding supplier in Saudi Arabia, their services are like one-stop. Moreover, they have cuplock scaffolding, steel board and tubular system. From the steps of drawing design, contract, sale, manufacturing and training to the end of construction, they have all the reputable services and professional engineers’ responses to each process.

 Standard Scaffolding

Some of you may be interested in cuplock scaffolding and trying to find a reliable cuplock scaffolding supplier in Saudi Arabia local market. Standard Scaffolding would meet your purchase needs. As a local scaffolding supplier, unlike other suppliers that offers various scaffolding systems, Standard Scaffolding is a scaffolding company that focuses on the cuplock and frame scaffolding system. To check their sample scaffolding, you can go to Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to check their products in real life. One thing that you should know about Standard Scaffolding is their frame scaffolding is Korean type, so make sure that you understand that before purchasing their frame scaffolding.

SENDAN International Company Limited

Established in 1994, SENDAN International Company Limited in recent years by the scaffolding supply to complete the rapid development. According to the provided data, they have completed more than 400 projects and have over total of 4200 employees. They have branches most in the Middle East such as U.A.E, Qatar, but also in Asia like Korea and India. Moreover, they are very experienced in civil construction, mechanical construction and electrical instrumentation construction. As the scale of the company, they have many services like scaffolding erection&dismantling, scaffolding design solution, formwork and On-site support by their cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding and scaffolding tower products.

Unique Scaffolding

In the above companies, they are the suppliers that supply cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding and frame scaffolding, but how about the high-quality scaffolding made of aluminum. Yes, Unique Scaffolding is a local scaffolding supplier in Saudi Arabia that is very professional in aluminum scaffolding and accessories. They have an Aluminium plank with the Australian Standards AS 1577-1993, as well as the aluminum scaffolding double width tower from 2 meters to 13 meters high. If you need a high-quality straight ladder that can be used on the scaffolding and have trouble with the heavyweight of steel material, they also have aluminium straight ladders which are certified to BS EN131.