Scaffolding can be a temporary structure, but there are very many suppliers in the market who have been around for a while now. Whether providing steel, wooden, or even Aluminium scaffolding, such suppliers are becoming many also as time goes by. The scaffolds can be exterior or interior as well as supported, rolling, or even suspended. To be able to assist you in sourcing the efforts as well as having a clear understanding of scaffolding as well as scaffolds market place, we have been able to compile the best scaffolding manufacturers in the USA.

Company NameAddressProducts
Scaffolding Today Inc11827 Eastex Freeway
Houston, Tx 77039
Frames and Accessories STI scaffold systems
Aluminum-Beam Chutes Scaffolding Clamps
Frames & Planks Post-Shores
Layher Inc8225 Hansen Road
Houston, TX 77075
Allround Scaffolding Systems
SpeedyScaf Scaffolding
STAR Frame Scaffolding
Scaffolding Decks
Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers & Shoring/Propping
Scaffolding Accessories Access Scaffolding & Stairway Towers
Allround Bridging System
Public Access Stairs
Direct Scaffold Supply LP6059 South Loop East
Houston, TX 77087
Ring Lock Scaffolding • Cup Lock Scaffolding • Complete Scaffold Systems • Scaffold Accessories
STAGING, SEATING, CROWD CONTROL High Heavy Shoring Frames Aluminum shoring frames & beams Aluminum Post shores
Commercial Scaffolding Sales INC1520 W. 139 Street
Gardena, CA 90249
Scaffolding Frames Rolling Tower Frame Components Scaffolding Accessories
Scaffoldmart1705 South Evans St.
Greenville, NC 27834
Scaffolding Tower Packages
Most Popular Tower Packages
Scaffolding Accessories
Scaffolding Safety Accessories
Veneer Jack
Multifunction/Baker Scaffolding
Aluminum Scaffolding
Specialty Items
Marine Products
Atlantic Pacific Equipment Inc1455 Old Alabama Road Suite 100 Roswell, GA USA 30076Industry Scaffolding Event and Stage scaffolding Ringlock Scaffolding system & Accessories Tube & Clamp Access and Egress Work Platform
C J SCAFFOLD SERVICE INC14525 Manzanita Drive, Fontana, CA 92335Scaffolding frames, Guard Rail & Posts, Safety Gates, Folding Trestles, Extensions, Tuffy Jacks, Flat Backs, Rolling Scaffold Units, Aluminum Hook Plank, Hatch Decks, Safety Signage and Stickers, Veneer Frames, Steel Tubing, Stairways, Ladders and Brackets, Post Shores, Debris and Safety Tarps/Netting, Trash Chutes,
B&B Pipe and Industrial Toolsin Houston, TexasPipe Jacks & Stands
Mega Jacks & Rollers
Pipe Clamps & Fit-Up
Pipe Purging Equipment
Pipe Rigging & Transport
Cutting & Beveling Machines
Ceco Concrete Construction LLC4181 NW 1ST AVENUE
Analyze & Collaborate Design Assist Partner Build & Construct Deliver & Educate
BILJAX Haulotte GroupLLC - 125 TAYLOR PARKWAY, ARCHBOLD, OH 43502Sectional Scaffold
Utility Scaffold
Shoring Scaffold
System Scaffold Jobsite Accessories Material Handling Event Staging Products

Scaffolding Today Inc 

This is a premier supplier of STI System Scaffold, shoring, and frame scaffold equipment. Scaffolding Today, Inc maintains the highest quality in all its products. By being able to vend the rugged, dependable products, they can save the customer money. This company is the fastest-growing company in North America. With branches in New York, Philadelphia, as well as Houston STI, maintains a high reputation that is based on both customer services as well as quality. Scaffolding Today offers Quality Products which are manufactured using the highest industry standards that are combined with a commitment to be able to meet all the customer needs.

Layher Inc

Since its inception, Layher has continued to evolve its product family to be able to meet changing as well as the increasingly complex demands of an industry that it serves. As a world leader when it comes to scaffold innovation, this company is committed to engineering, research, as well as product growth, has been able to bring into the market very many new scaffolding products that enhance safety, efficiency, and performance. Their superior technology does set a bar for safety, versatility, and performance. All the Lahyer modular scaffolding systems, as well as scaffold products, are usually design engineered to be able to solve real-world problems better than any other product which is available in the market, and they make work more comfortable, safer and also profitable.

Direct Scaffold Supply LP 

In North America, this is one of the largest as well as most trusted scaffold suppliers. The company does manufacture as well as sell ring lock and the cup lock system scaffold, forming equipment, shoring systems as well as other related accessories. DSS does manufacture as well as distributes a wide variety of scaffolding, as well as accessories to be able to accommodate any access needs your project needs globally. DSS’ scaffold products can be found in very many applications, which do include commercial, power, petrochemical, and more. In addition to their existing inventory lines, which are listed, the company does have strict manufacturing controls, processes, and also checkpoints in place to be able to produce custom products specific to the needs of the customers.

Commercial Scaffolding Sales INC

Founded in the year 1998, this company has been able to establish itself as a premier source of scaffolds products for the Northern American Markets. CSSI des carry a huge inventory of frames, plank, bracing as well as accessories. Their equipment is usually made with the best raw materials as well as all of their products, meet OSHA set standards. Whether it is exterior or interior, the company delivers materials to be able to get the job done fast and safely. This company has been built on a tradition of honesty, integrity, accountability as well as a passion for enhancement, CSSI is highly committed to making some long-term relationship with the customers by being able to help them in achieving competitive advantages.


Scaffoldmart has been ranked among the best manufacturers when it comes to scaffolds. They do have a wide range of Scaffolds available for you to be able to choose from. This does include aluminum scaffolding, baker scaffolding, scaffolding accessories, scaffolding tower packages, scaffolding planks, scaffolding frames, etc. If you are in search for the best tower solution, then Aluminum is a great option. The tradeoff is that aluminum is a bit more expensive than steel. In case you are in search of the lightweight frame, consider that 5 ft 6 in the aluminum scaffold frame does weigh about ½ that of the steel scaffold frame. When it comes to the Narrow Baker scaffolding, the frame is one of the Scaffoldmart frame patterns which does match BJ style frames.

Atlantic Pacific Equipment Inc

Since the year 1995, AT-PAC has been able to deliver high quality industrial, municipal as well as commercial scaffolding to the contractors as well as project managers across the globe. The company has a proven track record of professionalism, competence as well as skilled engineering beyond the average quality of majority scaffolding manufacturers. AT-PAC does offer the best as well as reliable scaffolding solutions on the market today. The countless contractors, as well as plant managers across world, rely on the Ringlock system, the scaffolding components as well as accessories to be able to get the job done; in all kinds of environments that are available.


This company has over 50 years of experience when it comes to sales as well as technical expertise in the scaffolding industry; the company does have many advantages to be able to offer their clients as well as customers. Through their full line of inventory, the company has always strived to be able to provide you with the best in commercial-grade products, the competitive pricing as well as unmatched services as well as reliability. Whether you are looking to get to add the scaffolding to the line of products or even need a new vendor, some new products to be able to help you in completing the project, this company is the one-stop number solution.

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools do aim to be the first stop for pipe welders as well as fabricators when you are looking for pipe fittings, accessories, fixtures, pipe beveling machines as well as pipe purging. This company does manufacture as well as sells high-quality pipe fabrication equipment. The company will ensure to provide you with all the fabrication needs, which includes rollers, clamps, pipe jacks, and pipe rigging, cutting as well as purging equipment. The company has been able to make a large investment in the inventory so that its valued distributors do not need to wait long to be able to receive orders.

Ceco Concrete Construction LLC

The company’s goal is to help its clients, owners, as well as end users, build the highest performing structures, which are possible with the least amount of the initial as well as an operational cost within the shortest period. The company is driven by a leadership that is innovative and collaborative. Their internal safety, quality as well as productivity programs employed the Plan Do Check Act workflow many years before the advent of “lean” as well as remain committed to the continuous enhancement as well as waste elimination as the members of the numerous LCI Communities of Practice.

BILJAX Haulotte Group

This company began in the year 1946 to make work safer and easier. The company has been manufacturing scaffold and working at the height solutions. This innovative spirit, as well as drive to be able to make things better, exists to date. Similar principles of quality product and integrity in business have followed Bill-Jax to their current home. This company has continued to bring new advancements as well as high-quality items to scaffolding as well as the event products industry.


L&B BUILDING SUPPLY Inc understands that the essential part of the manufacturing process is the quality control procedures that are followed through all the production stages to be able to ensure safe as well as dependable products. This company understands that every project does have unique challenges and their engineers are always available and willing to discuss your project’s special requirement as well as deliver a custom solution which takes advantage of their knowledge, product line as well as custom manufacturing capabilities.