Turkey scaffolding introduction

Turkey is located at the link between Europe and Asia, with a total land area of 780,576 square kilometers. One of the candidate countries for EU membership. Turkey is the 11th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. Turkey’s main industries are construction industry, tourism industry, computer industry, textile industry, steel industry etc. The rich steel resource promote the development of scaffolding production. And the scaffolding market in Turkey is flourish. Many scaffolding companies are famous in the world. Here are some scaffolding companies in Turkey.

Turkey scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddress Main Products
AFIX GroupEsentepe Mah. Milangza Cad. Monumento Plaza No 75 34912 Kartal/Istanbulsystem scaffolding,ladders and stairs,mobile scaffolding,accessories
Pratik ScaffoldingOrganised Industry Zone 30. Street No:23 Melikgazi-Kayseri-Turkeyfacade scaffolding system,security barrier,shoring form systems,column and wall formwork system
ATM ATES METAL GOODS & HARDWARE CO., LTD.Fevzi Cakmak Mah. 10662 Sok. No: 25/A Karatay - KONYA / TURKEYladders
URTİM FORMWORK SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMSOrg. Nurettin Baransel Caddesi, No:50 Hadımköy 34555, İstanbulformwork systems,scaffolding systems, climbing systems
Bijonsan El Aletleri LTDYakuplu Mah. Safir Sokak Haramidere San. Sitesi L Blok No: 45 / 107 Beylikdüzü - İstanbulscaffolding and formwork accessories
AsyapiYayla Mah. Konak Cad. No:12 PK.34270 Sultangazi/ISTANBUL/TURKEYformwork systems,scaffolding systems, safety systems
Cagsan MerdivenDilovasi Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 3. Kisim Meric Cad. No:1 Muallim Koyu - Gebze - Kocaeli / TURKIYEaluminium ladders, mobile scaffoldings, aluminium work platforms,customised Access solutions
YAGMUR SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMBarış Mah. Koşuyolu Cad. No:19 Gebze–Kocaeli/TÜRKİYEH type scaffolding system,multidirectional scaffolding system,edge protection system,mobile scaffolding system
MERDIVEN DUKKANICeliktepe Mah.Sehit Karakuslar Cad. No:75/A Kagithane / ISTANBULaluminium ladders, aluminium shelf scaffolding, aluminium professional tower, aluminium transition platform
DEMIREL ISKELEB.Bakkalköy Mh. Samandira Cd. No: 3 Maltepe Istanbul TURKEYH type scaffolding,mobile scaffolding,scaffolding elements,safety barrier, steel plank,aluminium plank

AFIX Group

AFIX Group is a huge and professional company in scaffolding industry with the history over 15 years. They have two facilities in the Netherlands and Turkey. Their business including scaffolding in production, sale, rent and provide the scaffolding services. The products of AFIX mainly are system scaffolding, ladders and stairs, mobile scaffolding, accessories etc. And the product standards are in the highest level. With the experienced team and thoughtful service, AFIX established a good relationship with the customers. And over 93% of the customs will buy their products for the second time.

Pratik Scaffolding

Pratik Scaffolding founded in 1996, located in the Organised Industry Zone 30. Street No:23 Melikgazi-Kayseri-Turkey. One of the new leaders in the construction scaffolding and formwork systems field. Their main scaffolding systems contain the facade scaffolding system,security barrier,shoring form systems,column and wall formwork system. Each of the system has it’s own advantages, so it’s up to you to choose which kind of system. If you are not sure about your project, there is a professional team can help with the solution. They have a whole system including the products planning, quality control, delivery, and after-sales service.


ATM ATES METAL GOODS & HARDWARE CO., LTD also called ATM Ladder. From the short name we can see the company is especially in the ladders. And in truth, the company produces all kind of ladders, like the Almera Single Exit Ladder, Practical Single Exit Ladder, Double Exit Ladder, One Piece Aluminum Ladder, Three Piece A Type Sliding Ladder etc. Whether you are looking for the ladder for civil or commercial project, you can find the best suit product to use. By the end, the company has it’s strict standards in the quality of the products, and this is all depends on the customs’ need.


Founded in 1980, URTIM is a global international company in the world. Two branches of the company located in Romania and Russia, which are called URTIM-RO and URTIM-RU. Over the 40 years, they have established a business relationship with 60 countries in the world. That means their products are well recognized in the world. What riches their reputation are the formwork system, scaffolding system and climbing system. During the years, they have finished over 4000 projects in different areas. Refineries, industrial projects, infra-structure projects, sport-health & cultural structures, airports, high-rise buildings, mixed projects and shipyards. That can be the specialist in the scaffolding industry.

Bijonsan El Aletleri LTD. STI.

Bijonsan El Aletleri LTD. STI. Specialized in the manufacture of scaffolding accessories. Established in 1993 by Mr. Mehmet. Speaking of the specialty, Bijonsan is the leader in the filed of scaffolding accessories industry. Since they started the business, they have been worked on the accessory production. With the addition of the machinery and stuff number, their business expand quickly. Nowadays, they are no just the supplier in the Turkey market, but also export the products to many foreign countries. Russia, Ukraina, Kazakhistan, Azerbaycan, Georgia are the several main countries of their clients. And their products including the sleeve prop, sleeve prop with nut, jack, tie-rod etc.


Asyapi started the business in 1979. At the beginning, they just produce the tie-rod and the adjusting spindle. With the time goes by, the company has been developed fast. The area of the facility growing up, and the types of the products are in many kinds. Now they produce the formwork systems, scaffolding systems and safety systems. In the scaffolding systems, there areH Frame Slab Formworks, Cuplock Scaffolding Slab Formworks, Safely Facade Scaffolding etc. The development is close connected with the requirements of the clients. By knowing this, they always aim to provide the best service to their clients, and get a positive reward.

Cagsan Merdiven

Cagsan Merdiven is a scaffolding industry company with a long history. Established in 1983 in Dilovasi Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 3. Kisim Meric Cad. No:1 Muallim Koyu – Gebze – Kocaeli / TURKIYE and another factory in Balikesir. Specialized in the producing of aluminium ladders, mobile scaffoldings, aluminium work platforms, and also customized Access solutions. For the customs, they provide the considerable service, for the competitors, they try to be different from them. And they all believe that with the advanced technology, professional equipment and specialist team, they will make more progress in the future.


In fact, YAGMUR SCAFFOLDING SYSTEM was officially founded in 2007. But before that, some of the founders has been in the scaffolding industry for a long time. In YAGMUR, the value of quality are the same important both in products and services. To accomplish the aim, there is a perfect after-sales service system in this company. And after the years, they have established a strong and friendly relationship with the customs. Their products contain the H type scaffolding system,multidirectional scaffolding system,edge protection system,mobile scaffolding system. And of course all the products are certificated, no need to worry about the quality.


Over the 25 years, MERDIVEN DUKKANI has been the professional manufacturer in the aluminium ladders industry. They produce all kind of aluminium ladders for different usage. To some simple usage, the Aluminum Single Ladder, Aluminum Double Exit Ladder, Aluminum Two Side Ladder can be your choices. And the projects are more huge, there are Professional Scaffolding with Aluminum Stair Exit, Aluminum Professional Tower Scaffolding for you. In the meanwhile, they obtain many certificates, for example the TSE Quality Certified Production, ISO 9001 – 2015 Certificate, OHSAS 18001 – 2014 Certificate, CE Production Certificate. All these can prove their products’ quality are in the highest level.


DEMIREL ISKELE owned by Ali DEMIREL, founded in 1995, located in Istanbul TURKEY. One of the leaders in the scaffolding industry in the recent years. Their success are not just from the various products but also the certificated quality. As the professional manufacturer, their main products are H type scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, scaffolding elements, safety barrier, steel plank and aluminium plank. When it comes to the customs, they will focus on the details. Providing the best quality products within the shortest time. This kind of attitude keeps them famous both at home and abroad, which clients always at the first place.