Venezuela introduction:

The collapse of the Venezuelan economy is unprecedented due to the effect of COVID-19. The Venezuelan economic downfall will be one the largest in the world. As part of this crisis, there has been a dramatic drop in household purchasing power, with consequent increases in poverty and inequality in the country. Therefore, the government allows to take the necessary steps to forcefully address the challenges facing the country. For example, they will improve the institutional framework and infrastructure construction, so the demand of the scaffolding will be increased dramatically in 2022. Venezuela’s scaffolding basically relies on imports, which is a big opportunity for the scaffolding exports.

Venezuela scaffolding Supplier

Company nameAddressOfficil websiteProducts
Servips c.aAvenida Francisco de Miranda,Edificio Mene Grande. Piso 8, Of. BLos Palos GrandesCaracas and sale of tubular and body scaffolding,materials and accessories
CwsisHeintje Kool 17 Willemstad - Cura?ao and gas industry, mining and construction,modular scaffolding system
Vinccler58HH+W35, Lecher?a 6016, Anzo?tegui,, oil, buildings, constructions
TroilCarretera Nacional Anaco – BarcelonaSector Valle Lindo. Anaco. Edo. Anzoátegui, pumps, motors, equipment and tools services
Maritime ContractorsAv. Intercomunal, edificio Maritime Contractors piso S/N sector las morochas Ciudad Ojede barges,pipes,
Madera y Hierro S.A.SCalle 2da Transversal 1ra #1-173 La dolores, trusses, scaffolding, boards, hanging hooks, pens, mixers, wooden plates
Andameta Andamios Del MetaCalle 22 # 34 - 34 Villavicencio Meta, tubular scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, metal form,
  1. Servips c.a:

Servicps is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the area of rental and sale of scaffolding and tubular structures. They mainly offer services for the rental and sale of tubular and body scaffolding, as well as a wide variety of materials and accessories for the elaboration of structures in the maintenance of facades and assembly of platforms and bleachers for mass events. Their office is located in the cities of Caracas, Barcelona, Puerto Ordaz and Valencia, which is convenient for clients to find their office to choose the best solutions. Their advantage of product is the cuplock embedding system that is a mounting system adaptable to any type of linear, circular or spherical structure.

  1. Cwsis

The company was founded in 2007 in Curacao. The head office had been already established in Venezuela for more than 40 years. They established in this subsidiary because they want to expand new business including oil and gas industry, mining and construction with the unique experience. Now, their main services also add inspection, staffing, project construction, scaffolding, concrete and oil work. The company uses system type scaffolding, which is a modular scaffolding system consisting of several components that form a strong structure to meet different requirements. If you need further information about Cwsis, please check their official website.

  1. Vinccler:

    Vinccler has been actively involved in the construction industry for more than 60 years including civil, mechanic, electrical, instrumentation and telecommunication projects. .The company recently took part in the most relevant construction works performed by the public and private sectors and related to infrastructure and industrial evolution in Venezuela. Therefore, the demand of the scaffolding and scaffolding accessories has been increased in recent years. They also took part in the oil business to seek the long-term development. In order to finish their projects, they need to import a large scale of scaffolding systems.

  1. Troil:

Troil was founded in 2002, which is a private company dedicated to maintain the oil and gas safety in Venezuela. To do this, they operate 14 drilling rigs owned by the company and their activities are mainly located in the Orinoco Oil Belt, in eastern Venezuela. For this, they have a professional team of more than 800 workers, whose commitment and dedication, allows to maintain operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to deal with clients’ different requirements. Now, they also offer drills, pumps, motors, equipment and tools services.

  1. Maritime Contractors:

    Maritime Contractors began operations in Venezuela in 1991 with the start of operations of the Viking V Drilling barge in Lake Maracaibo. Now, the company has 10 drilling barges, currently paralyzed and under maintenance, preparing the equipment for the future restart of oil activities in Lake Maracaibo. Their equipment is equipped with a “TOP DRIVE System”, which allows the mobilization of pipes in the winch. It is proven within the standards that the use of this tool can increase the efficiency in each well time. And they use the scaffolding systems to improve the projects and keep their staff safety. More importantly, their equipment is standardized with a special anchoring system that can reduce of waiting periods due to bad weather.

6.  Madera y Hierro S.A.S:

The company dedicated to the rental and sale of construction equipment, with more than 25 years in the market offering quality solutions and equipment to their clients, in a timely manner and with excellent service.The company is located in the Industrial Parcel “La Dolores” Vía Cali-Palmira where it has its own lot of 4000 square meters suitable to develop the required projects.The Company has a long history in the area of its specialty and is fully qualified, registered, and organized for this purpose, with different equipment such as multi directional scaffolding, poles, trusses, hanging hooks, pens, mixers, wooden plates and others that are listed in our portfolio.

  1. Andameta Andamios Del Meta:

Andameta Andamios Del Meta is a company dedicated to the rental of construction equipment in Venezuela and its surroundings, it offers certified scaffolding, tubular scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, metal form, mezzanine form, parales, trusses, stretchers, mixers, booms, demolition machines, pressure washers. The location of the company is calle 22# 34-34, Villavicencio Meta. As one of the few local scaffolding rental companies, Andameta main business includes the supply of scaffolding both for the domestic market and neighboring countries. If you need further information about this company, please check the official website.